Secret Millionaire: ABC Pulls Reality Series

secret millionaire episodes canceledThe alphabet network has cancelled their plans to continue airing their Secret Millionaire reality series.

ABC had ordered 13 installments for season three of Secret Millionaire and seven episodes have aired so far. The most recent episodes have fallen to a low of a 0.8 rating in the demo with 3.80 million viewers, no doubt in part because they aired opposite Olympic coverage on NBC.

Two episodes had been scheduled for tonight, August 19th, and September 2nd. They’re being replaced by reruns of Once Upon a Time.

The three remaining episodes of Secret Millionaire had been scheduled to air on Monday nights for three weeks at 10pm, starting on August 27th. They’re being replaced by repeats of Castle, the timeslot’s regular season occupant.

It’s unclear if or when the remaining installments of Secret Millionaire will air.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Secret Millionaire? Do you hope that the series returns to the schedule at some point or would you rather see it cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Madashell says

    Secret Millionaire was cancelled because ABC and Obama want to DEMONIZE anyone who is rich. All the liberal Networks are going to do whatever it takes to get The Muslim In chief re – elected. This show showed the good in people who have built a business on their own and became very successful. It made Millionaires like Mitt Romney look very caring and generous to people who are not as fortunate And ABC HATES THAT!

  2. Cimarron says

    I’m sad to see Secret Millionaire cancelled.. come on….its summer, and against the olympics? give it some slack…. of all the stupid reality shows that benefit no one and are utter rediculous, they always are around to teach our young ones more stupid things.. but let a show that teach them about caring , and giving and helping one another.. no, can’t have that, they might learn something good… America needs to watch more shows like this, but good and wholesome doesn’t sell I guess.. hope someone with power and insight will decide to bring this back once again… please….

    • deb yeagle says

      YES… I absolutely agree…it’s the heart thing that really matters..our youth of today really has a challenge…they don’t have a fair chance at comprehending the true purpose of life …however THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE and my idea for a spin off this show may possibly enrich many lives and add to the bottom line of CBS…(yes it’s OK to bottom line it) BUT DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!

  3. Maria says

    A lot of people in Louisiana were looking forward to tonight’s show. Please Please reconsider cancelling the show. Like many of the other messages IT’S A GREAT INSPIRATIONAL PROGRAM –“WHICH WE NEED MORE OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Linda says

    we are very disappointed that secret millionaire will not be on .. it should be a regular show unstead of half the crazy stuff that is on. it made you feel good that there were people out there willing to help and it made you want to help people in need more than ever. please put it back on the air it was a show that had heart.

  5. irene says

    please dont take secret millionaire off the air ! there are so few shows that i can watch with my granddaughter that shows her that there is positive role models out there .

  6. Harris family says

    My family is VERY disappointed in the decision to replace The Secret Millionaire with re-re-runs of ANY show! We love Secret Millionaire and the light it sheds on the great work that non-profit organizations do across our country. It was unfair to assess their “success” against the airing of the Olympics… Come on! If there are episodes that have already been taped… We can’t understand the decision to show re-runs of another show instead. Give Secret Millionaire a chance!!! Great family, feel good show!!! Being it back!!!!

  7. Merna says

    I REALLY like Secret Millionaire and will be upset if it goes off the air. ABC needs to give it a chance when it is a) not opposite the Olympics, and b) not in the summertime. We need more ‘feel good’ TV, opportunities to see the struggles of many, and inspiration to make a difference. First Extreme Makeover Home Edition is gone and now maybe Secret Millionaire? Very sad indeed.

  8. Bud says

    Compared to all the crummy reality programs, this one actually benefited people in real need of help. I’m really disappointed in ABC for canceling this show.

  9. Jeremy Rynek says

    The small number of fans of the show should be glad it lasted this long, I know fox cancels everything, but still.

  10. Jean says

    I thought that the show was wonderful in that it showed how good people tried to help those less fortunate who were trying to help others. Sorry to aee it canceled. Guess I’ll go back to reading.

  11. wayne colledge says

    This is very disappointing. My family and I always rushed home to be sure we were always home to watch this show. it is a feel good show and should atleast be able to finish out its season. why watch a rerun of something when you can watch something that may be interesting to you.

  12. nick says

    My wife and I look forward to the Secret Millionaire every Sunday evening at 7pm.
    We are so dissappointed, as we were getting ready to watch tonight’s episode. Our plans were dashed, when we discovered it would not be on tonight. THEN, again, dissappointed when I went to the computer to learn that there are more episodes that we may never see. It was always an inspiring show. Makes you want to rush out and volunteer somewhere.

  13. C Bain says

    Come on Olympics and two most popular weeks for summer holidays. Love this show, and actually made me feel good about people. Disgusting that it’s cancelled, can’t see reruns doing any better, unless people are just bored, because they csn’t find anything else to watch. Personally I will ve spending my time out doors.

    I looked forward to the show, very disappointed, give it a chance. Bet every station was down in their ratings. But I see ratings and profit are the inky thing that mater, not the viewing public.

  14. Kristoffer says

    That surprises me. I guess I thought it was doing better in the ratings… and most people I know have been watching it – and like it.

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