Shark Tank: ABC TV Show Not Returning After All

Shark TankLast week, we reported that there was some good news for fans of the entrepreneur reality series Shark Tank.

ABC had slated the final original episode of season one to run next Thursday, July 15th, at 8pm. Reruns of Shark Tank were scheduled to air on Thursday nights after that, tentatively until September 23rd. notes that Shark Tank will return on July 15th. According to press materials, Shark Tank is slated to return on July 29th with a rerun episode from last August. Things have changed and neither are true.

An ABC rep tells us that the network has changed their plans. Unfortunately, Shark Tank won’t be returning on July 15th, on subsequent Thursdays, or any other time for the immediate future. A series return may be rescheduled at some point in the future but there no dates right now.

TV show supportWhile this doesn’t mean that the show’s been cancelled, it’s not exactly a good sign for season two either. We’ll keep you posted if this changes.

What do you think? Do you think there will be a second season of Shark Tank? Should there be?

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  1. Jack says

    finaly something fit to watch on TV and they stop it. they will probably put Jerry Springer in its place we need that.

  2. will says

    i planed on trying out for thr shark tank show.i have a ton of great ideas,that im sure to get the attenction of the sharks,but the show is no where to be found.please do the right thing and brink back a show that gives hope to inspireing people such as myself who want to make a product,to make people happy and pay it foward to folks who other wises don’t have a out-let..thanks

  3. says

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  4. 10-4 Tech says

    Come on! Bring back Shark Tank. It was one of only a few reality shows on TV that was decent to watch. It was actual real live peple doing something for real, not all that other made up crap like other shows. It was actually entertaining and real!

  5. sharklover says

    Shark Tank is a great show and should be brought back. I’ve been burned too many times by ABC to get hooked on their new shows (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, and Eli Stone all getting canceled on me in one season!), but I got hooked on Shark Tank, and recently Castle. Still praying that Castle lives on! I’m starting to dislike network TV because of all the good shows getting canceled.

  6. Shawn says

    Our household enjoyed watching Shark Tank. It was very entertaining to watch, as we’d get very involved with each episode, whether it be commenting on the idea/inventions we were seeing (was the invention great/stupid, how would we improve it, etc.) or yelling at the Sharks for their decisions. It’s a shame ABC is tossing it to the side, was really looking forward to a season 2. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  7. fannyseat says

    Maybe if ABC stuck with a plan (schedules times & days) they would get a solid following for their shows. Several shows in the past (Women’s Murder Club and Men in Trees to name a couple) I’ve watched on ABC only to have to “look” for what day the show would be airing. ABC you loose viewers by not sticking with a set night for a specific show. What other network does this with their shows. None that I can think of.

    Shark Tank was a great informative show and still entertaining. Please bring Shark Tank back and maybe I’ll watch ABC again!

  8. says

    That is a crying shame. The Shark Tank is the only Reality TV show that I enjoy and would watch regularly. ABC must have harnessed the brain-power of NBC for their programming department.

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