Secret Millionaire: ABC Pulls Reality Series

secret millionaire episodes canceledThe alphabet network has cancelled their plans to continue airing their Secret Millionaire reality series.

ABC had ordered 13 installments for season three of Secret Millionaire and seven episodes have aired so far. The most recent episodes have fallen to a low of a 0.8 rating in the demo with 3.80 million viewers, no doubt in part because they aired opposite Olympic coverage on NBC.

Two episodes had been scheduled for tonight, August 19th, and September 2nd. They’re being replaced by reruns of Once Upon a Time.

The three remaining episodes of Secret Millionaire had been scheduled to air on Monday nights for three weeks at 10pm, starting on August 27th. They’re being replaced by repeats of Castle, the timeslot’s regular season occupant.

It’s unclear if or when the remaining installments of Secret Millionaire will air.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Secret Millionaire? Do you hope that the series returns to the schedule at some point or would you rather see it cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cindy L says

    That is really bad news. This is the one show that I feel inspired and uplifted by being invited to watch someone else research and reach out to causes. There is no selfish or self centered motives, just successful human beings that want to make a difference and pay it forward. I believe this is the only type of television that should be aired. Being kind, caring and grateful.

    • deb yeagle says

      YES… I ABSOLUTELY AGREE… the bottom line is lifting up a hurting life in need… we all need money..but it should not be main goal for our purpose in life…it’s the heart things that matter when it comes right down to it..I will do everything in my power to help the ratings for SECRET MILLIONAIRE… bold are they that tread in unique waters of enriching lives without dollar signs attached to it..Deb Yeagle


    Yes, I am really disappointed that this show was pulled off air. I love this series and told family members and friend to watch it. This show brings reality to life today, it brings tears of joy watching the organizations and personal donation receving their gifts from REAL people.

    Please please put this back on the air?????

  3. Liz says

    I am very disappointed of the cancelling of Secret Millionaire. When I talk with friends who do not live in my area, we always talk about the Secret Millionaire, This show enlightened my Sunday evening. But I also thought it strange to cancel as soon as the show on the gentleman from New Orleans was going to be on, wow. I always loved ABC for its great shows, but now I have doubts. My DVR will be directed to another network, thanks for nothing.

  4. Barbara says

    Maybe if Secret Millionaire was promoted more viewers would watch. Such an awesome show and had so much to teach us….guess thats why its being cancelled…it doesnt contain any garbage.

    • Carm says

      You got it! If it was lewd stuff it would have aired. Shame on you ABC such a heart warming show and you are cancelling it. What about the people that watch it?? Do you care??

  5. Christine Livingston says

    I only found this show a few weeks ago, and look forward to it each week. There are so many shows on tv that are junk, I am really hoping they keep this one.

  6. says

    We are very disappointed that this series was cancelled. It was a very touching show that made you feel good because there still are a lot of good people out there. Obviously, not the people who put it up against the Olympics though. How about giving it another chance?

  7. Mark says

    I cannot believe that they cancelled such a great show. It was positive, uplifting and encouraging. Go figure, probably why they cancelled it… too positive!

  8. MISSY says


  9. Amanda says

    The shows need to air at some point. Put three of them on over two Saturday nights if you have to. They’ve been produced. Air them.

  10. 8bithero says

    Television is a BUSINESS, people. If a show doesn’t get ratings, they don’t get advertisers. Meaning the network loses money.

    It doesn’t matter how good YOU think a show is; if America isn’t watching, it gets cancelled.

    • says

      OHH PLEASE! When they say they’re losing money they’re referring to making $100, 000 per ad instead of $200. 000 –FOR AN HOUR PEOPLE! ABC is NOT losing money (that requires a defecit), they’re losing profit –something this guy doesn’t understand but defends because he somehow feels that him and ABC our peers or will be in the future, lol. Secret Millionaire makes public millionaires look like butt-holes, and that’s why it’s been cancelled.

  11. Lois Silvanovich says

    This was one of a very few lineup of shows that I actually looked forward to watching. I find it incredibly sad that we tune in to watch morons display themselves by behaving badly but when someone tries to do good it gets tanked. Ratings or no ratings please at least air the shows that you had ordered. ONCE UPON A TIME………good gracious what a stupid show!!!! That time slot has been removed from my DVR!!

  12. Gene says

    This is a great show about people learning the true meaning of humanity. People everywhere where benefiting from the show and I really wish the show could continue. But for all of us that are posting the great comments on here, remember we can all still do our part by finding local area charities and getting envolved. The show sparked something in everyone and I really wish the American broadcasting company could have given the show another few episodes.

  13. Nancy Landers says

    Here goes ABC YET again, cancelling a show that is absolutely wonderful. Just like they did with the 2 soaps they cancelled. They put on that ridiculous “The Revolution” and in 6 months it was cancelled. They put on “The Chew” and that isn’t long for this world. And I will take a wild guess and say that “Katie” coming on won’t be on long either. At the rate ABC is going – the networks will be cancelling them too! If that happens ABC deserves it for what they are doing to us. I couldn’t agree more with what the others have said about “Secret Millionaire” it is a great teaching moment for our youngsters and for others who always think about themselves – it is a great show and never should have been cancelled. Bring it back.

  14. Debra Robinson says

    My sister in North Carolina and myself in Texas were in front of our televisions ready for our Sunday night secret millionaire time. We were so disappointed that with no warning the show has been pulled. What an unfair way to be settup against the Olympics. I chose to watch secret millionaire even when the Olympics were on. Is there any way to see the remaining episodes or is this just cold turkey for those of us who love this show. Thanks for the great episodes I did have the opportunity to see

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