Running Wilde: Will Arnett’s New Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

Running WildeMany believe that Arrested Development is one of the best sitcoms in TV history. Part of that can be attributed to the talents of Will Arnett. He’s now back on FOX with a new show called Running Wilde. Will it last longer than Development did?

Running Wilde revolves around a spoiled playboy (Arnett) who’s in love with a beautiful environmental activist (Keri Russell). Both try to change the other to see their point of view.

The rest of the cast includes Mel Rodriguez, Peter Serafinowicz, Robert Michael Morris, Stefania Owen, and David Cross.

What do you think of Running Wilde?

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The first episode garnered a disappointing 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.6 million viewers. That put the new series in fourth place in both categories.

It lost more than 20% of its lead-in audience from Raising Hope and almost 10% of viewers didn’t watch the whole episode.

The show’s future will ultimately be decided over the next several weeks but this wasn’t a good start and certainly doesn’t bode well for its future.

So, what do you think? Is Running Wilde a show that you’d watch, week after week? Keep it or cancel it?

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  1. Darren says

    This show is fantastic. I love the humor, the irony, the silliness, it is jut a real fun show. PLEASE, DO NOT CANCEL!

  2. Diana says

    I love this show except for Keri Russell. She comes off flat, no cleverness, boring. I realize it’s the writing, not her, but I’m disappointed in her role every week. I was really pulling for this show b/c of Will Arnett’s genius but I couldn’t understand why they made her role so blah.

  3. nala says

    I only discovered this show a few weeks ago (that’s why I’m posting a mont late) and I loved it. It was funny and silly and wonderful.

  4. Gretchen Gill says

    I would really like FOX to give this show longer to develop an audience and for the characters to establish themselves.
    Arrested Development continues to be my favorite show and this new vehicle has some wonderfully funny moments.
    Hollywood is so impatient, did they not learn from Seinfeld? That show took awhile and now it is an iconic opus that has informed a lot of our cultural lexicon.
    Mitch Hurwitz is clever and funny!
    Besides, I have grown attached to the show and will not watch FOX if they pull this.

  5. Shane Anderson says

    For those of you who have not given this show it’s fair chance…you are probably all ill-educated. Its this ignorance that keeps “Dancing with the Stars”, “Desperate Housewives”, and so much other lesser-quality programming than “Arrested Development” on the air. A disgrace, and nations abroad have a right to be appalled. We have lost our aesthetic edge and will never get it back. We are sinking.

  6. Susan says

    Can’t believe Keri Russell signed on for this disaster. Just another sign of a lousy economy on all income levels !!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    Hey, I think this show is awesome. Will Arnett is doing a bang up job carrying this show. Its humor is on point, and I think it will be interesting to see how the writers develop Steve’s character over time. I think it’s funny, and I love the moral to the story. It’s a love story that’s quick and witty. We need more sitcoms during prime time!!

  8. Josh B. says

    Seriously, people need to give this show a chance! Im a die-hard Arrested Development fan but Im not the type of fan that spurts out “Oh man, dude, Running Wilde isnt Arrested Development, like at all!”….you know why its not Arrested Development? Because its NOT Arrested Development, it’s its own show! The awkwardness, sharp humor, not to mention the hilarious genius of Will Arnett, David Corss, & Peter Serafinowicz! Its seems people nowadays need sitcom-y humor (including a lame laugh track) or expect to be laughing at every word that comes out of the actors’ mouth. I love that this show has great humor as well as heart. Stop trying to compare it to AD (which started shaky too in its first run), and give it a chance to thrive!

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