Rules of Engagement: Did You Like the Last Episode?

Rules of Engagement last episodeAfter 100 episodes, Rules of Engagement has ended. CBS bounced the series all over the schedule during its seven season run but Rules still brought in viewers — often taking over for other sitcoms that had failed.

The network recently cancelled the show but, fortunately for the fans, the cast and crew knew this season would likely be the end and crafted a true series finale.

In the last episode, surrogate Brenda gives birth so Audrey and Jeff will have their baby, Shea. Actually, they’ll have two babies because they discover that Audrey is now pregnant.

The wedding of Adam and Jennifer is interrupted by the birth so Adam arranges an impromptu ceremony in the hospital.

Russell is to blame for a bureaucratic glitch that causes Timmy’s work visa to expire. In a rare selfless act, Russell proposes to Timmy and marries him so that he can stay in the country.

What do you think? Did you like the series finale of Rules? Are you sorry that there won’t be an eighth season?

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  1. says

    You gotta continue “Rules of Engagement”!!!
    We totally LOVE it! I think the last episode was amazing & can’t wait to see Audrey & Jeff
    start a new life as parents & see Audrey go through her pregnancy & watch Jeff go crazy with two babies… The writers have alot of fun ahead of them!
    Jennifer & Adam ~ would be great to watch them grow as newlyweds & unexpectedly be having a child to grow up with Audrey &Jeff’s kids.
    As to the guys~ can’t wait to see them explain their marriage to the women.
    Praying for “Rules of Engagement” to BE CONTINUED!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  2. John says

    I watch the show every morning at 6am New York time! I never got to see it when it was on CBS. What a treat to watch it before I head off to work! I haven’t seen a show this good since Seinfeld!

  3. Luca says

    Wait, Season 5 Episode 11, Timmy threw a “citizenship” party… He said he was already a Citizen, soooo why did he get deported? That ending was good, but that part DID confuse me. Loop hole they missed there.

  4. sandy says

    Am so sad to see Rules of Engagement go. It was my favorite show! Didn’t know that it was the last episode. Nothing but crap on TV now; such as the fake mindless reality shows. Take them off and get real tv on again. Bring back Rules of Engagement CBS!!!!

  5. Bethany says

    I personally loved it, but then this show has never fallen flat even once. It is a huge mistake to cancel it, however since they can’t seem to let it take root in any given timeslot or day even, I knew the end was not only inevitable but being orchestrated by the powers that be. This ending was far better than the cliffhanger endings that they have had in the past when threats of cancelation loomed. And it still leaves an opening if someone gets a clue and renews it down the road, or another network picks it up, like what happened with Cougar Town.

  6. Anonymous says

    The finale was okay but they screwed up. In an earlier episode from another season Russell wants to throw a citizenship party for Timmy, but Timmy states he has been a citizen for over a decade.

  7. Darlene says

    Even though I will truly miss one of my favorite sit-coms, I thought the finale was great. Really wish the series was continuing.

  8. says

    I love, love, love this show. We watch all the reruns and were so happy they brought it back. Now I just heard it was cancelled again? THIS SUCKS BIG TIME!! Why do networks always cancel the funny sitcoms. Thanks for nothing CBS!!! Did not realize I was watching the SERIES FINALE….I AM SO BUMMED!!!

  9. Anonymous says

    so disappointed to see this show end. it is truly one of my favorites. hope another network will pick it up. if not, the ending was great. it was funny, as usually, and tied things up. sad to see it go.

  10. Pip says

    Thought the episode was a fitting ending to the series. I always found the show funny and am sorry it is done. Glad they were able to create an ending for the show.

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