Saturday TV Ratings: Crossbones Finale Hits New Lows

Crossbones TV show finale ratingsSaturday, August 2, 2014 ratingsNew episodes: Crossbones. Reruns: 48 Hours, Hawaii Five-0, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, 20/20 Saturday, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Gang Related.

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  1. Joe Sobocan says

    It was wrong what Harrah security did to the guest, but I think the guest should not have resist with the security they should have walk away. Should have handle it later, you know went you resist against the police and security their going to make it rough on you.

  2. Why Watch says

    I’ve still yet to watch the Saturday finale, but unlike many, I enjoyed Crossbones since it was a different off take of the typical pirate show. It was a good diversion for an otherwise boring Friday night.

  3. Barbara Ruth Blacher-Hecht says

    “Crossbones” was marvelous as it showed their life from a different viewpoint. Although I found John Malkovich’s accent a tad strange (not English, not French, but what?), I love watching him in anything. Putting the 2-hour “finale” on last night/Saturday against the NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was utterly stupid & proved to NBC that it wasn’t worth having in their roster, knowing that the ratings would be disastrous. I sincerely hope that this 2-hour session will be repeated at a much more convenient time, the way other stations repeat programs (A & E “Bates Motel”; HBO “Boardwalk”; History “Vikings”; Starz “DaVinci’s Demons” & “Black Sails”; & TNT “Dallas”). One might even say that pitting “Crossbones” against the HoF transmission was done on purpose!

  4. Rose says

    We stopped watching Crossbones weeks ago… John Malkovich was NOT an ideal choice for the role… too weird… and got to talk way too much… I like pirate stories as much as the next person, but Black Sails was just a filthy version and not fit for television.

    On the bright side? Glad to see Hell on Wheels is back. That’s one show that can go on for years!

    • Barbara Ruth Blacher-Hecht says

      Dear Rose:

      I believe you’ve got your pirate shows mixed up! What does “Black Sails” (on Starz) have to do with “Crossbones” (on NBC)? “Black Sails” starred Dame Maggie Smith’s son, Toby Stephens as Capt Flint while you know who portrayed Blackbeard (aka Edward Teach). By any stretch of the imagination, “Crossbones” was much more risque than “Black Sails”, at least so far but we’ll have to see what the new season brings.

  5. Jennifer says

    I enjoyed the Crossbones finale. Since it is quite apparent that the show will not be back (I’ve seen some sites listing it as cancelled already and don’t know if I’ve missed that announcement here) I thought it was a satisfying way to end Blackbeard’s story for the season. Had the show gotten more support and been granted a second season, I can definitely see where there would be plenty of material to draw from. This show seemed to be doomed from the start.

    I enjoyed Crossbones as much, if perhaps not a tad more, than I did Black Sails. Both John Malkovich and Richard Coyle were brilliant in their roles. It was a nice bit of summer entertainment that I am very happy I got to see.

  6. Jolyne Dunn says

    I watched Hell on Wheels and Cedar Cove. Had planned to watch 20/20 until I discovered it was a murder mystery. I don’t watch 20/20 to see murder mysteries, I watch to see consumer information segments. Don’t copycat Dateline with the murder stories! Very disappointing.
    I watched the first Crossbones show and wanted to love it. The long, boring speeches by Blackbeard turned me off and I never watched again!

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