Saving Grace: Holly Hunter TV Show Ending, No Season Five

Saving GraceTNT has announced that their Holly Hunter drama is coming to an end. Interestingly, it wasn’t exactly the network’s decision. But, regardless of who’s responsible, the fans will have to wait quite awhile to see the story wrap up.

Saving Grace focuses on a police detective, Grace Hanadarko (Holly Humter), wo’s great at her job but finds her personal life far more challenging. The series also features Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Bailey Chase, Laura San Giacomo, Gregory Cruz, Lorraine Toussaint, Dylan Minnette, Bokeem Woodbine, Mark L. Taylor, and Tom Irwin.

The show debuted in July 2007 and attracted 6.4 million viewers, making it the highest-rated cable premiere so far that year.

Season two’s debut attracted 5.2 million and, this past June, season three’s return drew just 3.5 million. TNT remained very positive about the series, likely because it consistently rates first with adults 25-54.

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Last season, the network ordered a second season of 15 episodes. The first nine aired during the Summer of 2008 and the other six began running last March. TNT ordered the same number for season three and the first grouping finishes its summer cycle this Tuesday.

According to THR, TNT wanted to pick the series up for a fourth season but Fox TV Studios actually declined the offer. The drama is an expensive one to produce and there’s apparently not enough profit in the cable deal for the studio to continue.

A spokesperson for Fox told Variety, “In today’s rapidly changing television world, shows need to drive revenue off too many sources in order to be profitable for all the partners. Unfortunately, the economics of the series mandated stronger international and ancillary revenue than the show was able to generate. We thought an appropriate ending after three extremely successful seasons was the best outcome for all parties involved.”

Since the series has several ongoing storylines, Fox and TNT agreed to produce three additional episodes to wrap up any loose ends. The network will combine them with the remaining installments from this season and hold them until next Summer. So, fans will get some closure to the series but they’ll have to wait a few extra months to get it.

Michael Wright, TNT’s Executive VP head of programming, is sorry to see the show end. In a statement, he said, “The show’s continued success is thanks to the amazing talents of Holly Hunter and [series creator] Nancy Miller, along with a tremendous ensemble cast and a highly skilled production team. They have taken us on a unique journey, and we look forward to seeing where it will ultimately lead.”

What do you think? Are you ready t say goodbye to Grace Hanadarko? Would you like to see the cast return, perhaps in TV movies?

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  1. Teresa Parsons says

    I am so pissed off!!! You Dumb a$$es cancelled the greatest show on TV!! How dumb can you people be??? You made a HUGE mistake cancelling this show!!!

  2. Juanita says

    This show was fantastic and touched on a real type person i pissed to see it go as i grew to love the whole cast and wanted to see a better outcome bring the show back. Theres away that you can bring it back with the same people

  3. Tommy T says

    Great complex story line and writing. Original idea with complex issues and done well. Have to thank Netflix for picking it up so did not have to wait for syndication and for weeks on end to find out what was happening next.

    Sad to see shows with so much less to offer being continued when something better gets canceled.

  4. Shamia says

    Bring Saving Grace Back, Bring Saving Grace back please, This is one outstanding TV show i have ever seen.. bring new seasons and episodes :)

  5. Shamia says

    I watched all the seasons and every single episode it really changed my life and i am, my family and friends are not ready to say goodbye i think they should return with a brand new season and episodes i do pray that Saving Grace returns cant wait to see what happens :)

  6. Shannon says

    This show was one of the best shows ive ever watched! The ending leaves lots of options for another season! Bring Grace back!

    • says

      I loved this show and watched every night on Netflix when I saw her as being killed it was so sad and I knew the show had ended. Please bring it back.

      This show was so exciting every night It put me to sleep when I finally got to the point where my eyes closed.

      Please bring this one back!

  7. Janice Crocker says

    Bring back Saving Grace. One of the most realistic cop shows on TV delving asd much into the personal side of a law enforcement person as well as the professional side.

  8. Diyane says

    I just got done watching all seasons of saving Grace on netflix and WOW shattering an awesome show….The story line and Holly Hunter all the cast, what outstanding actors! Love Love the show, it’s like part of my life everyday to watch and see whats gonna happen? It seemed like a real story and you can be part of, be there with them. I just cant believe a show as good as this went off the air, when there’s so many worthless shows that are on TV. Somebody had their head in the sand and dropped the ball on this decision on dropping one best shows to ever hit tv. Bringing back Saving Grace would be a very wise decision. Please bring it back …..

  9. Mel says

    I would think that this type of strong woman overcoming her demons would be the perfect show for the OWN network. I still miss Grace. It was so uplifting to watch a strong imperfect female laugh, cry, love, live, raise hell, fall down and pick up the pieces. She was a true Badass!

  10. David Parnell says

    Saving Grace was at the apex of the TV art form…I wish there was an organization controlled by the viewing public…a TV Co-op which could assume the rights of all discontinued programming so that the viewing public could continue via contributions the production of beloved shows….

    Art which is this good should not die based on the judgment of the “networks” and their production companies…once discontinued…the concept should pass to the viewing public. The originating networks would still own the episodes aired…but at the point the concept is discarded/discontinued..the rights should immediately convert to the public domain where the series could be continued if the funds to produce the show were contributed by the public.

    Why should the decisions of so few control the viewing privileges of so many?

  11. Pat Baugh says

    I just got through watching the entire sequence of episodes back to back and it was awesome! During the time the show aired, I just happened to watch an episode by chance and loved it but then it was gone off the air too soon. I don’t think the show was given the chance it deserves. I remember having difficulty finding out exactly when it was scheduled and there were times when it wouldn’t air, etc. I would love to see Saving Grace back on TV or maybe even a movie. I need GRACE!

  12. Debbie Barker says

    I would be the happiest person alive if another season of Saving Grace came about. It would begin with the fact that, upon autopsy, it isn’t Grace’s body, but that of the evil guy (forgot his name). Earl would have taken Grace to somewhere else and kept her alive. Then, she could show up and continue her wonderful free-spirited, albeit closer to God, maybe, and marry Ham and have babies and live happily ever after.

  13. D says

    PLEASE SHOW the RERUNS of SAVING GRACE would be Phenomenal!!! NCIS-SUV -sucks and depressing!!! That’s the only NCIS I hate. The last Season…NO RERUNS. I missed the last episode because I was working. FRIDAY RERUNS of SAVING GRACE w/b AWESOME!!! Thank you.

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