Smallville: Can It Survive Without Lex Luthor?

Smallville triangleSuperman has been saving citizens in peril at speeds faster than a speeding bullet for almost 70 years. Clark Kent’s alter-ego started in the comics and has enjoyed subsequent runs in animation, feature films, radio and of course, television. One of the most successful and unique television versions has been the Smallville series which airs on the CW network. The show focuses on young Clark Kent as he uncovers his powers and comes of age in Smallville, Kansas. The show is the only Superman series that has never shown its hero in the traditional cape and tights. But can the show continue without the arch villain Lex Luthor?

Smallville premiered on October 16, 2001 and though the ratings were very good, comic fan reaction was mixed. This stemmed in large part from the fact that the early episodes focused primarily on the “freak of the week” scenarios (each week a new town resident is adversely affected by radiation from Kryptonite meteors). Fortunately, as time has gone on, the Smallville characters have become more developed and the series has come to balance the sci-fi aspect with character development. A compelling aspect has been the deteriorating relationship between Clark Kent and wealthy friend/nemesis Lex Luthor. The storylines have recently focused on Lex’s relationship with Clark’s female obsession Lana Lang. Lex and Lana are currently engaged which has stirred up all sorts of feelings between Clark and Lana. How will this story play out? Hard to tell but things may be getting even more complicated behind the scenes.

Michael Rosenbaum, who has played the follicly challenged Luthor from the beginning of the series, recently told Kristin Veitch at EOnline that he will be leaving Smallville after the end of the seventh season (the series is currently in the middle of its sixth). Rosenbaum said, “Next year will be my last year. I had a great run. I loved it, but that will be it for me. I think other people have longer contracts. I’m not going to say who, but I know that next year is the last for me. So, it will be very sad when it happens, but all good things must come to an end.” That certainly throws a monkey wrench into the show’s famous love-triangle.

Smallville is enjoying a bit of resurgence and is currently garnering great ratings so it’s a sure thing that CW will renew the series for a seventh season. Providing that popularity continues, could Smallville continue for an eighth season without one of its two male leads? Or, could Rosenbaum’s departure mean a premature end for the series? Considering that Lex is such a vital part of the show, it’s really difficult to see how it could continue without him in a successful way. Could they recast the part or find a way to fill the villain role with another character? The need for a decision’s a ways off but ultimately that’s a cliffhanger only the producers and writers can solve. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. bridget says

    OH MY GOD!!!we finally get to see Chloe’s power,is anybody else as excited as me?? also on the somebody dying,hello didn’t they just take away Mr.Kent,isn’t that devastating enough.PLEASE somebody hit me back with a response.

  2. C. Emerson says

    There are so many directions the show could go in if Lex leaves. They could continue to develop the JLA storyline. Brainiac has always been a long time enemy of Supes. The catalogue of bad guys that the man of steel has faced is extremly long. And they have to get their start somewhere. Let’s also consider the long list of allies that has been established over the years. Bruce Wayne/Batman, for one, would make an interesting storyline. And I do have the comic that detailed the meeting of Clark and Bruce pre Bats. Remember, these are the stories of Superman when he was a boy. Anything can happen, the Super mythos is much bigger than Lex Luthor. It should be treated as such.


  3. Sharon Bella says

    I hate to see Michael Rosenbaum leave the show. He is such a great actor! Yet, since Tom Welling and the rest of the cast are awesome actors and since Smallville is such a wonderful show, I think it can go on. One thing the show should do, is to let Lex find out about Clark’s abilities before the end of the 7th season. It would also be nice if they could become friends again.

  4. Ron says

    I hate the fact the Michael Rosenbaum/Lex will be leaving the show, but they could try taking the show in a different direction. Maybe have Clark, Lois, and Chloe in Metropolis more. Focus more on Clark’s abilities and how he makes the transition to adulthood. Or showing Clark going darkside for a while.

  5. GSoldier says

    Im pretty sure they could carry on the show for atleast another season or two after lexs leave but i know it will not be the same, maybe killing him or maybe he moves away or something so that he can make an appearance here or there that would be cool. Same thing happened when pete left and Jonathan died there was a drastic change in the show but it carried on.

  6. Chameera says

    Smallville is my favourite TV show of all time. I just love it. I think is a shame if it’s going to end with 7th season, Evan though the exit of Lex. My view is Lex must be replaced by a similar character to play the role of Lex Luther. That has been done in many TV shows. I don’t see any reason why it cannot be implemented hear although Lex’s character is unique and current actor does a great job. If possible make this happen by letting know the authorities about it. Thanks very much.

  7. Max says

    With or without Lex aia would like to see a eighth season of Smallville too.Pleason Dont Cancel the shoe after the seventh season Carry it on forever.

  8. Virginia says

    Smallville is great.!!!!!!!!!
    Lex is a key person in the whole story line. I dont think the show will be the same. I think they will lose allot of rateings and the show will be canceled. I love Tom welling he is the main reason i watch but i think if lex goes the whole show is gonna crash. HOPE NOT. But that is m geuss.

  9. Alex Alvarado says

    Smallive is my favorite tv shows. Please do not cancel tv shows. Please to be contiune because smallive is very wonderful tv shows. Thank you.

  10. jay says

    Seven seasons would be about the right time for smallville i feel, if it does go on why not bring James Masters back for brainiac

  11. Stephen says

    Don’t know if anyone remembers Superboy from the late 80’s, but the same thing happened there – Lex pulled a Darren Stevens. Actually, there were two Superboys/Clark Kents too. I think they could work something in that would make sense. I’d rather see him frozen or go away than replaced. Michael Rosenbaum is a talented guy, loved him on It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

  12. Yasmin says

    I think smallville can manage it’s way through the series with out lex, but I’m sure it would be very hard to see michael go,even though I’ve wanted him, off for the past two years, but only, because of his character. I have nothing aginst Michael Rosenbaum, his such agreat actor.

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