Smallville: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

Smallville last episodeTonight, after 10 seasons and more than 200 episodes, Smallville said goodbye. The last season and series finale were packed with treats for fans of the long-running TV show.

Despite having died in past seasons, the producers found ways to bring back Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) and Lionel Luthor (John Glover). Ma Kent (Annette O’Toole) returned in time to attend the wedding of her son (Tom Welling) and the love of his life, Lois Lane (Erica Durance).

And, of course, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Oliver (Justin Hartley) had active roles in trying to stop Darkseid. Even Lex Luthor himself, Michael Rosenbaum, made an appearance and took out his sister (Cassidy Freeman) along the way.

What was your favorite part of the finale? The clips and allusions to past episodes? The return of Lex Luthor? The use of the classic Superman theme music from the movies? A glimpse of Jimmy Olsen? Or, Clark finally putting on the suit and embracing his destiny as Superman?

How would you rate the last episode of Smallville? A fitting end to a beloved series or did they try to do too much? Did you feel cheated that you only got quick glimpses of Clark in the suit?

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  1. Richie says

    The whole 10th season has been a disappointment. The best way to bring Zod back is by having Clark and Oliver fight each other and have him sit there and watch them fight? Laura Vandervoort had 2 episodes and she was used how….in a cave w/ oliver? The whole season is about Clark and Lois falling in love and getting married and they can’t even give us that. 2 episodes w/a mirror box…1 was plenty enough. The best flight scene is in a virtual world and not in the finale. And Darkseid…what a waste of a villain. I would have loved to have seen Toyman or Granny Goodness as the main villain.
    Lets face it…the last episode was a waste. No Wedding, No closeup of Tom in the suit, and Chloe reading a comic book about clark kent becoming Superman. The wedding was ruined b/c Oliver was possessed and it took about 2 minutes or less for Clark to get the darkness out of him.
    Perry White and Lex was awesome.

  2. Joanne says

    Ok, I kind of do not know what to think about the last episode. I liked the wedding (it actually made me shed a tear) and the reappearance of Lex Luthor (always my favorite character). I disliked the whole apocalypse thing, the long talks and the death of Tess Luthor. When it comes to the apocalypse. Such drama about it in the beginning and then Clark just pushes it away? Oh common, I know it is just a TV show (plus a sci-fi TV show), but that did not make any sense. I think that Clark could use his brain a bit and solve it not just using his muscles, but make it a bit more complicated. I also did not like the suit. It did not fit him and the music was just ridiculous. They totally screwed it up the last 10 minutes. And the long talks between Clark and his father and his mother? Pff…I had to skip them. It was pathetic. And why did the hell Tess have to die? She was one of the best characters on the show. I loved her transformation during the season from bad to good. Her struggle with her family and I definitely did not want Lex to be the one to kill her. She deserved a better end. I also wished to see Kara. I thing the producers should have made two episodes not one. One about the apocalypse and the darkside (and give it a proper end) and the other one about the end of the characters. So many of them were left out. On the other hand I liked the wedding and their vows, that was sweet and actually made me cry a bit (as I always say it is not a good end of the series if it does not make you cry). I enjoyed seeing Clark´s mother again. Well if I should give the last episode a rating I would go with 5 stares out of 10. Lets be honest, it was not the best episode.

  3. Odoiporos says

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! But I didn’t like the second hour of the episode. The only thing I really liked was the moment behind closed door with Tom and Erica. They played very well!

