Sean Saves the World: Cancelled by NBC, Production Shut Down

sean saves the world ratingsNBC has lowered the boom on their Sean Hayes sitcom. Production on Sean Saves the World has been shut down and the low-rated comedy has been cancelled.

The network had initially ordered 13 episodes and then gave the show a five episode back-order. A baker’s dozen have aired and EW reports that two others have been produced.

Sean Saves the World was already scheduled to be pre-empted this week and then Olympics coverage will take over the schedule. The network may or may not get around to releasing the remaining pair of episodes at some point after that.

The series stars Hayes as a single gay father who struggles to balance his responsibilities to his daughter and mother at home with his demanding job. The rest of the cast includes Megan Hilty, Echo Kellum, Samantha Isler, Thomas Lennon, and Linda Lavin.

Hayes tweeted about the bad news, writing, “Thanks to @SeanSavesWorld actors & crew & @NBC for a wonderful opportunity. Looking forward to Obama’s minimum wage increase to $10/hr.”

What do you think? Did you like Sean Saves the World? Are you sorry that it’s been cancelled?

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  1. Alex says

    I’ve seen a couple of episodes and laughed. I think the guy playing Sean’s boss is very funny and so is his assistant. I’m not a big fan of Linda Lavin though. I wasn’t a fan of her acting during her Alice days, and I don’t find her funny now either.

  2. says

    I admit I’ve seen some of the show and never got the premise of it,meaning a gay man has sex with a woman and out comes a daughter who lives with him.A bad comedy which wastes the talents of both Sean Hayes and Linda Lavin.Thank You NBC for finally coming to your senses.

  3. Segasonic3039 says

    I love the show,only show I watch regularly. And yet the boring as hell,Micheal J. Fox show is staying,isnt it.

  4. deeds says

    from what i get, i guess this is an unpopular opinion, but… i loved this show and i HATE that it’s cancelled (yes, really).

    the only thing i didnt like about the show was that there was raunchy humor, but this show brought a smile to my face every week, AND made me actually laugh out loud which not just any show can do!

    i really liked sean hayes on it, megan hilty was funny and adorable, samantha isler should have a super bright and long lasting career ahead of her, and thomas lennon stole every scene he was in and i hate that i’m not going to get to see him on anything for now (i hope he’s back on something SOON!), and not going to see him in THAT role again.

    i really feel like nbc should have kept it – besides the blacklist, the voice, and maybe chicago fire, their network hasn’t been doing so well and i feel like they should have given this one time to grow (and – i’m not a will&grace groupie BUT there are others who are! – maybe aired megan mullaly and/or debra messing guest episodes).

    i wish nbc would reconsider, and if they release a dvd/legal downloads i will buy and treasure forever.

    okay, i had to get my feelings out…grieving. (take tv very seriously :))

  5. ND Mitchell says

    I did like the show. It was great to see Sean Hayes back on NBC again as well as see Linda Lavin back on television, too, since ALICE. I just wish Sean had a “Just Jack” moment in each episode and maybe included Megan (Karen), Debra (Grace) and Eric (Will) in an episode along with Polly (Flo) & Beth (Vera). Maybe the show would still be on the air. Good Luck to Sean and the rest of the cast…sorry to see U go! :(

    • Chas says

      Rose said: “I like Sean Hayes… hated the show they gave him.”

      Sean Hayes is the Executive Producer of this show, and it is produced by his production company (Hazy Mills Productions)…there’s no one else to put the blame on but him.

  6. says

    My wife and I found ourselves spontaneously watching a few times and always came away thoroughly entertained! Incredibly well done! Spectacular writing. Top-notch cast. Sean Hayes has proven himself worthy of his enduring success. And Tom Lennon. Some of his best work! Bravo! Sorry to see it go…

  7. Alan says

    I’ve only seen the first two episodes and then stopped watching it. Too bad that Guy Pearce was attached with this show.. he deserves better.

  8. Tom Granger says

    Bleh. Good for NBC. This show was 1/2 a step up from trashy reality tv. Glad it got canceled now maybe they’ll have room for a good new show.

  9. Shawn says

    I have really liked the last few episodes but it didn’t start off well, so no surprise that it didn’t keep good ratings.

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