Show Me the Money: ABC Shows Shatner Game Show the Door

William Shatner and Show Me the MoneyABC’s new game show, Show Me the Money, seemed like a sure thing. It featured the irrepressible William Shatner, an amazing set, lots of cash, crazy contestants, simple trivia questions, beautiful dancing girls — how could it lose? It was touted as the next big sensation and the network announced it was ordering six additional episodes. Now, its been yanked from the schedule. What happened?

Show Me the Money debuted on Tuesday, November 14th with a special preview edition taking the place of Boston Legal and following the incredibly popular Dancing with the Stars. It was hosted by venerable TV star William Shatner who audiences know from Star Trek as the heroic Captain Kirk and Boston Legal as the unpredictable Denny Crane. This special 90-minute debut episode of Show Me attracted an average of a 8.1 rating (almost nine million households) for the night — very respectable numbers. Game shows typically cost far less to produce than regular dramas or sitcoms so it looked like ABC had a cheap hit!

On December 8th, ABC announced it was ordering six additional episodes of the game show, bringing the first season’s total to 13 episodes. The network also said that it would move the show to Tuesday nights at 8pm beginning in January. It looked like “the Shat” and the dancing girls were going to be around for awhile.

Or, maybe not. The ratings for Show Me the Money have continued to fall since its debut and last week, it seems they dipped just a bit too low. On December 13th, Show Me attracted less than five million viewers — dropping 16% in the all-important 18-49 demographic from its previous airing.

Apparently this dip in viewers has made ABC execs rethink their strategy. They’ve not only cancelled the additional episode order but they’ve also pulled the game show from the schedule effective immediately. Repeats of sitcoms George Lopez and According to Jim will fill the Wednesday timeslot until the end of the year. Repeats of America’s Funniest Home Videos will take the place of Show Me on Tuesday nights at 8pm in the new year. Videos and Show Me are both produced by Endemol USA.

There are two unaired episodes of Show Me the Money left on the shelf. It’s been reported that ABC is planning to air them sometime in January. But, considering that the show has been pulled from the ABC website, I wouldn’t bet on it. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Jeremy Gooding says

    Ok Thanks alot ABC I really liked that show I thought you would keep that show on the air

  2. Dave says

    What can I add beyond what everyone else has said. “SMTM” was a good show. I called my father and told him he has to watch this show (which he did). Shatner wasn’t a good dancer but was entertaining when he tried and he was quick witted. It was just an entertaining show. It was not given a chance.

  3. Flavia says

    I loved Show me the Money, and I miss it. I just looked at an old videotape of the show and it reminded me of what fun it was. ABC should reconsider and bring it back.

  4. Anonymous says

    Yes, what happened to SHOW ME THE MONEY… I don’t believe that the ratings dipped because everyone was talking about it and those that didn’t know about it was going to start watching it — Let’s get with it and put that show back on, PLEASE!!!

  5. D.J. Ken Steely says

    This show was a winner. Pulling it off the air because of a December ratings slump is ludicris. The month of December is the worst month for gauging an accurate rating for anything in entertainment. December is just filled with too much other family type stuff to do.

    I truly hope that another network will pick up Show Me The Money along with Shatner and give this show the true chance to prove itself it deserves. THEY HAD A WINNER WITH “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

    The big network execs have been wrong before, and this is truly one of those times.

    D.J. Ken Steely
    Ukiah, California

  6. Bill says

    This show wasn’t given a long enough chance, pity was a good show. maybe it will make a comeback like star trek after it was canned way too early

  7. says

    ABC, you need to go back to school and learn about marketing and ratings, yes the % of the rating was down the week before Christmas. You are fools to cut the show, It was a lot of fun to watch. You would be very smart to put it back on the air. We want Shat back!!!

  8. Vanessa Weathers says

    I have watched ABC all my life i am 44 years young I can not believe what you are doing SHOW ME THE MONEY was wonderful,funny and i love William. I am a Grey’s,Boston Legal, What about Brian,and Show me the money. I hate to say it but you are going to loose alot of your viewers i am disabled and only get ABC and FOX so if you keep this stupidity up it will be Hello Fox.

  9. Steve Libson says

    This was the best game show on TV. The cancelation by ABC is indicative of the mentality of the average American viewer tuning it out.

  10. the great Stevinsky says

    I’ve just spent the past couple weeks tring to figure out what happened to SMTM. FINALLY THE WEB TELLS ME IT WAS CANCELLED! Ya think ABC would of told me so I wouldnt waste my time looking for it. I HATE when they yank a show and dont tell you. Plus, this was a good show. I loved that you werent thru if you missed a question. That you could go on as long as you got more questions right than wrong. I also loved that the prize money went up and down by the value of question. I even liked Shatner. The poll dancing was a little trashy but it was better than the boring way DOND or 1 vs 100 fill time. ABC… BRING THE SHOW BACK!

  11. F. Becker says

    Poor decision for ABC to pull “Show Me the Money”. Great piece of entertainment! We looked forward to it every week.

  12. E. Beam says

    I liked the show and especially Shatner as host. It was a difficult time slot for me…had to toggle back and forth between other long-time favorites. Please continue Show Me The Money with William Shatner as host, but at a different time. How about right before Boston Legal? PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE THAT ONE!

  13. B.Lafrance says

    Although I enjoyed the “game” itself, the dancing girls were a bit too much. They reminded my of the local strip joint and William Shatner’s invitation for them to dance at every opportunity took time away from the main reason for the show.

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