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Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Sigmund and the Sea MonstersNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 29 (half-hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: September 8, 1973 — October 18, 1975
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Johnny Whitaker, Scott C. Kolden, Billy Barty, Mary Wickes, Sharon Baird, Van Snowden, Larry Larsen, Paul Gale and Joe Higgins

sigmund and the sea monsters past TV show

TV show description:
Created by puppeteers Sid and Marty Krofft, this children’s series tells the story of a friendly and lovable sea monster named Sigmund Ooze (Billy Barty).

He’s run away from his family after being told by his father that he’s a “rotten sea monster” and that he must start scaring humans or else. While fleeing his family, Sigmund meets brothers Johnny (Johnny Whitaker) and Scott Stuart (Scott Kolden) who agree to let the little sea monster stay in their clubhouse.

The three become best friends and Johnny and Scott spend their days keeping Sigmund hidden from housekeeper Zelda (Mary Wickes), neighbor Mrs. Eldels (Margaret Hamilton), and Sheriff Chuck Bevans (Joe Higgins). Sigmund enjoys his new surroundings, but his family is determined to bring him back home. His nasty brothers, Blurp (Larry Larsen) and Slurp (Paul Gale), are constantly coming up with new schemes to lure Sigmund home to Deadman’s Cave so they can resume picking on him. Sigmund’s not-so-sweet parents, Big Daddy (Sharon Baird) and Sweet Momma (Van Snowden), feel the same way.

Later in the series, the boys befriend an outrageous sea genie named Sheldon (Rip Taylor) who lives in a sea shell. Sheldon’s nephew, Shelby (Sparky Marcus), occasionally pops in to add to the confusion.


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judith patterson March 29, 2011 at 6:35 pm

What ever happened to johnny whitaker and scott kolden?,what did they go on to do, what had they done prieviously, i know about family affair with johnny, but i dont know about scott?, are they still alive?.


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