Saving Grace: Holly Hunter TV Show Ending, No Season Five

Saving GraceTNT has announced that their Holly Hunter drama is coming to an end. Interestingly, it wasn’t exactly the network’s decision. But, regardless of who’s responsible, the fans will have to wait quite awhile to see the story wrap up.

Saving Grace focuses on a police detective, Grace Hanadarko (Holly Humter), wo’s great at her job but finds her personal life far more challenging. The series also features Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Bailey Chase, Laura San Giacomo, Gregory Cruz, Lorraine Toussaint, Dylan Minnette, Bokeem Woodbine, Mark L. Taylor, and Tom Irwin.

The show debuted in July 2007 and attracted 6.4 million viewers, making it the highest-rated cable premiere so far that year.

Season two’s debut attracted 5.2 million and, this past June, season three’s return drew just 3.5 million. TNT remained very positive about the series, likely because it consistently rates first with adults 25-54.

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Last season, the network ordered a second season of 15 episodes. The first nine aired during the Summer of 2008 and the other six began running last March. TNT ordered the same number for season three and the first grouping finishes its summer cycle this Tuesday.

According to THR, TNT wanted to pick the series up for a fourth season but Fox TV Studios actually declined the offer. The drama is an expensive one to produce and there’s apparently not enough profit in the cable deal for the studio to continue.

A spokesperson for Fox told Variety, “In today’s rapidly changing television world, shows need to drive revenue off too many sources in order to be profitable for all the partners. Unfortunately, the economics of the series mandated stronger international and ancillary revenue than the show was able to generate. We thought an appropriate ending after three extremely successful seasons was the best outcome for all parties involved.”

Since the series has several ongoing storylines, Fox and TNT agreed to produce three additional episodes to wrap up any loose ends. The network will combine them with the remaining installments from this season and hold them until next Summer. So, fans will get some closure to the series but they’ll have to wait a few extra months to get it.

Michael Wright, TNT’s Executive VP head of programming, is sorry to see the show end. In a statement, he said, “The show’s continued success is thanks to the amazing talents of Holly Hunter and [series creator] Nancy Miller, along with a tremendous ensemble cast and a highly skilled production team. They have taken us on a unique journey, and we look forward to seeing where it will ultimately lead.”

What do you think? Are you ready t say goodbye to Grace Hanadarko? Would you like to see the cast return, perhaps in TV movies?

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  1. denise says

    I MISS SAVING GRACE!!! I MISSSS “Saving Grace” wholeheartedly. I love the entire cast esp Holly Hunter- awesome actress! What I don’t understand is the stupidity shown on TV: “Swapping Wives”, “Horders”, all this useless, unecessary, “Reality Tv Crap!” Where’s the creative minds of the future? I love Comedies, Action. Drama, History etc. I have a wide variety of shows like: Sons of Guns, NCIS, Whitney, New Girl, Supernatural , ABC Family Shows just to name a few. Basically I’ve watched a little of everything. Love “Charmed”… still watch the reruns! “Parenthood” is phenomenal…it covers so many daily, real life situations and helps people understand what really happens and maybe how to cope. We need more educational tv for the future children and or adults. I also understand, now a days a show only may run for 5yrs-( ???) 8yrs before it may go stale, BUT sometimes its NOT STALE. All depends on the “Creative Writing!” Another show “Dark Blue- great show-then they changed the writing-and it was ruined!” Another- ONE of my Fav “Leverage”…. WHY WHY WHY Cancelled??? So… I can only hope and pray the creative writing continues in the future. Less Reality-zombie tv. Thanks

  2. Becky Weiss says

    The show needs to come back. Holly Hunter was amazing and FOX should be ashamed of themselves. This show was amazing.
    The ending was such a disappointment. Grace touched a lot of peoples lives and could actually to an amazing character. The entire cast was amazing. Good job!
    Best series I’ve seen in a long time. Holly Hunter KUDOS to you and your cast members.
    You are probably one of the best actors I’ve seen.
    BRING BACK “SAVING GRACE”…….The music is awesome also. Everlast is amazing. My kids loved that:)
    BRING IT BACK. FOX TV declined to the offer of picking up the show? SHAME SHAME SHAME!

  3. Linda J says

    Wondering which version/singer of the Leonard Cohen song ‘Hallelujah’ was used at various times/episodes. And/or was the same version used all of the time? Only soundtrack information found so far was for the theme song.

  4. Tedra Ortega says

    i also just watched the whole set on netflix. i was hooked from the first episode! i couldn’t help but stay up late every night even if i had to get up and go to work. what an awesome show. we all need an EARL!!

    • says

      Hiya Tedra,

      You already have an Earl. Your time stamp of 11:11 shows that. Google 1111 Progress Group and see what you come up with……

    • jimmy says

      I also watched the whole set on Netflix and was hooked from the start I think it was a really great show really would love to see it come back!!!!!

  5. cheryl says


  6. Lyn says

    Just found this series on Nexflix and watched it over a wk and a half time period, all 3 seasons in btwn more than a full time job and 3 teen kids- was completely hooked from the pilot episode and cried when episode 19 from season 3 ended. Best damn (sorry) show I’ve seen in the longest time! Holly Hunter was fantastic along with many of her other cast mates. Not only dramatic but laugh out loud humorous at times. I am an avid book reader, rarely watch tv but this one….DARN- sure wish they’d had season 4. Am feeling like I’ve lost a part of me now that it’s over an done with. So many parts of this have made me thing, really think, thank you so much for that. Very well done Ms. Hunter and full crew, very very well done!

  7. lee says

    just discovered Saving Grace on Netflix got hooked and would marathon till 4 am not wanting to stop. I also want an Earl but not if it means I am going to die which most of his people do and when Grace was killed I cried. Is there any way they could have made a mistake and she is still alive or can she come back as a last chance angel? I would be a faithful viewer.

    • Lyn says

      Felt the same way Lee, even blew off work one day by shutting down the network and just watching episode after episode- if you knew me, you would know that is so out of the norm. One of the BEST shows I have ever seen! Could so relate to her love/hate relationship with God and so many of the episodes and ideas made me think, for which I am grateful. Thinking I was MEANT to see it on Netflix and watch it…never know. Wish they could have it go on forever! And….who doesn’t want an Earl, quirky, fun, loving angel with much insight, knowledge and much else
      – Right? May God bless us all with one we just may not see like Grace’s character did…. Keep on hanging on Lee!

  8. Jeanne Thompson-Raney says

    Watching show again on net flicks. You should bring it back. Loved the cast especially Holly Hunter! Continue the story!

  9. Richard says

    I would love to see the show come back. It was a truley unique series with great stories and a great cast. I had the fortune of meeting Holly and she is a realy great person and so is Gordon. Peace

  10. Dawn says

    I agree with the others,I miss this show so much.Everyone was great but omg Holly Hunter.Where to start Her body is intense.I dont know what she did or who she trained with but you cant help to notice every inch of her body.Every week I was in a trance watching her.I loved the show but most of the great shows get cancelled .I bought the series on dvd so I watch often

  11. Ray says

    I have to agree with other viewers, please bring back, ‘Saving Grace’. I have watched all episodes on Netflix and would have continued watching if it was still aired. Thought provoking and the ability to touch people of all walks and ages is a rare series indeed. You would have a loyal viewer if you were to bring back – angle cop. Thank you for listening.

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