Rush TV show on USANetwork: USA
Episodes: 10 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: July  17, 2014 — September 18, 2014
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Tom Ellis, Harry Hamlin, Larenz Tate, Odette Annable, and Sarah Habel.

TV show description:      
This medical drama follows renegade physician Doctor William P. Rush (Tom Ellis), a “medical fixer” who privately caters to the elite of Los Angeles — for a hefty price tag.

A few years ago, Rush was a top attending surgeon at a prominent LA hospital. Working alongside his father, Doctor Warren Rush (Harry Hamlin), and his best friend, Alex (Larenz Tate), Rush’s career was on a promising track. On top of that, he was in love with his beautiful colleague Sarah Peterson (Odette Annable).

But one fateful night, his world came crashing down. His position at the hospital was terminated, his relationship with his father combusted, and Sarah left him. Through everything, Alex was the only one to stay by his side. Shortly after, Rush began a private doctor service, treating his less-than-squeaky-clean clientele with no judgment or attachment.

The series picks up six years later and we find that Rush’s unorthodox business is thriving with the help of his savvy assistant Eve (Sarah Habel).

With Sarah in town once again, Rush tries everything in his charming bad boy arsenal to get her back. It’s challenging to pursue an ex while on a strict regimen of substance abuse and navigating the medical needs of actors, gangsters, life coaches, bounty hunters, musicians, and other troubled inhabitants of the City of Angels.

When Alex risks his career to help Rush out of a bind, their friendship is put to the test. To set things right, Rush opens a door he wanted to keep shut; reaching out to a well-respected physician — his estranged father.

Series Finale:     
Episode #10 — Bitter Sweet Symphony
Rush convinces Sarah to come away with him on a spontaneous romantic getaway. Just after she agrees, he receives shocking news from Eve. She shot J.P. Before they can decide what to do, J.P. calls and tells Rush that if he doesn’t treat his wound, he’ll go to the police. The doctor attends to J.P. but leaves him with a serious threat.

Rush lends Alex $5k to cover what was lost keeping Steffi quiet, and discusses his interest in a job at the hospital. Back at the hotel, Rush receives a frantic call from his friend Max Zarella. The actor fearfully admits he may have killed his drug addict girlfriend Marika. After Rush revives her, Max helps the doctor find the perfect engagement ring for Sarah. Max considers marrying Marika, but Rush insists that he should be with someone who makes him better.

Rush learns that his father vetoed his return to the hospital. Angry but determined, he arranges to meet Warren at Lily’s soccer game. He vows that he is sober and deserves a chance. Seeing Rush’s sincerity, Warren changes his mind. All seems well until an excited Lily announces that she has a sibling on the way. Corrine later confirms Rush’s worst fear: the baby is his.

Alex comes clean to Laurel about his encounter with Steffi. Unable to trust him anymore, Laurel kicks him out. Meanwhile, Rush discovers that J.P. has been trying to contact Eve. He visits J.P. and ensures that he will never hurt anyone ever again.

Observing the chaos of his life, Rush realizes he can never be the man Sarah deserves, and makes an enormously painful decision.
First aired: September 18, 2014.


What do you think? Do you like the Rush TV show? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sherry says

    Each week Rush gets better and better. It has everything; comedy, drama, adventure, mystery and a little horror (-: The writing is SUPERB This show MUST be renewed .

  2. Leslie Dye says

    Once you start watching this show and see how each character unfolds, the addictions become somewhat superficial and peripheral to the true heart of the story. Who of us hasn’t dealt with life by trial and error, misjudgment, impulsivity. It really doesn’t glamorize drugs and sex as you might think at first, and actually shows you consequences in the long run. It’s such a great show with a terrific cast, lots of fan interaction and much comedy and fun. I was the original naysayer but have come to really love this show and its cast. Great writing and direction :) I hope USA will not make a huge mistake by cancelling this series. Keep it going! :)

  3. says

    I AM HOOKED ON THIS SHOW…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT ….AND I LOVE TOM ELLIS..!!..WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE THEY BEEN HIDING HIM….???..THE ACTOR THAT RUSH TOOK OUT OF THE PHYSIC HOSPITAL WAS GREAT AND THAT IS MY FAVORITE SHOW SO FAR…Some of these negative comments about the fact that there is a lot of “drug use” on this show need to remember…This is a TV SHOW..OMG get over it…Please advertise the show more and, like someone else said, make the advertising appeal to women…DO NOT CANCEL…GIVE IT A SECOND SEASON..!!

