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Silk Stalkings

Silk StockingsNetwork: CBS, USA
Episodes: 176 (hour)
Seasons: Eight

TV show dates: November 7, 1991 — April 18, 1999
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Mitzi Kapture, Rob Estes, Charlie Brill, Fred Melamed, William Anton, David Grant Wright, Robert Gossett, Nick Kokotakis, Dennis Paladino, Ben Vereen, Mitzi McCall, Danny Gans, John Byner, Tyler Layton, Janet Gunn, and Chris Potter.

silk stalkings past TV show

TV show description:
Police detectives Christopher Lorenzo (Rob Estes) and Rita Lee Lance (Mitzi Kapture) solve sexually-based crimes of passion in Palm Beach, Florida.

The two share on-again off-again flirtations and nickname each other “Sam” after their mutually favorite golfer, Sam Snead. The duo initially work under Captain “Hutch” Hutchinson (Ben Vereen) and later, Captain Harry Lipschitz (Charlie Brill).

Later in the series, Rita and Chris consummate their relationship, she becomes pregnant, and the two soon marry. Shortly thereafter, Chris is fatally shot and Rita leaves the force as a result of his death.

Detectives Michael Price (Nick Kokotakis) and Tyler Layton (Holly Rawlins) briefly take their place. They are then replaced by detectives Tom Ryan (Chris Potter) and Cassandra St. John (Janet Gunn) who had previously divorced each another.


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Nelly Villamar November 24, 2009 at 11:55 am

Me gustaria los 5 dvd de silk stalking
Silk Stalkings – The Complete Fifth Season (1995)
Silk Stalkings – The Complete Second Season
Silk Stalkings – The Complete First Season (1991)
Silk Stalkings – The Complete Third Season
Silk Stalkings – The Complete Fourth Season

Indicarme el total, si hay alguna oferta por optener la por completa la serie donde esten Rita Lee Lance y Chris Lorenzo , ademas,. cuanto tarda en llegar, si el pago es contra reembolso, el lugar de destino es España Toledo. y si viene traducida al español, gracias


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