School Pride: NBC Debuts New Reality Series; Cancel or Keep It?

School PrideOn Friday at 8pm, NBC debuted a new reality series called School Pride. How does this one stack up? — a quick success or another candidate for quick cancellation?

School Pride tells the stories of communities who come together to renovate broken and aging public schools. The series follows parents, teachers, and students as they roll up their sleeves to make some positive changes. Hosts are Susie Castillo, Jacob Soboroff, Tom Stroup, and Kym Whitley.

In its first airing, School Pride attracted a meager 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.901 million total viewers. It landed in third place in the timeslot, tying with a repeat of No Ordinary Family on ABC.

The networks have lower expectations for Friday nights and reality programming but this is still a terrible showing. In the prized demo, it’s about half of what Dateline attracted a week earlier in the same timeslot.

Eight episodes of School Pride have been produced. NBC may let them all air but, based on this quantity of ratings, there doesn’t seem like much reason for the network to order a second season.

What do you think? Did you like School Pride or should it be cancelled?

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  1. Betty Cooper says

    The children need this show right now? I hope the network will see the advantage of keeping this show on. I personally like it & what it does. The network should look at it as it doing it’s part to help education. Stop looking at the bottom line & ratings for once.

  2. Kara says

    I LOVED “School Pride.” I think the best part about it was watching it with my three kids, who were utterly captivated by the whole message of helping kids, teachers and parents create the spaces to learn and grow that they deserve to have. My kids are lucky to go to a great school, but seeing these schools and communities across the country (and three in their hometown) really opened their eyes. When City Year emailed us about a volunteer day at a local school, their response was instantaneous and enthusiastic: “YES! Let’s help!” SP may not be hitting the most desirable 18-49 demo (incidentally, with some grassroots marketing and blogging, I’m sure we could ramp that up), but i’s a hit with the under 12 crowd, I can tell you, This is exactly the type of show that should be supported and highlighted. Kudos to Cheryl Hines for creating a show that’s great for families and sends such an important message to everyone about how we all can and need to get involved on whatever level we can to help. If NBC doesn’t keep “School Pride,” I hope someone else is sart enough to pick it up and bother to put in a little marketing effort.

    • brandan says

      I would like to say that a lot more advertisement of the show is exactly what is needed, because when I asked people in one of my college classes if they had ever heard of School Pride, 0 out of 24 or so no. I was the only one who had ever heard of it, let alne watched an episode. So I believe that if School Pride is heavily advertized, more people wil know it exists, and because of its positive nature and messagepeople will love to watch it. I think that School Pride is important to the entire country, because it brings to light the major problems that our school system is in as well as the conditions that some kids face everyday at schools

  3. L. Hayden, Elementary Librarian says

    I loved this show, too, and was very disappointed to hear that it has been canceled. “School Pride” is a great show that needs to continue. Not only is it uplifting, but it is a real eye-opener to the conditions of schools in this country. Students and teachers deserve better environments and materials than they are receiving. “School Pride” really stepped up and took on school boards and superintendents to improve the conditions for hundreds of students and teachers. So many more schools could be saved and helped if this show had been given a second chance.

  4. Lisa says

    I love this show! It has to continue because so many students, communities and people are being helped by this show. I really wish it were on another night so that more people could watch it. If it were on a Monday or Tuesday night instead of Friday night during High School football games, I think more people would watch and plan around it. The weekends are just such busy times during the fall for most families with kids who have to take in sporting events. I hope this show continues.

  5. Karla says

    I’m sad to hear the show didn’t get very good viewings/ratings. It is wonderful to see communities coming together and young people taking action to make everyone better. Education overall in this country is sinking and we need more feel-good “reality” shows that exhibit hope and pride in our kids and our country. No show is perfect, but I’d rather watch people create positive change than support longer-running shows where people yell, blame and throw things. I hope this show, or something like it, continues.

  6. JeNell Buchanan says

    I wish it was made clear how someone might nominate their school for this competition, and that the show focused more on how to become a candidate for this gift of renovation.

    I think this is a wonderful show. I wish the show was better advertised and that there were tips on how a school might qualify for consideration.

    We need these types of helpful, hopeful projects in education.

  7. Richard Polese says

    I’m President of the Public School Board in Santa Fe — and I must say I was delighted watching & enjoying “School Pride!” It’s just the boost needed today to laser in on what can go right in schools with the kids, teachers, community, and the media pitching in.

    Give NBC credit for giving us something worthwhile and richly entertaining. I’m hoping all our school board members got to see it. Can’t wait for the next show! Let’s have more!

  8. Special Ed Teacher says

    This show must continue. School pride always makes me cry each time I watch it. I’m an educator at a school that could use some much needed improvement and I can totally relate to those on the show. It’s such a shame if it gets cancelled because there are PLENTY of schools out there -and its students- in this nation that could use some help!!!

  9. Jesse says

    Love the show !!!! It’s in the top three of my favorite and I go out of my way to watch it. Extreme Makeover Home addition is my number 1 pick but I like that this is a little different and not just a wannabe copy of that one. Keep up the great work.

  10. Andrea says

    The ratings are sad and a testimony to the state of our educational system and priorities. I like the concept; the show; and, most of all, the help it brings to so many of our schools, communities, and students. What a loss if its cancelled. Thanks to Wal-mart; Home Depot; and Windows for your support. Once again, the kids are going to suffer.

  11. Jay Hart says

    I actually have enjoyed “School Pride”, it’s very much an eye-opening show that shows just how neglected some of the schools have gone over the years. I like the uplifting nature it brings, and that “can do” spirit it provides as well. It’s a shame it hasn’t done well ratings wise, but at least they have aired all the episodes. The eighth and final episode airs tonight.

  12. Jane Baker says

    The fact that this show has low ratings is a sad commentary on what’s important in our society today. It shows candidly the realities of what its really like in the classrooms acrosd America….that is of you go behind the main hallways, behind the offices in The front of the school. I am a high school teacher of 15 years. We DONT have supplies that we need. Our facilities are NOT modern or maintained. Staff is being cut; programs being cut….the opportunities to students are therefore being lost. We do NOT have computers for every student or even enough for students to use in class. Teacher computers are dinosaurs. Truly, its a travesty. What’s more important than the education of our youth?

  13. Monica says

    I watched the show for the first time last night. The idea is very good but the delivery is really bad. It was not the “feel good” hour I was hoping for. The male hosts came across as negative, passive-aggressive, and delivered mixed messages from beginning to end. (Whitley and Susie were cheery and cute with the kids.) I won’t be interested in watching the program again, which is unfortunate for the kids that could really benefit from a show like this. That said, I would love to see the producers of Extreme Home Makeover take on a similar theme. They would do a much better job.

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