  4. Lee says

    Great concept, a doctor that snorts coke so it becomes a more acceptable thing to do. Yeah, a great concept. Watched a few minutes and saw many uses of drugs wrapped up in a “good” life and bestowing good things to those who use.

    How much further off track can writers and networks go?

    Is it a race to see who can be more corrupt and misleading to anyone that happens to watch?

    USA can do much better, they lost their collective minds on this crap and it should have been canceled BEFORE it was aired.

    And, if anyone cares, I am an addict but one that’s not used in 25 years.

    Do better USA, do better.

    • says

      I agree with Lee 100%….this is a show that is promoting extremely bad behavior…and, Lee, you are so right. It should have been cancelled before going on air. It is atrocious.

      • Valentina says

        This is clearly an adult series. There is an over abundance of Disney-ish shows I can’t watch. Please use your remote!

    • bernice says

      So what you aren’t forced to watch it I’m a teenager and this isn’t forcing me to do drugs nobody cares if you are an addict because that isn’t the goal of the show to promote drugs it just shows a guy who tries to cope by using drugs and who has a private practice basically and how it affects HIM and if you don’t like it change the channel, you cant blame this show for anything

  5. Gloria says

    I came across this show by accident while channel surfing and I’m HOOKED after one episode!!! I love the storyline, I find “Rush” very entertaining so pleeaassseeeeee renew!!!! But needs more advertisement so more women, er people can tune in….. Look at that face!!!!

  6. Barbara says

    I hope RUSH is renewed. I find the lead actor perfect for the role. So far the plots have been exciting and I am left anticipating the next episode. Needless to say I love this show! Please DO NOT CANCEL.

  7. Barbara says

    I hope the network will give this show a chance! Tom Ellis’ looks remind me of a Ben Afleck/ Bradley Cooper mix, which enhances his reckless, boyish, yet sophisticated character. Think of Rush as doctor Ray Donovan, fixer. I enjoy taking a ride on the wild side with each episode, dreading it’s end, but anticipating the next one. I am a longtime avid TV fan. I remember when two great shows were victims of low ratings at one time, but were revived and thrived; “St. Elsewhere” and “Friends”. So please USA, give Rush some time. It’s only been three weeks.

  8. Vincent Munch says

    ‘RUSH”–just we needed another doctor on drugs, who has no idea what the hippocratic oath could be and a definite image enforcement of doctors as scum

  9. Helen says

    Don’t like this show. Should be cancelled. Do not like Rush or any of the
    characters. Hate the story line. Won’t be watching Rush or Satisfaction again.
    Who needs a doctor like this. Rush is very unlikeable.

  10. nemo f says

    watched the pilot and thought – Royal Pains : the AZZZhole edition. no interest in watching this or satisfaction, the show that follows it.


    I have only watched the first episode of Rush but I do want to say it held my interest and I was never bored with it for one minute. It is fast paced and interesting to say the least and I think that is the way they wanted it to be. Good luck on the future episodes keeping up with the bar the first one set. Drama, comedy, adventure and action all rolled up in one, what a great formula.

  12. says

    We turned this off halfway through the first episode…Don’t like the story line , and do not like the characters..especially Rush. Hope it gets cancelled….but, it probably will be renewed…Lack of morals seems to be the draw these days..

  13. Robbie says

    This show has one of those way out premises, however I like it very much. Fact is I’m trying to find the old David Ducovny movie that he did roughly about the same basic thing . it was something like “mob doctor” but I’m not sure that that’s it. I’m trying to find it now on Netflix and Amazon prime. I recommend this show.

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