Smallville: Lex Luthor May Return for TV Show’s Finale

Michael RosenbaumA few years ago, it would have been very hard to believe that Smallville could have survived without its creators (Alfred Gough and Miles Millar) and regulars like resident bad boy Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum); his father, Lionel (John Glover); and Clark’s longtime crush, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). They all left the show last season, and surprisingly the CW drama has continued on quite nicely thanks to Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Samuel Witwer.

Kreuk will guest in a total of five episodes this season and is likely open to returning to do more in the future. Conversely, Glover has said that he won’t be back. His character was murdered by Lex and, though he could be brought back in a flashback or fantasy sequence, the actor says that he wouldn’t do it.

Rosenbaum has been asked to return a couple of times this season has declined, feeling that the role had run its course. Whenever the show does come to a close however, Rosenbaum says that he’s agreed to return — with one condition. “I told the producers that I would only come back for the last episode or two if they let me wear a bald cap,” he told The Windy City Times.

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The actors says that shaving his head “wore out its welcome. Seven years everyday, filming in Vancouver, freezing my ass off. I couldn’t even wear a hat because my makeup would get ruined. I had to be there two hours before the crew got there to shave my head.”

If Rosenbaum sticks to his guns, it doesn’t look like Lex will be back for quite awhile. The CW execs want to keep Smallville going for at least one more season. The network is reportedly in talks with Tom Welling to return for a ninth year and it’s pretty safe to say that he’s in a great spot for negotiating. The show’s audience has been growing this season and often garners the ratings-challenged network’s best numbers.

Still, network prez Dawn Ostroff it playing it cool. At the TCA press event she said, “We’re starting to talk about [season nine]. Obviously we’re prepared either way. If the show doesn’t go on, we have a series finale that the writers have been thinking about, but I think we’d all love to see the show come back creatively again. We’ve got a new team of writers who are running the show, and they’ve done a great job with the series this year. We’ve gotten great feedback from the fans. It’s interesting because they’ve used more female characters this year, which I think helped it blend in with the theme of the network, so we’d love to see it back.”

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  1. Foopher says

    micheal i feel for you, i really do, but PLEEEASE COME BACK!!!

    i really wish he read these. haha

  2. TC-CK says

    Smallville isn’t just about the town, but where Superman begins his journey as a teenager to an adult. I love Smallville so much that more seasons would be grateful to the real fans. More and more, it’s like a drug, good drug! This show NEEDS to continue and never ends. Where do we find nowadays shows like this (Buffy, Charmed, etc.), they have all turn off. I just hope to see Martha, Lex or his dad (in dreams) for remembering old good times of Smallville. Even if the show turns differently than what we’ve hoped, Tom welling is always the ONE to play Superman and to make it real! Let’s enjoy the show for few more years and developp it on the bases of Superman! What an epic show!!!!!!! \m/ It rules!

  3. says

    I love smallville…..sort of the answer to my little question behind the man in cape. I miss lex , lionel, clarks mom and dad. It is so great to see lana. Pls dont end the show. Would love to see more of lex.

  4. jamie r mackintosh says

    i believe that it would be best it michael rosenbaum returns as lex and he just has his normal hair as if hes wearing a wig like lex does in later life.

  5. JMRII says

    On thing people need to remember is that Clark Kent has always loved Lana Lang, also he fell in love with Lois Lane. however he still loved Lana. I remember a cmoic off shoot where Superman clones himself to solve a problem that he couldn’t do alone, and after the problem was over one Superman married Lois and the other married Lana and moved to new Krypton. so that suggests that even though he loves Lois he still Loves Lana. Which is why I find it refreshing that Lana. shows up every now and then. I too want to see Clark in the suit and cape, however I remember reading somewhere that Tom said that he wont put on the suit and cape, I could be wrong.

  6. mynor says

    i think the last episode of the series should be were like all the justice league reunites for one final battle against lets say all the bad people comeback and try to take over the world and kill supposely superman

  7. dee says

    My 14 year old had to be home every Thurs. @ 8 to see this show. It took me until this year to even see it for myself and now I’m hooked and I’m definitely not a TV person. It great to have a show that me and my sons [9 and 14] can all watch together [although its a little risque sometimes for the 9 year old so its a treat when we let him stay up with us and watch]. I do hope it continues even though I went back and rented the early episode and I like them better. I agree that they need more adults since most have left – there is little to keep a Mom’s attention now. Especially since Lex is gone! I really hope he comes back…

  8. Shirlynn says

    Hey, my family and I still enjoy Smallville. I wish they would give him the ability to fly by now. I’m glad it’s going for a 9th season and hopefully more seasons. I’ll always be back for more. I would much rather watch this and Supernatural than the reality shows. Ugh. Thanks for keeping these two shows going!!

