Shark Tank: Not Cancelled Yet, Still Hope for Season Two

IMAGEIt’s been months since ABC aired Shark Tank in primetime and many have assumed that the show’s dead and buried. Not so. The reality series has a lot of fans and there’s still hope that the series could return for a second season.

Each episode of Shark Tank spotlights entrepreneurs and inventors who are looking for capitol to help fuel their dreams. They pitch their ideas to successful business people Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin Harrington, and Daymond John, otherwise known as “the Sharks.” If interested, the Sharks offer to invest their own money but typically want a bigger piece of the pie than the inventor wants to give.

After a disappointing run last summer and fall, it looked like Shark Tank was probably over. Then, in December, producers cobbled together two new episodes from unused footage. The network announced they’d be running them, along with three previously unaired installments, on Friday nights in January. Despite the fact that fewer people watch TV on that evening, the demo ratings were about the same as they had been when the show was running on Sunday and Tuesday nights.

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One of the five remaining episodes was pre-empted and Shark Tank went off the air in early February on a ratings high. Actually, it left primetime but the network sometimes runs repeats on weekend afternoons.

When ABC’s 2010-11 schedule was released in May, the network maintained that they were still considering bringing Shark Tank back for another season.

ABC has now announced that they’re bringing it back, sort of. The final unaired episode will run on Thursday, July 15th at 8pm. After that, they’ll air Shark Tank reruns in that timeslot. For now, they’re scheduled to run until September 23rd but that could change as the network works out their fall debuts.

TV show supportWhile this doesn’t mean that Shark Tank will be renewed for a second season, it does indicate that ABC is still interested in the program. Word is that producers are talking about shaking up the group, possibly adding a high profile “shark” or two to the panel.

What do you think? Are you still interested in seeing Shark Tank return? Would you be open to one or two of the sharks being replaced?

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    • Anonymous says

      I love it, my husband and both do which is unusual for us to agree on a show, and furthermore, I have a great idea I am going to try to get on to pitch.

  1. Derek says

    Bring it back. It’s a great show. However, I have to agree with Rob and Gary. Kevin Harrington needs to go. He rarely invests in anything and then every once in a while buys into something which looks like fake gesture for the sake of the show. He has even turned down products that would be good in his telesales format.

  2. says

    I love Dragon’s Den and would love to see the American version, Shark Tank, continue. The producers seemed to try different things with the set, but I think the “sharks” just need to get comfortable with each other (trust and banter) and in their roles as visionary investors. Having Trump and others like him may be okay to draw some viewership, but that seems like a marketing ploy and, as proven by the Canadian show, not really necessary if the investors actually invest in some great entrepreneurial ideas. Also, do some follow up on those who have had investment. That will draw viewers. Everyone loves “happy endings”–and the Americans practically invented that!

  3. says

    I love Dragons Den, Sharks Tank & Lang O’Leary Exchange but I really can’t imagine either shows without Robert and Kevin! Robert is usually pretty fair & comes across like a pretty good guy. Kevin says & does what is best for him but it’s not usually all that nice, they are things that we have thought about doing but struggle to say! I think it would be amazing if you could get Donald Trump & Bill Gates on the show. Donald comes across like a tough guy, Bill gates as a fair and compassionate all around good guy. I think that what really could change is more investing,that could even be just words of advice & encouragement. Instead of just saying there is no business, give them a better plan of how to proceed for the next three to six months. I really love when we get to see what happened to the companies after being on the show it completes the circle. I hope that Sharks Tank will be back, these three shows are the only shows I make a point of watching not once but twice! They have been a big help in shaping all of my business!

  4. Gary says

    Replace Kevin with someone that has a personality – my suggestion: Brett Wilson or a high profile shark ala Donald Trump, etc.

  5. fannyseat says

    I love the show and can’t wait to see the July 15th airing. I will also be watching the reruns not much else on TV that excites me these days. I’ve gotten my 80 something neighbor hooked on Shark Tank! ABC lets bring back a 2nd season of Shark Tank! I think the judges are great. Especially Daymond John you rock it by keeping in touch with all Shark Tank fans!

  6. Rob says

    I really hope there is a second season. Being in the start-up world the show is just full of free information and is usually real entertaining.

    I say drop Kevin Harrington and bring on either a more popular business person or rotating slot of such people. One week, Donald Trump. Another week they get Bill Gates. Steve Wynn comes on another time.

    Either way, I hope it comes back!

  7. Elizabeth lucille Del Pozzo says

    I think that Shark Tank should come back .I always look forward to seeing Shark Tank and shows like it.These kind of shows give hope and inspiration to peolpe who have no other option of getting there idea or invention on the market.
    I am very interested in pitching one or two of my ideas and or inventions .
    Please bring Shark Tank back and send me an email for casting when Shark Tank does come back.

  8. says

    I hope ABC decides to keep it. I loved it and it had lots of Twitter conversation while airing. New sharks? Maybe. There is room for a set of new eyes in there, but I would want to be sure the new shark is really well versed. I did not like when Ellen came to American Idol. While she has talent on talk, she doesn’t know the music biz. I would hate to see Shark Tank choose someone without some biz expertise. As a business owner, I really appreciate candid remarks on biz growth, leadership, marketing, etc.

  9. says

    I enjoy the show and learn a lot every time I watch. I like the panel of ‘sharks’ as is. I think that a high profile investor would change the dynamic of the the interchange a between both the entrepreneur and the sharks as well as among the sharks themselves — don’t introduce a personality with the potential to suck up all of the oxygen in the room every time she/he speaks.

  10. Amy M says

    I absolutely LOVE the Shark Tank – it’s my favorite show!!!! In fact, it’s a family show for us -we all love it. PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!! The only shark I could see being replaced is Damon…sorry Damon!

  11. Kevin Wilke says

    I would love to see it back. I am a big fan of the Dragon’s Den, and have found that the Shark Tank had been missing some of the closeness and friendly banter of it’s Northern cousin. The last season showed an improvement, so I would love to see it continue to evolve. New Sharks? Maybe. They would need to be more charismatic and more willing to make deals, and a bigger heart would help (a Shark equivalent of Brett Wilson would gain a lot of loyal fans).

  12. Jerry Lisman says

    I absolutely want them to bring the Sharks back for another season. I think the Canadian version is a little more interesting.

    As far as the Shark panel, I think some changes might be in order, however, I think Robert and Kevin O’Leary are “keepers”. Getting someone like Brett or Jim (Canadian Dragon’s) would improve the show.

    I’m hoping the Sharks become an ABC regular…..I really miss the show.

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