Saving Hope: Cancelled Episode Released

Saving Hope episode 12 RIDE HARD OR GO HOMENBC has released the 12th episode of their medical drama Saving Hope online. The episode was originally scheduled to air on 9/1, was shifted to 9/8 and then NBC cancelled their plans to air it altogether.

The peacock network supposedly plans to release the 13th and final episode of season one online as well. That’s very likely to be the end of the TV show on NBC however. While Savng Hope has been renewed for a second season in Canada, the TV series registered very poor ratings here in the states.

Here’s the 12th episode description from the network, as well as the full video:

Alex and Shahir bring Charlie to the O.R. for a last resort procedure, but Charlie must first face his past before he can wake up. Meanwhile, Joel performs a risky surgery on a female jockey and Gavin crosses the line when he meets an Alzheimer’s patient.


What do you think? Are you still liking Saving Hope? Are you hoping that a cable channel in the US will pick it up? Which would be the best fit?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. k Allen says

    Please keep this show on. see my previous comments. NBC you don’t deserve a good show like Saving Hope. I hope CBS or ABC has the sense to grab it up. They are Putting NBC at the Bottom of the ratings where they belong:)

  2. Karen says

    I loved this show and am so disappointed that it was cancelled. It seems like all the networks cancel the good shows and leave the stupid ridiculous reality shows on tv. What has happened to our television industry? It has gone down the tubes. Please bring back Saving Hope.

  3. Sandra Edmonds says

    Please keep this wonderful inspirational show on. I can’t believe you are even thinking of canceling it. It is one of the best new shows that is on this year. The story line is one of hope and I’m sure you can come up with many subsequent scenarios to further develop the characters you have already presented. Please bring it back.

  4. Lynn says

    Please….Please keep this show on!! That is one of the decent shows on now. I am so sick of reality shows, and sitcoms!! When you get a decent show……….you take it off!!!

  5. Gwen Worwa says

    I loved this show. Usually NBC has nothing but shoot em up crap shows; so I usually only watch ABC good shows such as Rookie Blue, Revenge, Private Practice, etc. No wonder ABC is the top channel and NBC and CBS have such low ratings with such crappy shows and finally the only decent show NBC had is being cancelled; shame on you. How could it get good ratings when you never knew if it was going to be on or not – how could you put it on the schedule on one day and then change it to another day and the day before it airs you take it off completely; I finally found it on the internet. I hope I will still be able to watch on the internet. NBC sucks. This show was as good as Revenge.

  6. SUE FUSON says

    I just loved this show and looked forward to it every week! I think it is a travesty that so many other violent, stupid and reality trash shows continue to stay on and this one is being canceled?! This one has some moral and pure motives. It really never had enough time for people to know about it. I’m sure if given enough time and not being in part opposite of America’s Got Talent many people would love it. I can’t believe how broadcasting companies like yours can think that America has so little brains as to watch the majority of programs that you poison minds with! I for one, will mark you off completely if this show does not continue long enough and in a season that more people can have a chance to view it!

  7. barb says

    It is no wonder that NBC is not doing so well when it cancels a show as wonderful as raising hope. no foul language, no gratituious sex and no violence. Just real good acting and entertainment Bring it back please

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