  9. Jay says

    I think that Smallville is already over, I would hate to see CW Network turn fans away from the Series disgusted by bringing on season 9. We deserve the magical end we have been waiting 8 years for! Bring on the tights, & Cape! Let him fly! THe last episode is called: DOOMSDAY!!! May 14th 2009, what kind of Doomsday would it be without SUPERMAN?!!! The show has constantly neglected Clark his rights & abilities to FLY! That is lame! I got pretty much sick of the TITLE since the end of season 6! Season 7 was ok, but it should have ended there! Season 8 is barely grasping my attention because I knew it was coming to an end! Well now Season 9??? They aren’t even in SMALLVILLE anymore! End the series, start a spin off called Metropolis! But give us our END! We deserve that! Ask Gough and Millar back for final episode! I just want this show to be finished either way, but a happy LONG AWAITED ending! Since all but 2 years it has been almost a decade! That is a pretty good run for a 1 hour series. I haven’t seen any Superhero TV last this long! So be grateful it has done well for 8 years! It’s like The Cosby Show! Season 1 was a good start, Seasons 1-6 was the best years! Season 7 a little weaker but very interesting! Season 8 not doing so hot! Don’t get too cocky! The only reason so many are willing to watch season 8 was because we were promised this was a final season! Do you want to LIE to us and give us another CLIFFHANGER and make us say to hell with SMALLVILLE?!!! I won’t be back for Season 9, so end it please! Get a new spinoff! Get him his suit and cape, and revamp the show, make it interesting! Here’s a thought… Take a year or two off, and think creatively how to start a new SERIES, woah, just a thought. Thanks, hope nobody got mad at this idea, Smallville needs to end!

  10. katie says

    this show needs to end
    i used to love it but i think its gone on for waay too many seasons than it should have
    i mean…there are the occasional good episodes and i still like it but it needs to end
    ive noticed that the cast is all young adults now n theyve gotten rid of all the actual adults: lex, lionel, clarks mom, and dad, etc.

  11. Michael-EL says

    Samllville best show ever i thought it would of got cancelled after season two but made it past those exec’s and network change, now there in season 8 going on to season 9 the longest ever superman mytholigy tv show ever AMAZING. The best thing about smallville is that its its own original show adding characters from the whole superman comic & anime mytholigy and I hope when Smallville is put to rest that they give it justice and transition the show to (Metropolis The Adventures of Lois & Clark) and pick it up from 5 years into the future and that will be the best any Smallville fan will ever want.

  12. says

    First, the seventh season sucked…!!!! They should have cut out the whole Lana thing back then….it was so freaking old…!!!! I was so tired of her character by that point. Second, the Supergirl should have been a guest character. She wasn’t a strong character to keep. The finale was lame, because they didn’t really finish it at season 8. I mean, no real resolution. I like everyone else here WANT TO SEE CLARK FLY ALREADY….!!!! God, this running across town thing is so old already..!!!! The series is getting tired. Now we got Doomsday. Whatever. Its just more villians, not any major stories….!!!! That was what drew me to the show….

  13. Jen says

    To have Michael Rosenbaum return in a flashback would be great. I like the way that the storyline involving Lana has had a lot of loose ends tied up, but a lot of the explanation of what happened to Lex after the Fortress self destructed was left off. Plus, I would love to see an extension on the Tess storyline, maybe some of the foundation of their relationship written into an episode, maybe more about the ‘accident’ she survived and her ‘highlights’ as it was so called put.

  14. Man of Steel says

    I am a very big fan of smallville. It is dissapointing that Micahel Rosenbaum will not be returning but i think he will for the show’s end. I would also like to see in the last episode tom in the suit and flying. It will be really sad when it ends but Its god to some time

  15. Danielle says

    i think its time to let smailville go i love the smaillvillie but it been longger than i thot i hurd the Tom’s Contrake it up this year a hurd small rumers that he is leaving the show

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