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After returning the freshman drama to the airwaves, ABC pulled Six Degrees from their schedule once again last week. Only two episodes aired in March and attracted an average of 3.9 million viewers. To little surprise, few but diehard fans tuned in to see the show after almost five months away.

To appease fans, ABC has now announced that they will post the five unaired episodes for viewing on their website at The first of these will be posted on Friday, April 27th, with a new episode added each Friday in May. At this point, the series is not available for purchase at iTunes nor have any plans for a DVD release been announced.

Though Six Degrees has not officially been cancelled, this move by ABC ensures the series will not return to their schedule. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    ABC hardly gave this show a chance. I loved it from the beginning. I can’t believe it’s been cancelled so soon. I’m glad I’ll get to see the remaining shows online, but I wish it would be renewed. It’s just such a fresh idea, I mean, who needs another crime drama or reality tv? We need more shows like this!

  2. blue says

    I don’t understand the point of pulling this show. What are they replacing it with? Repeats of Wife Swap? The least they could do is let it go on, and maybe they would actually pick up the viewers! And horrible advertising, ABC. I’d never have even known about the fact they started airing again if I hadn’t still had my DVR set to record new epiosdes of it. They didn’t advertise it AT ALL until after they aired the show, and then they didn’t even continue. Thanks a heap.

    Six Degrees is a really good character drama with interesting relationships and great actors. And instead of giving it a chance to get off the ground, ABC is piling on the crap like the lame “October Road” and jamming the melodramatic soap opera “Brothers & Sisters” down everyone’s throats. (I can’t believe those actors agreed to do that show.) And now the disgusting vomit that is Notes From the Underbelly? Gross. ABC, you may have Grey’s Anatomy, and you may have a few of us still tuning in for the endless writer’s block that is Lost, but if you don’t give us GOOD NEW shows, you’ll lose us, and soon you’ll be as bad off as NBC.

    Bring back Six Degrees. It’s a brilliant show, in spite of the stupid blond runaway subplot. You know you want to order more episodes! You have Hope Davis and Campbell Scott on a TV show! You should take advantage. Order another season!

  3. says

    loved Six Derees and Im am glad I will get to see the last few episodes. I hope ABC or another station can find a way to bring it back. Give the show more publicity and a decent time slot. Fri. at 9 PM was perfect. From all the junk on TV that show was adult with good acting.

  4. Rachel says

    Are the promotions people over at ABC a little bit retarded? Is there a Promotions department? Hello, to get people to watch a show, they have to know about it. If you don’t promote a show at all (even back in September I think I saw maybe one or two TV ads, if that), few people will know to watch it. So back in September, whoever randomly caught 6 Degrees was immediately intrigued–it’s one of the only shows on television that is high caliber entertainment for an educated, critical viewer. I loved it! And I hardly watch TV! So you have just those fans who randomly got into it, but then you take a break for 5 months?! And one day in March plop it back in, again without any promos, on FRIDAY NIGHT? It’s common knowledge that NO ONE WATCHES TELEVISION then. ABC is meant for crap like What About Brian I guess, because Six Degrees was a quality series that would have tremendous success had it been promoted just a LITTLE and aired ANY TIME BUT FRIDAY NIGHTS. It’s like they wanted it to fail.

  5. Chuck Flowers says

    I LOVED this series and hate that it has been cancelled!! Just when I thought it was coming back it got snatched. What a great ensemble/cast with such interesting writing and story lines. I love how the characters and plots inter-twined. This was a show that I watched religiously. Can it be picked up by another network or something?? The best shows are being cancelled. Same thing with “Love Monkey”.
    Would buy DVD version!

  6. jason says

    its really sad to hear six degrees is done. it was such a great show…fresh, new, exciting, and of course, poorly promoted…. if abc had any clue they would make this show what it really is…AWESOME

    can’t wait for the next 5 episodes

  7. SCS says

    Sorry to hear the show has no future on ABC. I really enoyed watching. Personally, I think it wasn’t given a chance. I was just starting to get “hooked” when it was canceled the first time. I will miss seing Cambell Scott.

  8. Mel says

    I am disappointed to have six degrees yanked off again. I thought it had a good cast too. No one ever asks me what I watch

  9. ...Sigh... says

    What a shame. This show was
    genuinely entertaining. Not
    that knuckle-dragging crap that fills practically every
    prime time slot. How many years can they go on with these absurd reality shows? I’m over it.

  10. Imran says

    I live in Canada meaning I’m not going to be able to access ABC’s online stream. That’s also a load of horsp who.

    Thank God for torrents.

  11. Anonymous says

    Yeah, you knew the downfall of the show was coming when they waited so long to bring the show back… and then put it in a different time slot… that being the Friday death slot.

  12. says

    I was so excited when I heard Six Degrees was returning and I was just starting to get into it again and then I heard it was taken off the air AGAIN. Why doesn’t the broadcast station give these up and coming shows more of a chance for viewers to tune in before they yank it off the air. There is nothing else I can look forward to on Friday nights now! :(

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