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Samantha Who?: Christina Applegate Encourages Fans to Sign Petition

Samantha WhoLike many shows, the Samantha Who? sitcom was on the bubble this season. If producers could find a way to significantly reduce costs, it looked like there was a good chance it would be renewed for a third season. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and ABC cancelled it.

The show’s talented star, Christina Applegate, isn’t giving up hope and would like to see the show rescued. As a result, she’s been encouraging viewers to sign an online petition to show their support. Applegate is a Twitter newbie but attracted over 18,500 followers in her first week.

The actress is apparently traveling in Europe but makes a point to regularly encourage followers to sign the Samantha Who? petition.

She’s received some flack for her support but Applegate points out that she didn’t start the petition, “I am merely supporting it. A lot of people I care about lost their job.” She later wrote, “It is my dream that if the show finds a home, that I will have the same crew. I love them all so much.”

Applegate is touched by all of the support thus far, saying, “I have never felt so supported. I’m moved by all of you. Had no idea that you all were out there!”

In other Samantha news, ABC will begin airing the remaining original episodes on Thursdays at 8 p.m., starting June 25th. It’s paired with the final three episodes of In the Motherhood. Once Motherhood finishes, original episodes of Samantha will run with reruns at 8:30pm.


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JoeCool July 11, 2010 at 3:03 pm

Who decides who is watching what? The freaking electoral college? A lot of shows that get canceled due to low viewers are ones all my friends and family watch. WHO DECIDES WHAT I AM WATCHING? NO ONE EVER ASKED ME?


Chantel October 27, 2009 at 3:05 pm

I just found out that Samantha Who was Canclled and am extreamly upset. This was my favorite show. I would look forward to watching it all week. I want it back.


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