Secret Millionaire: ABC’s Reality Show; Cancel or Keep It?

Secret Millionaire cancel or keep?The alphabet network recently premiered a reality show called Secret Millionaire. It’s airing in the Sunday night timeslot traditionally occupied by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. What many don’t realize is that the show isn’t new and first aired on FOX back in December 2008. Those six episodes did poorly and it was cancelled. Will it perform any better for ABC?

On Secret Millionaire, wealthy people are sent undercover to some of the most dangerous and impoverished areas in the country. They spend their time volunteering and meeting people who are doing good things and helping others. As they prepare to leave, the millionaires revisit deserving people, reveal their true identities, and present them with checks for thousands of dollars, drawn from their own bank accounts. Lots of happy crying ensues.

The series debuted on ABC on March 3rd to a very healthy 3.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 12.67 million viewers. That was nearly 50% better than the season-to-date average of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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In week two, Secret Millionaire came down to a 2.8 demo rating and 11.43 million, a decline of 18%. For the third episode, the demo fell another 11% to a 2.5 rating with 10.29 million viewers. When would the ratings slide stop?

The following week, the numbers perked up a bit to a 2.7 rating and 10.63 million viewers. It looks like the finals for last night’s airing will be about the same.

With one more episode left to this season, Secret Millionaire is averaging a 2.9 rating in the demo and 11.26 million viewers. That’s quite good and makes it the ninth highest-rated ABC show among 18-49 viewers, tying with Cougar Town and beating dramas like Private Practice and Brothers & Sisters. With these numbers, it’s all but guaranteed to return for a second season.

But, what do you think? Is Secret Millionaire worth keeping or would you cancel it? Is the concept getting old already? Are you disappointed that they don’t give away more money?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Joe says

    I love the show, its very inspirational. I don’t know why they took it off the air. I think we should have more shows like this on TV. It shows that people are struggling and there are people out there willing to share their wealth. Please bring it back.

  2. larry Rosenblum says

    My only complaint about Secret Millionaire is the small amount given by these so called millionnaires. You would think that if these organizations were truly worthwhile, and they appear to be, that the millionnaire would give alot more than say $45,000 or so, an amount even I could afford. Is there a limit to how much they can give? In the episode just recently aired, the millionnaire discovered a senior citizen organization in San Antonio where poor seniors were given food and other services. Since the millionaire found this so inspiring and he is worth millions, I would think he would have given much more than $75,000. Also why wouldnt he stay involved with them if he so believed in them?

  3. CRomine says

    These people are multi-millionaires but can’t give more? It would mean more to me if they really made more of a sacrifice with what they have…….

  4. says

    Harry’s law has a positive outlook on those that find them selves in the wrong company. Harriet has a huge heart!! We need to see more shows like this. Our young kids need to see
    what happens when you get mixed up in the wrong crown. Please bring bad Harry’s law. I miss it so much. An awesome show. Even my husband loves it! A fan from FL.

  5. Anthony says

    This show is AWESOME! I watch it with my kids because I want them to see the beauty of giving and serving others and the joy we get when we do so.
    I think it should air when Extreme Makeover is off the air ‘cuz the shows are very similar in that they are about positively impacting people’s lives.

  6. Gloria says

    Wonderful show! It helps people realize how much poverty we have in this country, and it also helps to break down the barriers between rich and poor. The show is moving and inspirational, and encourages people to think about ways to help the less fortunate. I look forward to watching it every Sunday night!!

  7. Ann Ruby says

    It’s a nice show, but I would move it to a different time slot and bring back Extreme Makeover. It’s great what they do for those in need but Extreme makes the impossible happen every week with the help of thousands of volunteers. Nothing else brings an entire community together and shows people what can be accomplished when everyone is working together for the common good. Plus, it has a ton of great laughs as well as a good cry for a Sunday night. MOVE Secret Millionaire.

  8. Leslie says

    Keep it! I love that it shows the different organizations, which shows me what we could use in our area! Cry good tears every time I watch! Very inspirational!

    • mark says

      I loved the show! what a great idea for a show and always made me tear up i love it! i cant wait for it to go back on i told all my friends to watch it and were all hooked and call each other to talk about it after the show haha ..please keep it on! we need shows like this a feel good show that inspires other and me..thank you

    • tr says

      I love this show!!! It does more than stir the hearts of those who directly benefit from it, but it also stirs up the hearts of viewers. People learn about communities, organizations, and peoples, that otherwise would remain unknown to them. The viewer realizes they too can identify with peoples from all walks of life and that a feeling within their hearts is beginning to well up in them to also reach out to these less fortunate in anyway they can. Since the show aired, i’ve continued to think about the stories and find I have a new desire to get out there and to make regular volunteering a part of my life routine. I never heard of the show before a few weeks ago. I thought it was new. I’ve set my schedule so I could watch it every week. Disappointedly, I haven’t been able to locate it the last two weeks, so i posted the question “what happened to this show”? I’m glad to learn it will be back on the air soon.

  9. says

    This show is something to keep. We need to show that people have been able to give hope where there is no hope. It challege me to want to do for others.

  10. Jane Steinagel says

    Love the show! Please keep it. I go out of my way to watch it. I watch about 3 things total on television!

  11. Bruce says

    I have always liked secret millionaire, back to when it was on Fox. I often wish that I were wealthy, so that I could give a lot of it away…my only quarrel with this version is mostly, the gifts are smaller. But that’s just my opinion. The founders of “curves” were awesome.

  12. Donna says

    Kathy Bates is wonderful in any character she potrays. The creator of this series has quite an imagination. A law office in a shoe store? It’s fresh, witty and I can’t wait for Monday nights to watch it. To cancel this series would definately be a travesty of justice.

    • Gloria Chi says

      never can get enough of this inspirational stuff— can all use the example and learn from it @@@@@@@lot!!!!

      • Deb says

        Its a shame tv would even think about cancelling a great show about helping others, what the world needs more of, and would even consider airing a senseless show like Manswers that airs on spike channel. But thats what tv seems to do these days, cater to the perverts instead of the decent.

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