  4. Byrd says

    You people that liked it are idiots! Of course a show can’t please everybody but that last episode should have please anybody. An hour and 45 minutes of him convincing himself he was ready, then 14.5 minutes of of flashbacks, then 30 seconds of him flying, wearing the suit, and effortlessly pushing an planet out of orbit. Believe me, i know more about Superman than most, he could def do that but it wouldn’t have happened so easily. Also, I figured that WB or DC, whoever is really in charge, never gave him permission to do a full frontal vew of him in the suit. They said from season one that you would never see him in it…i guess they kept their promise. Instead all I get are red/blue blurs and some gay CGI. Oh yeah, when u catch a plane, you catch it from the center, not the freakin wing, otherwise the wing breaks from the strain. NOw on to Luthoer, very convenient that Tess retrieves some long lost memory killing formula to give to Lex. That totally answers the “…but doesn’t Lex know who Clark is?” question. I wonder if she put some in the water supply to erase the memories of all of Smallville and Metropolis since everyone has seen Clark without glasses. All in all, after 10 years and 200 episodes, this was by far the worst crap I have ever seen. Very disappointed in Tom Welling for producing that filth and the idiots at WB who signed off on it. FOR ONCE WHY CANT PEOPLE MAKE A MOVIE IN TH EFFORT OF TELLING THE STORY CORRECTLY. NOT APPEASING THE IGNORANT MASSES!.

  5. Richard says

    I liked Smallville in general for it’s run, but COME ON! This was the final episode for cryin out loud!!! I didn’t need 10min worth of flashbacks. What a waste of film time.
    WEAK. . .WEAK. . .WEAK!!!

  6. jonathan says

    I personally thought it was perfect. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I would have preferred more of a fight for Superman, or having him address the people of Earth or something to say, yeah I was the Blur, now I am Superman or something like that. Yes the animated Darkseid fight against Superman and Supergirl is the best super powered fight I have ever seen, but there is no way they could have had the budget to do that in a tv show. All in all, I am completely satisfied. Thank you Smallville!

  7. Henry says

    Holy crap that finale SUCKED!

    This show jumped the shark when Alfred Gough and Miles Millar left the show and the product placement started appearing (Microsoft Windows laptops? WTF?). All the stories after their departure seemed rushed and contrived and predictable.

    Oh well. I’ll wait for the next reboot. I will surely miss Erica Durance. She was the only reason I continued watching.

  8. Jake says

    I find it funny that people claim there are soo many things that were left open .. I’m not sure if you know this .. but the character of Clark Kent / Superman was not created for the Smallville series .. but rather has been around since 30’s … if you want to know what happens next .. you could read a comic or perhaps watch one of the movies. The show was never a one about Superman it’s about Clark … and his journey becoming Superman has ended .. hense .. so did the show.

  9. says

    Hello, im Kenneth from Holland.

    I just wachted all 10 seasons in like 6 weeks. ( watched the last episode this evening)
    I’m very sad this show has come to it’s end, however they leave so many things open…
    Lex turning into the president… Do Lois and Clark get kids? How about Chloe and Oliver and there kid. After Heroes I thought there was nothing interresting, untill a friend of my told me I need to watch Smallville, so after a couple of years i finally did, im hooked and now this good show ends aswell. I can believe it.

    So sir Welling and writers, please consider to make another Season.

    I think ratings in Europe are higher then in the States, but this fact doesn’t make a diffrence.

    I always will think about the good time i had watching SMALLVILLE.

  10. Rick says

    I thought the finale was awsome. You can’t please everyone, yes there were a few holes, but over all I enjoyed very much!! It left me wanting more, that I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter of there lives. I think Zack Synder should pay attention to the writer’s that Smallville has, as they are some might fine damn writers..And congrats to the actors Tom Welling in company, you were all fantastic. it will be hard to look at a new Superman, Lois Lane and a Lex Luthor you all owned tose roles. Smallville you are going to be missed.

  11. grumble says

    I just don’t get it .. Clark won’t done his glasses way through the college. Won’t everybody who knows him can readily point that that guy in the blue suit is Clark Kent from Smallville High? Especially Lex.

