Shark Tank: Not Cancelled Yet, Still Hope for Season Two

IMAGEIt’s been months since ABC aired Shark Tank in primetime and many have assumed that the show’s dead and buried. Not so. The reality series has a lot of fans and there’s still hope that the series could return for a second season.

Each episode of Shark Tank spotlights entrepreneurs and inventors who are looking for capitol to help fuel their dreams. They pitch their ideas to successful business people Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin Harrington, and Daymond John, otherwise known as “the Sharks.” If interested, the Sharks offer to invest their own money but typically want a bigger piece of the pie than the inventor wants to give.

After a disappointing run last summer and fall, it looked like Shark Tank was probably over. Then, in December, producers cobbled together two new episodes from unused footage. The network announced they’d be running them, along with three previously unaired installments, on Friday nights in January. Despite the fact that fewer people watch TV on that evening, the demo ratings were about the same as they had been when the show was running on Sunday and Tuesday nights.

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One of the five remaining episodes was pre-empted and Shark Tank went off the air in early February on a ratings high. Actually, it left primetime but the network sometimes runs repeats on weekend afternoons.

When ABC’s 2010-11 schedule was released in May, the network maintained that they were still considering bringing Shark Tank back for another season.

ABC has now announced that they’re bringing it back, sort of. The final unaired episode will run on Thursday, July 15th at 8pm. After that, they’ll air Shark Tank reruns in that timeslot. For now, they’re scheduled to run until September 23rd but that could change as the network works out their fall debuts.

TV show supportWhile this doesn’t mean that Shark Tank will be renewed for a second season, it does indicate that ABC is still interested in the program. Word is that producers are talking about shaking up the group, possibly adding a high profile “shark” or two to the panel.

What do you think? Are you still interested in seeing Shark Tank return? Would you be open to one or two of the sharks being replaced?

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  1. Richard Gillain says

    I have a friend in Germany that has invented a new product. He would like to present it to your forum . How would he go about this process ?

  2. Vanessa says

    Love Shark Tank! I was wondering what happened to the show.
    Looking forward to watching and maybe auditioning. Hope it gets
    air time again…

  3. says

    I check this website all the time to see if there will be a nother season. PLEASE KEEP THE SHARKS!! Why not add Donald Trump, (barbaras friend) Phil Town, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, or the dud that “claims” he invented the internet?

    Then try to get some weird jokers who invented something worthless. This would be equivalent too the american idol “BAD” singers who think they are the best on earth. We all love to watch a great failure. MAke sure the person flicks them off on the way out… cool…

    Hell I invented a lot of stuff get me on there I will do it!

  4. Jo-Ann says

    This show has been invaluable to me. I have learned so much about how to present to investors. It’s energizing and exciting it from beginning to end. I also watched the episodes many times over online. There are so many nuances to “playing the game.” I really hope this show is brought back and that my product is ready by then.

  5. Rhonda says

    Please keep the show on. It is a wonderful outlet for entrepreneurs. We have learned so much from the sharks and while there are some we like better than others, it is always great feedback for the people who are trying to make it in our great capitalist country. It is definitely the best of the reality television shows.

  6. Connie says

    Are they seriously thinking about not renewing this??? And they wonder why people stop watching ABC, NBC & CBS! This was a show I watched. However, these days, I’ve been watching alot of shows on USA & SyFi channel. I got really tired of watching any new show on the 3 big networks because they usually end up pulling the show, so why bother??? Not to mention they replace a good show with one that really sucks!!!

  7. Nancy Rose says

    I do not watch a lot of TV…this is one of the few shows I truly enjoy! Please give it another season (at least!)….with today’s economy this program gives hope to people with dreams but no monetary substance to back them in their endeavor.

  8. Don says

    YES!!! Keep Shark Tank running. This nation desparately needs more of this mentality of people! Keep the americal puplic thinking………….. we have a LOT to do to save this earth, why not put this type of exercise to work!!!!! YES, KEEP THE PROGRAM!

  9. Paula says

    Yes, my 15 year old and I love this show : it is funny and entertaining, yet very informative and savy.. KEEP it on..

  10. Lena Lynch-Goodman says

    This show is the best tv reality show on tv, all the other shows are about sex and trash!!!
    PLEASE ABC KEEP THIS GREAT SHOW ON THE AIR. I have learned so much from this show and planning to be on the show myself with my adult and childrens bibs!!

    • says

      Please keep the sharks! Very educational, and the feedaback from the investors is very helpful. But maybe new investors that are a little less serious. Keep the sharks going however, the more companies we create, the more jobs WE create! The heck with hoping the government will do anything helpful, lets create businesses and jobs!!

  11. says

    We are a new start up company with an award winning product for the pet industry. However we are having a difficult time in this economy getting this great product off the ground. Every one that sees it LOVES it. BUT, for a new company with no history, it is impossible to find adequate financing to bring this to market in a substantial way.
    We would love the opportunity to present our product to the SHARKS for their consideration.
    Jim Harmon CEO
    Kitty Palm Co. LLC
    Papa Cat

    Check out our web site to view our products and learn a little about us !

  12. says

    Keep the episodes coming. Maybe my episode with my puzzle called Str8ts might still make it on Shark Tank on the July show. This program is essential watching Kevin and his fellow dragons sure give good advice to inventors and entrepreneurs . Great reality TV…

  13. says

    I love the show because it gives hope to those that have there on American dream and I’m one of those people that believe that America is still the land of great dreams and undeveloped opportunities. I have applied several times to the show and I’m still hoping that I get my changes in front of the sharks.

    Scott Hayes President
    Lacy Enterprise Inc.
    Mooresville, NC 28115

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