School Pride: NBC Debuts New Reality Series; Cancel or Keep It?

School PrideOn Friday at 8pm, NBC debuted a new reality series called School Pride. How does this one stack up? — a quick success or another candidate for quick cancellation?

School Pride tells the stories of communities who come together to renovate broken and aging public schools. The series follows parents, teachers, and students as they roll up their sleeves to make some positive changes. Hosts are Susie Castillo, Jacob Soboroff, Tom Stroup, and Kym Whitley.

In its first airing, School Pride attracted a meager 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.901 million total viewers. It landed in third place in the timeslot, tying with a repeat of No Ordinary Family on ABC.

The networks have lower expectations for Friday nights and reality programming but this is still a terrible showing. In the prized demo, it’s about half of what Dateline attracted a week earlier in the same timeslot.

Eight episodes of School Pride have been produced. NBC may let them all air but, based on this quantity of ratings, there doesn’t seem like much reason for the network to order a second season.

What do you think? Did you like School Pride or should it be cancelled?

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  1. JA says

    This show deserves to remain on TV. It is a study of the perseverance on the part of the children who attend these schools in need, the parents, the teachers. Then, these same children, parents and teachers have the opportunity to work to create a new learning environment. It is an inspiration to all and a great example of work ethic.

    We all need to see more shows like this with real people. I hope that the school that was not maintained afterwards is now being proactively helped.

  2. says

    Keep keep keep!!!!! There was literally no advertisement for this show. No promotion. I just happened on it and it is one of the BEST reality show. It can educate the public on what needs to happen in education. This culture is sport and entertainment heavy. Educators are fighting an uphill battle in trying to get the community to see the extreme need of educating our future… and that is NOT standandized tests that politicians seem to think is the answer to everything. As an educator myself, I love seeing the expressions and joy on the students faces as they see how they can make a difference. Please keep it!!!

  3. Cassie says

    We should KEEP this show. School reform just doesn’t happen overnight, and this show is getting the message out in America that our schools need help.

    Instead of cancelling it, there should be stronger advertisment and media coverage so people know it is on. I am in college to become an Early Childhood teacher, and hardly any professors or students in my depatment knows about this show!

  4. Cory says


    I absolute agree with Friday Night at 10 PM as a time-slot is a show killer, but I’m hoping with all the bad rating they’re going to continue doing this show.

    Obviously this show has major backing with advertising a lot companies such as Walmart, Microsoft, All-Stars, Home Depot and some others, I don’t think it’s going to be canceled because of this even if it has poor ratings, but I do hope they do move it a bigger time slot as if these companies who donate might pull out as a supporter for the show.

    I tell everyone about this show and describe it as “Extreme Makeover: School Edition” – Who knows – Possible another network may pick it up if canceled due to poor ratings and and all the supporters currently would more than likely be right their with them.

    I love this show, I like the team I think they do a good job, such as the timing 7 days? First episode that aired was 10 days, granted it was a larger school, but I think they should set 10 days so they can make sure everything is order and I assume if after 7 days and they revel it, they could still be working on it to make sure it’s done right before they leave.

    I was surprised when they allowed the kids to cut the ribbon as they sent in the videos, I thought that is so cool…Lastly, The design team – I like them and should keep them renewed or picked up…I even like how the Journalist investigates why the schools don’t have funding to do these repairs.

    Remember the first episode? When Tom was talking the principal and found out there were a lot of requests for what teachers needed and it was all sitting down in storage…and when asked the look on the principals fast knew that something was going to happen…preview to 4 months later – New Principal? – I got the vibe he may have been inbesilment the money or something, but if all that supplies was there the money was spend so I don’t know…but don’t want to make assumptions.

  5. Chris says

    I have only watched one did not know it was on TV. I watched the one with CMA school. I was so inspired. Here the kids are doing excellent and they want to shut it down. Pretty does not cut it. It was nice to see people that deserve it get something good. This show should be kept and moved to a earlier time. I don’t stay up till 10pm rarely. If this was on at 7pm there would be an phenominal increase in viewers. In these times we need something good to watch.
    Thank you, Chris

  6. Belinda McNeil says

    I saw the show, School Pride, for the first time and loved it. As a former public school teacher, I hope the show is not cancelled but goes on and on. We all need to do our part in helping our young people and in improving our schools.

  7. Katie Teixeira says

    You NEED to keep this show! It is an amazing show! It shows how communities should come together to SAVE their schools!

  8. SP volunteer says

    Cancel School Pride. Its not at all a real fix it show. I volunteered and let me tell you they made things look ok for camera but then they left and it was a mess. Paint peeling, not complete, stuff not working, no way to pay for upkeep. Its a sappy badly produced mess and its not about real improvements to schools.

    • Chris says

      This is very sad I did not know. The one I watched was CMA. They do need to think about upkeep because this is how the schools got this way in the first place. I was very inspired when I watched, but this is sad to know what went on behind the cameras. We can not bandaid these places. We can do better.

  9. Tim Morrison says

    Is everyone retarded?! This show does so much good for these kids, these communities. It’s raised soooo much awareness for these schools, these communities, OUR OWN communities already… Ending it now would senselessly kill so much great positive momentum. KEEP IT GOING PLEASE!!

  10. Betty Jones says

    I definetly think you should keep the show!!!

    I went to a very small town school in the midwest, and our school fell apart and finally was closed as unsafe. We were a town of 900, and there was no tv show to rebuild us. It is so inspirational, tells a story of how wonderful the USA small town people are………

    Keep it !!!!

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