Sleepy Hollow: Season Two to Have More Episodes

Sleepy Hollow season twoLast October, FOX renewed Sleepy Hollow for a second season. It was the first season renewal of the 2013-14 season.

At the time, word was that the supernatural drama had been renewed for 13 episodes but FOX might be open to ordering more once they saw the ratings for the first few episodes of the new season.

Now, EW reports that there will be at least 15 episodes and the producers are preparing for as many as 18 installments if the network decides they want more.

Executive producer Mark Goffman says, “We look at this series as epic and every episode as needing to be epic… Every episode needs to be an adventure, and something mind blowing has to happen to our characters, with major revelations that move the story forward. We still approach it with that in mind. The more episodes you do, the harder that becomes, but I feel we are still at level where we can maintain that pace.”

Sleepy Hollow revolves around a transplant from 1790 and a modern sheriff who try to stop the Headless Horseman and other supernatural threats. The cast includes Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, Clancy Brown, John Cho, and Richard Cetrone.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to season two? Do you prefer fewer episodes in a season or more, if that means the writers have to stretch the storylines?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Genevieve says

    I love the show and was hoping it wouldn’t get cancelled. If the writers can keep it up, I know these actors can pull it off….think outside the box sometimes. Please renew the series for a couple times before giving up on it because of ratings and don’t forget the fans….if I can’t watch it the night it comes on it’s recorded…I vote to keep it going.

  2. JM Robin says


    CERTAINLY If one Time period can come through to today, Then other stories from the COLONIAL PERIODS can be used. DON’T back yourself in the corner….let it be they fantasy that it COULD BE.

  3. Ruby says

    I enjoyed the whole a lot! I was even looking for the DVD of season 1.
    I watched this show ‘supernatural investigator’ and they showed all the symbols in Washington DC conceptualized initially by the masons (George Washington, etc) — and maybe, you will get more viewers if you relate it to something that is believable/tangible.
    Just suggestions as I don’t want the show to be cancelled just because it is not doing well with the rating.

  4. Rebecca says

    Is FOX canceling Sleepy Hollow? My whole family 52 to 15 love it! NBC just cancelled Revolution with the ending showing where the next season would be going and now cancelled Believe. It is the same old thing all 4 big networks chasing the same time slots. Well I can record 2 on DVR then remember to watch on demand but quite frankly we FORGET, so it your all fighting for the same spots of course ratings will be higher on 2 and lower on 2. Do any Executives or Marketing Executives watch TV?? Friday not a lot on and Saturday NOTHING ON except another Dateline Mystery… Wow!! We catch ourselves watching more & more cable series or History, SMTH, HDTV or since I have 2 daughters in their early Twenties I a Found the Gown, Say Yes to the Dress, Dual Survival….other channels. Have any of you Ex’s read a sales/marketing book 101 called “Who Moved the Cheese”?? It’s about always embracing change because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. We a hate getting involved with a series and it’s axed in 6 months or a little more. Instead of MOVING YOUR CHEESE. Put the cancelled ones all on Saturday night and spare us of yet another murder mystery from NBC. We rather be the movers & just move on over to the other off channels then watch on demand & oh by the way then being stuck watching the TV commercials because you can’t fast forward that’s reason enough. I guess the big mouse channel will keep winning? Or maybe more awards to the cable networks even better!!

  5. Patty K. says

    I enjoyed the show in 2013 . Been wondering when it was coming back on. Need to see the end. I don’t think it should be a long drawn out story thou. Please don’t get carried away with it. Better to end with a memorable Bang. The actors and actresses are good enough to get more good parts easily.

  6. Dan says

    Hey Why Watch. What about “Supernatural”? That’s in it’s 8th season or 9th, not sure. But still…

  7. Barbara says

    I totally LOVE this show..The actors are perfect and the story just gets better and better. I always love the fairy tale and now a fairy tale for adults.! PLEASE KEEP IT GOING.

  8. says

    “Sleepy Hollow revolves around a transplant from 1790 ”

    No, he was wounded and placed in magical suspension during the war, which ran from 1775-83. Picky, I know. But, still.

  9. Why Watch says

    I enjoyed season 1 but wonder how much further it can go with the apocolypse. You can only drag that out so long before it becomes tiresome.

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