  12. Juan Pablo Jaramillo says

    cant believe it..yeah it was ok but what about if all the heroes from all the episodes gathered up and defeated the dark side.. not only by a flying punch.. i think they ran out of ideas so they finished it.. well it was ok i guess so sad its the end… i am rele hoping for a season 11 or something but we know its not coming up… btw.. the movies and the series they dont match up. in superman returns lane is married and has a superman kid.. and on the new movie we dont know what they are going to come up with.. HONESTLY.. it sucked for being the last episode…how about maybe because green arrow was the only one able to take darkside away from him, magically the BOW came back to him.. it like there are soooo many possibilities after around 9 or 10 years of waiting.. like i have sooo many ideas.. i think it was ok tho..
    what the heck happened to LANA LANG? she just vanished with all clarks supper powers. and thats it?
    how about maybe he did touch the gold meteor rock lost his powers and then with the help of all the super heroes he got them back.. i dont know but just a different ending would have been way better

    • Juan Pablo Jaramillo says

      or how about superman has to fight the darkside as a human an prove that he can be a hero without his powers.. then he will get them back …

      • Grandizer says

        Superman as a human fights Darkseid and Superman without powers???

        Don’t see that happening, nor would I believe he could ever win in that situation.

  13. Hal says

    Alright. After watching smallville the series for ten seasons, and considering the level of tech for creating movies and grapics avalible today, as well as the look and feel of the
    comic books today and Tom Welling as an active producer of the show, all things considered, I want a redo Mr,Welling. I suggest you go out and rent a copy of SUPERMAN/BATMAN:APOCOLIPS. So you dont own rights to that suit? why even have it then? I expected them to go with the super boy look, red blue leather and black leather jacket, his fathers the one he was wearing on the motor bike when he was on red K, with the gold logo on the back. And for a moment I was hopeful that DARKSIDE had shape shifted into Lynol and then was going to transform into himself and there would be a final battle on the farm with Him Kara the flash cyborg green arrow, and arrow would hit the mother box with and arrow and clark knocks/heat visions darkside thru.
    Then the planet without darkside in command would retreat. He flew up and what pushed it out of orbit? Bull crap. Even if I did a hand stand on earth and tryed to push it out of its orbit, a place like apocolips has tech and guards. Its a impregnable planet. Duh.
    Pick up a comic book if your going to write a story off of it. And at the end, Chloee is reading a book intitled smallville and super man half half? Wonder if his secret will remain safe when that issue hits comic stores? Unless chloe is the only one with a limited edition copy? LOL. Green Arrow killed the 3 dark minons. Well not killed but vanquished. By himself. Wow I wonder if the rest of the leaguers are just sitting on a beach somewhere saying to themselfs “wow look at the flaming ball in the sky!”Ëh clark and ollie can take it”. Geezus even if your planing to finish a series you might wanna take a look back at what made the series good and compound on that. No heatvision, no exray, no breath or strentgh really, darkside lionell toss clark like a rag. When clark stoped mid way he should have come back with a flying punch like against titan that would have put darklynol in a crator. I mean DAM if he can push a planet away from earth he should have snaped darklynol in to peices! Arrgg. To many errors! To many flaws in what should have been a flawless, touch, action packed, superpower packed ending. Mr Welling I say for the fans, for all of us, get permission to wear the suit, or if you dont wanna pick up a copy of super boy and go with the costume design there. Combine that with a little of Superman vs apocolips recent animation, if you like a few of us could send you a script. Get the people back, and for gosh sakes, even if its got to be a made for tv movie. please please more action more powers, more super friends more plot and story that fits with the comic base. Please Mr Welling and all the Smallville Staff, as and avid fan this is not how I want to remember you. Please make an extra episode or a made for tv movie. Tie up your loose ends, Heros dont leave this kind of
    mess behind. Thank you.

  14. Steven says

    loved the last part having them end the series with the superman theme and having Tom pulling apart his shirt to reveal the suit underneath was genies and using some of the music score thou out the whole show from the first movie was great and to have the credits fly on to the screen was what a great way to end a fantastic series.

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