Rules of Engagement: David Spade Expects Show to be Cancelled

Rules of Engagement to be cancelledLast season, it looked like Rules of Engagement was being cancelled by CBS when the network decided to order just 13 episodes. Though the network denied the show was coming a close, a source close to the production told us that the cast and crew believed it was the end.

In May, CBS cancelled ¡ROB! and renewed Rules of Engagement for a seventh season at the last minute. It’s expected to return sometime mid-season.

In a recent interview with Reuters, series star David Spade said that he expects there to be just 13 episodes this time around — and that those will be the show’s last.

The actor said that he feels like CBS treats Rules of Engagement like a mistress as they keep the show on the air while they keep searching for a replacement. He joked, “They go out and try to find a new girlfriend and it doesn’t work and they run back and they go: ‘No, no, you’re good, you’re good.’ And it doesn’t work with girls and it seems to work with shows, I guess.”

What do you think? Do you think that Spade is right, that Rules of Engagement will finally be cancelled? Is it time? Will you miss it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sammy says

    Love this show. Stumbled upon it while I was flicking through the TV, now i cannot get enough of it.

  2. Kathy says

    I came upon this show by accident. I’m so glad I did. This is the funniest show around. I watch it all the time. PLEASE do not cancel this show.

  3. ralphNowak says

    Dont ever cancel Rules of engagement. To me I think this is the best show out there so far…
    You keep making them ill be watching them.

  4. John Crawford says

    PLEASE do not cancel!!! I m watching it right now (paused) and it is so Funny and so true to being married. It reminds me so mush as “mad about U”. And this is a Tiffany Jewelry comedy and u treat it like costume jewelry. Please renew

  5. Casey says

    Remember, Modern Family and The Neighbors are two shows that were almost cancelled after the first episode or two, now, both are some of the best shows on TV. When Scrubs was created, they were terrified that they would get cancelled before they even finished the first season, that’s why they played around with the role of the Janitor so much. They were gonna play him off as a figment of J.D.’s imagination if they got cancelled right away. American Idol and Survivor are still on TV… I know, depressing, right?

  6. georgeyporgey says

    I would not be surprised if they cancel it, television these days is going down hill i find. because they keep taking shows that have FINE views (sometimes more views than other shows on the channel) and they cancel them, and claim either budget reasons or views. soo many good NEW shows got cancelled last year after like 5 episodes too (not much a chance to prove themselves). so older shows like this (7 seasons) everyone wants the ‘fresh’ new stuff, they are always looking for “another girlfriend” as spade put it. but they dont realize that the one they have is a 10 and the one they end up replacing it with a 5…television aint like it was when i was young.

  7. Danielle Stahl says

    So is it going to be cancelled? I really hope not. This is one of the funniest shows on tv. If they cancel it then I swear I won’t watch tv anymore.

  8. andy says

    figures get a great show thats funny as hell and cancell it. cbs wouldnt know a show/actor from a hole in the ground. yah its gone since sarah rue is already on rebas new show and she was giving birth.

  9. Brian Hughes says

    It will be a shame if and when this show is cancelled. One of the truly funny shows on TV. Thanks for the laughs ‘Rules of Engagement’, my family has really enjoyed the show.

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