Shark Tank: Is Barbara Corcoran Responsible for Season Two?

Barbara Corcoran and Mark BurnettAfter a season of disappointing ratings, ABC has decided to give Shark Tank a second season — albeit a short one of seven episodes. They’re also shaking things up a bit by introducing guest “sharks” like Jeff Foxworthy and Mark Cuban.

Some viewers aren’t crazy about the idea of introducing celebrity guests to the proceedings but ABC execs didn’t have much incentive to renew the series “as is.” By making some changes and ordering just a handful of episodes, they’re not taking much of a risk and the audience just might grow. ABC network execs tried a similar strategy with Shaq Vs by expanding beyond athletic competitions and with True Beauty by moving the show to Las Vegas.

Savvy entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran also may have played a hand in the renewal of Shark Tank, per a recent item in the New York Post:

Barbara Corcoran, the real-estate guru, has been in LA to start taping the second season of ABC’s Shark Tank, where she’s a panelist to find young entrepreneurs. Creator Mark Burnett originally had somebody else lined up for the first season, but a very convincing letter from Corcoran changed his mind. Then, to campaign for the show’s renewal, she filed a 340-page pitch pointing out why it should come back. Network bosses announced in August it would have a new season of eight episodes. Corcoran’s rep said, “Wordy causes have really paid off.”

What do you think? What got the series a second chance? Was it Barbara, the network changes, a combination or something else?

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  1. says

    I hope that they give the show a third and forth year to be on t.v. A great show and a chance for people to put forth their ideas for a chance to develope their dreams.

  2. Nati T says

    The show was amazing. I don’t care whether it was Ms. Corcoran, the network, or both, I’m just glad the show’s back. During these tough times, people need to be inspired by these gutsy inventors and entrepreneurs. I understand the networks aren’t interested in giving people what they need but instead what they want, but I think this show deserves a second chance. Maybe the public’s lack of interest in shows like this is what makes inventors look so brilliant.

  3. Alan says

    I didn’t really know about the show until the end of the season. The show was also broadcast at bad hour. I think season 2 will be much more successful and watched.

  4. Kristoffer says

    I love this show! I enjoyed seeing some of the ingenious things people have invented… and usually wondered “Why didn’t I think if that”! I don’t understand why it hasn’t done better in the ratings. Maybe they should put the inventors in a house in Jersey, keep them drunk, let them sleep with all the ‘sharks’ since that seems to be what people want to watch these days. I thought the premise last season was good and don’t like the idea of celeb sharks coming in, but if it will help the ratings and get another season I am all for it.

    • says

      Shark Tank is a major hit with my family. We all watch each Friday.
      However, we are disappointed that Barbara has not been on the panel
      the last three Fridays. What gives – Barbara is the energy of the program,
      the smart soul and dicerning heart. Bring her back. Leave Laurie to
      QVC. If you want to shake things up how about finding a sub for
      Mr. Sunshine, and I think you know who I mean.

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