Sanctuary: Cancelled (Finally); No Season Five

canceled sanctuary season fiveIt’s the bad news that we suspected was coming. Syfy has cancelled Sanctuary after four seasons on the air. The defacto series finale aired on December 30, 2011.

Sanctuary revolves around Doctor Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and her quest to protect “Abnormals” — various animals and people who have extraordinary powers and abilities. The cast also includes Agam Darshi, Christopher Heyerdahl, Robin Dunne, and Ryan Robbins.

The series began as a series of free webisodes that were released in 2007. Syfy picked up Sanctuary as a regular series in 2008 and ended up producing 59 episodes over the show’s four season run.

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The last episode of the fourth season of Sanctuary aired in December and as time has gone on, it seemed to become apparent that the cable channel wouldn’t be producing any more.

Craig Engler, the senior VP and GM of Syfy, broke the news of the cancellation today. He tweeted, “Just landed and I see we have a sad announcement today: #Sanctuary will not be back for a 5th season.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Sanctuary won’t be back for season five? Was the news a surprise?

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  1. tony says

    Loved the show sanctuary why do they always cancel the good ones. You took star gate and fringe what’s next. Please don’t take Merlin if so I will not watch sy fy anymore.

  2. Wild says

    Yes i think it really sucks that Sanctuary 5th season will not be back. Seams like every time i find a show i really like it gets taken off and some stupid reality show gets put on.

  3. KJM says

    Im very disapointed I love Sanctuary. They should continue to make the series!!!
    I loved it so much I cried when I heard it was cancelled!:'(

  4. linda` says

    Didn’t know cancellation was in the plans. so…I guess I won’t wait any longer. BUMMER. I really liked the show. And Fringe is gone too…………………..yikes.

  5. Tasha says

    Dudes this really sucks. I LOVE this show. It was just getting really good again. Didn’t like how they killled off Ashley, but they seemed to be making up for it with Erica and Henry. I wanted to see the baby werewolf being born. There so many stories they could have done with these characters.

  6. Greg Johnsrude says

    I was really disappointed when I heard the news that the SciFi (SyFy) channel was cancelling Sanctuary. They continue to put on some very good shows however, are they going to cancel other great shows and replace them with some lame reality shows? I really do not understand why they have wrestling. This has nothing to do with SciFi. The execs seemed to have lost their path. They even had a cooking show on scifi. I wish the fans could cancel the execs. They did not even allow Sanctuary to end the show properly.
    Anyone remember Farscape????

  7. Bookenz says

    I thought the series really went downhill after the daughter was killed off. Why did they do that anyway? Was Amanda Tapping feeling threatened her character was taking a back seat?

  8. Teresa says

    I am not surprised but soooooooo disappointed ! Sanctuary one of my families favorite series. What is up with you TV people. Seems like some of you don’t know what is good and what not!!

  9. Lauren says

    I am so upset that Sanctuary won’t be coming back it was one of the few shows I actually liked on SciFi and the reason I had gotten hooked on the channel. No other reason now I watch the SciFi channel since my other show isn’t going to be on much longer either.

  10. Anonymous2 says

    It was one of the best shows out it figures they would cancell it. The only thing they want to put out is stupid cheap reality shows. My husband I were just talking about there is nothing to watch on TV anymore time to start reading books and forget about TV.

  11. Anonymous says

    idiots idiots idiots they keep cancelling every show w/ thought and continue adding “reality” or game show programs and leave nothing for the intelligent consumer to watch …………bring sanctuary back nbc/universal!!

  12. Ashley says

    I am surprised. It also took me most of the season to get used to the replacement of Helen’s daughter. They were in the middle of catastrophe, lost a comrade in action and suddenly the show is over? What in the world is that business? The show was not going down hill, it was on its own clever path of fresh sci fi. I own all ten seasons of Stargate, and a new show starring Amanda Tapping, made me love sci fi and having an imagination that didn’t onenly parallel mythology like Star Gate did.
    I hate this immensely. They should not shut out our team like that.

  13. Grandizer says

    I am not surprised.
    And not sure I am disappointed. Like others, after Season 2, I thought the show went downhill.
    I love Amanda, and thought that others did well on the show.
    But when they killed her daughter off and replaced her with the thief, I knew it was time to say goodbye. But I didn’t, I know that if no one watches SciFi on any channel, good or bad SciFi, then there will be no more SciFi made.

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