Sam & Cat: Cancelled by Nickelodeon, No Season Two

Sam and Cat TV show canceled, no season 2Well it seems that Nickelodeon has indeed cancelled Sam & Cat. The sitcom is ending after one extended season.

A combined spin-off of Victorious and iCarly, Sam & Cat finds Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) becoming friends and roommates. To make money they start an after-school babysitting business. Maree Cheatham, Cameron Ocasio, and Zoran Korach co-star.

The series was initially picked up for 20 episodes and they started airing in June 2013. It was such a big hit that the cable channel ordered 20 more after just one month of airings.

The series was on track to be renewed for a second season but some backstage issues derailed Sam & Cat towards the end of its first year of production, resulting in only 36 episodes being produced.

The sitcom was later put on “permanent hiatus” and Nickelodeon was expected to make a final decision about the show’s future at a later date.

Well, they appear to have quietly made that decision and the show is over.

The cable channel recently started airing promos promoting that just two episodes remain. One runs tonight — “#WeStealARockStar” — while the series finale of Sam & Cat will air next Saturday Thursday at 7:30pm. It’s titled “#GettinWiggy.”

7/13 update: Nickelodeon has released a statement regarding the cancellation, “Nickelodeon will not be producing more episodes of Sam & Cat… We are very proud of the show and its very talented cast and we wish them all the best.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that Sam & Cat has been cancelled? Do you think the show should have been renewed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jessie says

    I’m bummed that it’s over. I think they should work out their issues, whatever it may be, and make more seasons. :/

  2. says

    Why Why Why !!!!!!!!!!!! Why Did You Cancelled Sam And Cat That Was The Only Show I See On Nickelodeon Now I’m Just Gonna Watch The Old Episodes Of Spongebob Only Season 1 season 2 season 3 and season 3 But Now That Sam And Cat Is Cancelled. Now I’m Heading To Cartoon Network Now Only Regular Show And Dragons Defenders Of Berk Cause I’m Done With Nickelodeon When The Final Episode Of Sam And Cat Is Done I’m Done With Nickelodeon But I’m Still Seeing Old Episodes Of Spongebob And The Re-runs Of Icarly And Sam And Cat Thanks Nickelodeon For A Great Childhood :[

  3. August says

    I think Sam and Cat should have had a second season. This show made me, and many of my friends feel that a teenager in today’s world can be independent, and can make friends no matter what their personalities were. It was the one show I looked foreward to seeing every week. I’d find myself watching reruns over, and over not only when they came on TV during the normal set up, but also on Nick OnDemand while waiting for new episodes because the show is that entertaining. It was a show that in many ways all teenagers could relate to, and if I were having a bad day, even if I lost a friend it would cheer me up. I am going to miss this show very much, and wish it would continue. Even though it only started a little over a year ago it is my favorite show. I wish a new show could be made with them both in it, maybe about them going to college together, and even having Dice, and Goomer visit them because I heard the reason the show isn’t continueing is Jennette McCurdy is not comfortable with Sam and Cat, and even though I’m not sure if that’s true, at least the show will have a way to continue in a way that the girls wouldn’t have to act as teenagers so Jennette could be more comfortable with the show as well.

  4. John says

    It’s all Ariana’s fault really.

    Jennette was the only real thing.

    But nickelodeon once again tried to pull a Hilary duff and put all focus on their next big representation.

    Look out that turned out.

    imagine miranda/lalaine but with dire consequences.

    S’ok. Jennette is off to do big things.

    Ariana is off to be Done by big “things”

  5. says

    Why Why Why !!!!!!!! Why Did This Show Got Cancelled Now What I’m I Gonna Watch On Nickelodeon I Could Just See The Old Episodes Of Spongebob Squarepants Only Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 And Four But Now This Is Cancelled My Favorite Show Sam And Cat I’m So Pissed Really Now Heading To Watch Cartoon Network After all Regular Show Is My Favorite Show And Dragons Defenders Of Berk I’m Sorry Nickelodeon I’m Done With You After Your Last Episode Of Sam Ans Cat I’m Done Thanks For Making Me Happy For My Childhood

  6. Abigail Turner says

    I am really going to miss the show I love the cast. I really love Sam even from way back on I Carly. Very sad day for me.

  7. Conner and Dylan Bencic says

    My sons’ loved Sam and Cat. After iCarly was finished this was a nice continuation, the other shows left for my children to watch (every witch way and thunder man’s are somewhat young for their maturity level yet the regular Nick shows are too mature. This leaves no in between. We are very sad to see this show end only after 1 year. Please reconsider your decision.
    Sincerly, Ariana Bencic (Conner and Dylan’s mom)

  8. Emma and Abby Cavaliero says

    We love Sam & Cat as much as we loved iCarly & Victorious! Why do the best and funniest shows get cancelled so quickly?

  9. Faaith says

    I’m really sorry because this is be Nickelodeon is always canceling shows after kids have became so obsessed with the show. Can’t they at least make another season kids like Sam and cat because it was like a sequel for victorious and ICarly!!!!! Cant they make show that lasts and makes money like kenan and kel or drake and josh!!!!

  10. Phoebe says

    Aww, they’re canceling it :L
    They’re making a bad mistake because Sam & Cat was the main reason why people went back to Nickelodeon, but they’re not gonna make a new season so..Bye? Didn’t they cancel the other 2 shows they had on their too? Idk but Sam & Cat is kinda like linked to my childhood because it’s from i Carly and once it’s gone a part of that will die

  11. Zain says

    I’m sad about it. It was that one show that actually made me feel more comfortable with becoming independent and making money somewhere like the characters did. I like that the show did that where the two lived on their own, were independent from their parents and got into some weird or personal and crazy adventure. Or they’d meet old friends and old enemies, or atleast in Sam’s case.

    I don’t mind the show ending though. It wouldn’t be fun if the show kept going knowing that Jennette McCurdy isn’t comfortable or happy about doing the show at all. I’ll find one of the episodes that could atleast almost fit as a finale though and it’ll be good enough for me.

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