Running Wilde: FOX Sitcom Cancelled; No Season Two

Running WildeThough FOX didn’t officially announce the cancellation of Running Wilde, the writing has certainly been on the wall for quite some time. It’s now been cancelled.

The freshman sitcom, which stars TV veterans Will Arnett and Keri Russell, debuted back on September 21st with a mediocre 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.59 million viewers. The following week, the demo rating fell by 21% and the next few weeks saw it hit a season low — a truly horrible 1.1 rating with just 2.29 million viewers. Interestingly, viewership started to build after that but it wasn’t enough. The eight episodes that aired averaged just a 1.6 in the demo and 3.72 million viewers.

Understandably, FOX opted not to order any additional episodes of Running Wilde, keeping the season order at 13 installments. FOX subsequently pulled the show for November sweeps. The network has occasionally been running repeats on Sunday nights as well as Saturdays at midnight.

Today, at the TCA press tour, FOX president Kevin Reilly confirmed that Running Wilde will not be coming back. He took some of the blame for the show’s lack of success but acknowledged that the sitcom started off slow. He said, “Look, one of the early lessons you learn is to bet on the talent. [The series] was slow to find itself. I was involved. I was involved probably more than I wanted to be. Mitch didn’t resent it. It struggled to find its legs. It found them probably too little too late.”

What do you think? Was Running Wilde worth watching? Why do you think it didn’t catch on?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. eli says

    I loved this show! i found it on netflix and watched the whole season in two days. i wish they continued it i’m sad to find out it was cancelled :[

  2. Jen says

    Just found this show on NetFlix, and watched all 13 episodes in two days. Really funny show, i love it and am SO sad there won’t be any more. Come on! Maybe a better network can revive it….?

  3. Big Fan says

    Found this show on Netflix. Me and the kids LOVED it ! Great supporting cast. Clever writing and sly references to Arrested Development. Sorry to find out the show was cancelled.

  4. Kristi says

    So sad that shows that are smart and subtle don’t get the credit they deserve, I mean, David Cross? Will Arnett? When will people catch on to the true genius of these guys? Yet, there is episode after episode of the same joke on Family Guy….

  5. cullenc says

    It was a good comedy featuring some very funny characters, I don’t think it got enough of a chance(fox=$=dumb). By the 13th episode its a great show and it sucks that that is where it ends. It defiantly has an arrested vibe and style (along with a number of the old cast members) to it which was great to see again.

  6. Nate Decker says

    I watched the show via Hulu. I wonder how many other people did the same? Are Hulu and Netflix being tracked in these ratings statistics?

  7. Brittany says

    I just started watching this show on NetFlix, and I love it! I am so disappointed to read that there won’t be a second season. Pretty sure all of the family and friends I got hooked will be sad to hear the news as well.

  8. Really? says

    Fox cancels “Running Wilde” – follows it up with “Traffic Light” CANCELED after three shows and then “Breaking In” – close to being CANCELED due to being really pathetic after one show. I miss the nonsense and Ham.

  9. Spoo says

    I love Keri Russel’s shows and movies. It really is sad to see how many shows just get cancelled and people that do like it will never know the story. I mean c’mon there are some VERY lousy novels out there, yet you will always be able to find one still. They don’t come off the shelves. I agree that this show got off to a VERY slow start, but started taking off. It’s a shame they don’t make shows like Felicity anymore, or at least none I can find. Hopefully technology will continue to advance to a period where sitcom writers won’t need a jackass company like Fox to air the shows. They will be able to host it themselves online to the fans that are dedicated to them

  10. Anonymous says

    Glad it’ s over. That show was the silliest piece of work i’ve seen in a long while. No regret to see it go

    • Fa'ad says

      What planet are you living on? The show was genius. Most of the American audience is just too stupid to see how great it was. People will sit back and watch stuff like “Smallville”, “Family Guy”, “The Simpsons”, “Jersey Shore” and any other number of boring chodes they have on now and not even bother with intelligent, charming and truly humorous television shows.

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