Smallville: Lex Luthor May Return for TV Show’s Finale

Michael RosenbaumA few years ago, it would have been very hard to believe that Smallville could have survived without its creators (Alfred Gough and Miles Millar) and regulars like resident bad boy Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum); his father, Lionel (John Glover); and Clark’s longtime crush, Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). They all left the show last season, and surprisingly the CW drama has continued on quite nicely thanks to Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Samuel Witwer.

Kreuk will guest in a total of five episodes this season and is likely open to returning to do more in the future. Conversely, Glover has said that he won’t be back. His character was murdered by Lex and, though he could be brought back in a flashback or fantasy sequence, the actor says that he wouldn’t do it.

Rosenbaum has been asked to return a couple of times this season has declined, feeling that the role had run its course. Whenever the show does come to a close however, Rosenbaum says that he’s agreed to return — with one condition. “I told the producers that I would only come back for the last episode or two if they let me wear a bald cap,” he told The Windy City Times.

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The actors says that shaving his head “wore out its welcome. Seven years everyday, filming in Vancouver, freezing my ass off. I couldn’t even wear a hat because my makeup would get ruined. I had to be there two hours before the crew got there to shave my head.”

If Rosenbaum sticks to his guns, it doesn’t look like Lex will be back for quite awhile. The CW execs want to keep Smallville going for at least one more season. The network is reportedly in talks with Tom Welling to return for a ninth year and it’s pretty safe to say that he’s in a great spot for negotiating. The show’s audience has been growing this season and often garners the ratings-challenged network’s best numbers.

Still, network prez Dawn Ostroff it playing it cool. At the TCA press event she said, “We’re starting to talk about [season nine]. Obviously we’re prepared either way. If the show doesn’t go on, we have a series finale that the writers have been thinking about, but I think we’d all love to see the show come back creatively again. We’ve got a new team of writers who are running the show, and they’ve done a great job with the series this year. We’ve gotten great feedback from the fans. It’s interesting because they’ve used more female characters this year, which I think helped it blend in with the theme of the network, so we’d love to see it back.”

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  3. stacey woollard says


  4. Kevchenko says

    Smallville keeps getting better and better! the story lines keep getn better,bring back Lex for season 10! will miss it when its gone!!!!!

  5. says

    smooville est une trés belle seri ; tout le monde aime régarder sa. ns aimon tros clac soutour quand il vien sauver ls gen par la vitesse de la lumier.ns aiùon son n’équipe flache ;achiver;balaine;et l’homme robo.

  6. Myles says

    Okay well i have been leaving comments on a lot of other sites and now this is a little new. If people need a reason to bring back Lex then use the excuse that he had a meteor ability, think about it, there wasn’t a single day that Lex had gotten sick. What if he had a power that gave him the ability of accelerated healing. Also this is for Michael, and I believe that I speak on the behalf of nearly all fans, Lex must return. People have been disappointed ever since he “died”, its time for a comeback, Michael is the best Lex Luthor that anyone has ever seen and there cant be a substitute.

  7. Jessica Valure says

    I think season 10 should be the finale season of Smallville shows start to get boring after 10 seasons as much as I love Smallville it probaly will start to get boring if they go on to season 11. I think they should make season 1o memorialble one. With Lois and Clark having a wedding would be really cool, and him finally learning how to fly and wearing his costume that we know and love.

  8. The Asian Superman says

    Lex Luthor needs to come back at some time? They Cannot be a Superman without Luthor. If the show ends at the ninth season and Lex Luthor dows not make an impactful return it will suck big time I tell you. I mean think about it how are they gonna be a new Superman Movie if they don’t bring Lex back.

  9. john says

    look im a relly big fan i own all of the saeson and i hope you guy keep it going for at lass a 10th saeson and you sould let lexs come back and let him were a bald cap its better then not having him in at all theres no superman wit out his bad guy

  10. Ryan says

    I remember when i was 9 years old i became obsessed with superheros Spider-Man,Batman, Doc-Oc you name it . My favorite was always Superman and he probably always will be my favorite. I was 9 years old and i saw a preview for this new show that told the story of the Kent family finding a little boy from another planet in the middle of a cornfield in Smallville, Kansas. Ever since i watched the pilot i have watched every episode every season i am here to say that in smalvilles 9 season i have never givin up on the show and ive never stopped watching. This show is one of the only shows that i still watch from about ten years ago. Its really amazing how the cast has kinda grown up on the show. I will admit the show hasnt been the same without Michael Rosenbaum his potrayal of Lex Luthor is really amazing and something that i was will remember throughout the rest of my life so Michael come back on for ur fans man we really think your one of the better actors on television and thank you Tom Welling and Alison Mack and Kristen Kreuk might i add ur very gorgeous hahaha seriously guys thank you so much for everything u guys are what makes good tv !

  11. kwame nkrumah- KENYA says

    I personally think that SMALLVILLE is a great show one of the few that have managed to hang on through the years,although the writers need to keep fans stimulated … Give the show some suspense like we see on 24 maybe more people will be drawn to the show …for all the fans thinl ”season 5’s drama meets season 6’s action scenes. Keep the show on and give people like us a reason to watch T.V.

  12. Powerofthewrighter says

    I only started watching Smallville when it premiered its fourth season on the WB. I was a huge fan of the idea of Superman growing up and maturing into the hero he was meant to be. The characters in Smallville are so compelling and dynamic. Not one ever stays the same, they always develop new storylines inside each character. I truly admire that because without that level of change, the show would be ordinary. And we all know Superman is no ordinary guy. Tom Welling is a compelling actor and Allison Mack has been so wonderful to watch. Both of them have been the only two have stayed on for all nine years and to see how they both have grown, it is ultimately amazing. Allison is a wonderful role model for all females. I miss John Schneider, Annette O’Toole, and John Glover. They were the wisest of characters in any episode. I always will look back on those episodes and remembered how they inspired me as a writer. So, nine years or more, they are still a wonderful cast and crew and I will always look to them for inspiration. MICHAEL IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE YOU ON AS LEX AGAIN.

  13. Kenney D says

    Michael Rosenbaun PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Come Back! I understand wanting to grow as an actor. I only started watching Smallville last year but I bought each series from the store. I’ve watched seven seasons in like 4 months. I’m only on episode 5 Season 8 and I’m mad. I’m like Where the heck is Lex? So I just read this a few minutes ago and I see I’m years behind. But the show just isn’t the same without Michael. I am so disappointed. Michael, please come back! For the fans!

  14. Nick aeruds says

    See I feel that the show needs to keep going and going and tom welling has to be superman for re rest of his life it’s his own fault. I think they should start making superman movies with him but not lame ones like superman returns but like dark knight and stuff. I miss when Clark played football and the justice league but as long as tom is on the show I don’t give a crap what happens next he’s the best superman ever

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