Shake It Up: Disney Series Ending, No Season Four

SHAKE IT UP endingDespite being a top rated show in some of the young demos, the Disney Channel has decided to end Shake It Up after three seasons and 78 episodes. The final episodes will air over the next few months.

The show’s stars aren’t leaving the Disney family anytime soon however. Zendaya’s been signed to star in a made-for-TV movie that goes into production next month. She also has a recording contract with Hollywood Records, a new album debuting on September 17th, and an upcoming concert tour.

Bella Thorne also has a deal with Disney’s Hollywood Records plus a three-book pact with Random House. In addition, she just signed to star in an independent thriller called Home Invasion.

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a fourth season of Shake it Up? Should they have made more episodes?

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  1. Delilah says

    Shake it up was the best!! Disney is dumb for canceling it!!! I want shake it up back the show was the only thing that made me happy!!

  2. says


  3. says

    Disney Channel is so totally NUTS for canceling Shake It Up, I loved that show i am a dancer too and a singer and they inspired me, by u can still find confidence even if u get bully :D. but i just wish they would make a season 4 me and my bro LOVED that show :( but they always doing this Hannah Montana replaced Lizzie Mcguiri Shake It Up replaced Hannah Montana, DISNEY IS SO WRONG FOR DOING THIS!

  4. Haley says

    There so stupid shake it up and good luck Charlie were the 2 funniest shows on Disney and now there canceling them both!!!!!! Disney channel is turning into crap!!!!!!!

  5. Heather McCaulley says

    This is the most idiotic thing Disney has ever done…bar none. My 5 year old loves this show AND Good Luck Charlie. What’s the reason…besides the oldest characters being older and either going off to school or other career avenues. And why is Good Luck Charlie being canceled anyway? Is it because Bridgit Mendler’s music career is taking off or is it something else? Maybe Disney should be worried about their target demographic turning the television to something less wholesome and keep the good shows on before they lose their clientele entirely.

  6. Travis says

    This was a good show, for the most part. I hate that Disney is canceling good luck charlie, and this. But times are changing. New kids are being introduced to disney channel everyday. It sucks but they’ve gotta keep up. Liv and Maddie isn’t the best sjow, but neither was shake it up. Shake it up was the replacement for Hannah Montana. Remember the backlash they got? And even Hannah Montana got backlash for replacing Lizzie McGuire. It’s the disney cycle.

  7. Hiram Masforroll says

    I` m sad to see Shake it up go away. But seeing the cast dancing every episode. Got kind of lame and predictable. Don` t get me wrong I love the show , I tune into it every time. I just think it was too soon to cancel the show. Hope the do a special down the road where they are a bit more grown up. This show had me laughing every time. But what I have noticed about Disney is that when a new show comes in they make room for it. Taking another show out. That ` s just how they do it at Disney.

    I` m going to miss Shake it Up. It was fun while it lasted.

  8. Bella says

    wow i officialy hate Disney Shake it up was the only good show i hate disney for no 4 season and i hope they know they lost a bunch of viewers and got a lot of hate

  9. ananymous says

    Disney is stupid for doing this, they make really good shows like shake it up,wizards of waverly place, suite life on deck, etc. Then they take them off, meanwhile STUPID shows that are running out of ideas are still on, for example Phineas and Ferb, good at first, now a piece of poop.That liv and maddie that is going to premiere, they are replacing shake it up with that crap, who cares about a stupid show about two stupid annoying sisters

  10. zoom zoom103 says

    dianey is so stupid they get rid of all good shows then move to shows that r part goo but have flaws then now they r moving to stupid shows
    good show era: Hannah Montana, suite life on deck, lilo and stitch: the series, wizards of waverly place
    good show but few flaws era: shake it up, good luck Charlie, Austin and ally, dog with blog, gravity falls (should be in good show era but its not that old)
    stupid show era: liv and maddie underline that a million times
    I cant belive they just cancel shake it up I mean y do these ppl just cancel big hits with out a good bye episode I mean STUPID but the again everything with Disney is dumb now I mean I watch the old stuff on youtube cause its GOOD I was a baby back then but its still good ahola much?
    if u still want good shows check out these shows
    sam and cat
    totally spies
    lilo and stitch

  11. Andrew says

    Disney Channel Made A Huge Mistake I’m Really Mad At Them Right Now They Should At Least Make A Spin-Off I Have An Idea For 2 Shake It Up Spin-Offs 1 Is Called Sing It Up & The Other Is Called Gunther & Tinka

  12. Emma says

    I am very sorry that there will not be a fourth season beacuse’s it is one of my favourite show I love all the dancing beacuse’s I am a dancer my self I also love all of the charcter’s .it’s also really funny . That is why there should be more tv show’s about dance.

    • says

      I know and I saw the last episode
      it was sad but it had a happy ending but the song on the end remember me it was so sad it made me cry please pleas please do a season four of how they love each other and so on an maybe a season five six or ,maybe seven

  13. says

    That seems to be the way with both Disney and Nickelodeon, they create shows and keep them on only for a certain length of time or episodes before ending them. Sometimes even extending them to spin off series. I suppose that’s so they can keep rolling out new content to bring in a new audience? Either that or it may be a marketing thing.

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