Shameless: UK TV Series Ending, No Season 12

Shameless TV showJames Abbott, the writer and creator of the UK’s original Shameless TV series, says that the 11th season will be the show’s last, notes THR. Production is currently underway in Manchester on the final 14 episodes. They’ll air sometime in 2013.

Abbott, who is is planning “a suitably Shameless finale,” believes the time is right to end the show.

He said, “We’ve given back in spades and got away with absolute murder, on behalf of such a fantastically outspoken audience. But this is also the year my Dad died and he was, in abstract, my core inspiration for starting the whole Shameless party rolling, I wanted to make invisible people vivid. Closing the two eras in the same year feels very right. Now I’m off to build the next whatever-it-is.”

Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s chief creative officer, called the show “ground-breaking when it launched and gob-smacking ever since.”

Shameless initially focused on Frank Gallagher, his six children, and their friends and neighbors. The Maguire family was later introduced and has become the focus of the show as the Gallagher children have departed. Only David Threlfall and Rebecca Atkinson have remained since the beginning.

A US version of Shameless started airing on Showtime in 2011 to successful ratings and critical acclaim. Starring William H. Macy, that show has been renewed for a third season.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the original Shameless? Are you sorry that it’s ending or should it have ended earlier?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dirty_Dutchess says

    I hope the show will return one day!!!!
    One of my favourites for sure. I watched all 11 seasons after each other last summer. Got addicted and than find out that the show is cancelled. Bullocks,
    I’m absolutely gutted. I fell in love with England watching this show and i even developped an strange english accent. Living in the Netherlands that’s even stranger.
    So anyone reading? Thinking we know f*ck all about knowing f*ck all about owt :)
    You should get a ticket for the chatworth express… Where pubs and drugs were kindly invented to stop us going mental. For f*cks sake it’s Manchester!!!

  2. Kimberly says

    I live in the u. s. And enjoy the u.k. Version more. I watch on netflix and it ended at season 9. Please make more or make a movie I can watch. I don’t usually request these things but I am now an addict. Why was it cancelled? Pleeeaase!

    • Gayle says

      Omg Kimberly I know how you feel! I watch an episode every night before bed. I’m on season 8 the last episode and I never want it to end. I’m so attached to the characters it’s sick. I literally cry at the thought of it soon to be over. I’m trying to take my time watching so it doesn’t end. I can’t imaging what I’ll watch that will compare once I’m done:(
      What can we do to make it keep going……I don’t want the show to end! Don’t think they’ll listen to us though? I’ve even looked up the characters to see what they’re doing now. Love Mickey and watched an interview with him on utube. Shite…..
      In the U.S. Let me know what you think?

  3. Gayle from the US says

    I just recently started watching the British show shameless by total accident and now I’m hooked! I shouldn’t even say hooked more like obsessed. I look forward to watching it every night before bed and love all the characters and actors. I think about the show all day that’s it’s become like my drug! Shite! I don’t want it to end even though it did already. I’m on season 6 episode 11 and I’m trying to make it last as long as possible. I can’t imagine watching anything else after this is over. Why why? Can’t you bring back more of shameless! Where did all the actors go? I’m so totally depressed its gonna end for me soon, crazy never felt like this about anything I’ll have to go to shameless anonymus meetings

  4. Tony says

    Pleas bring back at least 3-4 series it’s such a good program it’s in real and speaks for people who love like that for real

  5. Shannon says

    I am American and I originally started watching Shameless UK. I loved the show so much that I did not want to watch the American version because I just knew they would mess it up. The first episode of the American version was almost exact to the first episode of the UK version and I was like, “What do I need to watch it again with American actor’s for. Fiona doesn’t look like that!!!” My cousin urged me to give it another chance and now I love the American version as much as I love the UK version but no matter what, the UK version will always be first in my heart. I was a little miffed when the show became all about the Maguire family but what the heck, I love me some Mimi and that Irish accent! It may be time to cancel the series but I was a little disappointed because I wanted to see what was up with the Gallagher children after all this time and start some new story lines with them in it. The UK Lip, I can watch him on Waterloo Road now, is simply BEAUTIFUL. Love him!!! Farewell Shameless and my main man Frank!!!

  6. Stephen lister says

    Come on mr abbot you can’t just end a classic. Like shameless it’s a fantastic show with fantastic actors myself like many other PEPOLE have seen every episode more than once I recon like wise the US show it total shite and will not be watching it I understand the reasons why you want to end it BUT you should listen to the PEPOLE no other TV show shows what life is really like and the way friends pull together not like on ur show I bet your dad is up in the sky thinking what the hell is he doing its the same with most brill TV shows always get axed then they put some S.H.I.T in its place I BEG u mr abbot plzzzzzzzzzz don’t axe shameless I could even do a petitishon and I think even you would be surprised at the amount of PEPOLE who will sign it. Plzzzzzzzzzz think again

  7. Melissa says

    The US Shameless is the BEST!! Way better than the UK! Brian Waters you may have mental issues you need to get checked out if you think it’s “crap”! I do give respect to Abbott for creating the show, and giving US opportunity to make it better. The US characters are WAY easier on the eyes. Also Fiona is one of the main characters in the US Shameless. The glue that holds the Gallagher family together. In the UK she left in the 1st or 2ed season. I don’t see how there is Shameless without Fi. Also in the UK they say Ian is gay, but then he is with girls. It’s like they were going to make him gay, but got scared took it back and put him with a girl. In the US he is gay and they are not scared of it so he is going to stay gay. I know this is really long but want to give one more reason why the US is better. I think the US goes further with things, because we can put more on TV than the UK is allowed to. Every episode makes my jaw hit the floor at some point during it, also many smiles and LOL moments. Still much respect to Abbott for originally creating the plot!

    • shake says

      I was reading an article a while ago about the writers saying that in the UK version, due to actors leaving to show they had to go down a path that they hadn’t planned, and because of the rebirth of the show in the US market they had a chance to stick to the original story line that they had wanted. Which is good, which also means the original shameless could have gone down the same US story line we currently see. I’ve only seen season 1 of the UK version but if I’m not mistaken the script seems to be identical.

      Also I’m a little surprised to hear they went to 11 seasons in the UK. I don’t watch a lot of UK shows but the ones I do watch are only 6 episodes per season and only go for 2-4 seasons. Extras, The Office, IT crowd come to mind.

  8. charlesripbotha says

    it was a great show but like most soaps they run out of steem after the sixth season ,a show this creative and full of colourful charactors will always find its audiance.thanks for the funny episodes and laughs that the show brought great comic situations although at times i could cringe,fab characters and fun moments many thanks for the show ive got the dvds.a show this colourful will always find an audiance,best of luck to the cast and success.

  9. Brian waters says

    It will be a shame to see it go I have watched every epersode .the uk show is the best . The American show is crap.. Uk shameless should at least go for another 5 years .a big thank you to all the actors from Brian waters Australia

  10. laura says

    I can’t get over the fact that this season is going to be the last, I’ve watched them all and I think Shameless should be forever.It’s a ******* crime to end with it, not happy mr. abott.I won’t be watching any other stuff you’ll be making in future neither ;-p

  11. Steve lister says

    Love the UK shameless, since I have to wait for Netflix to air it here in the USA but I am sad to hear it will end soon. One of the best shows I have ever seen on television. I have never watched the US version but I cannot see how it could compare. So original and unique. At least I have three more seasons to see before I am gutted. Party on!

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