Smash: Cancelled? NBC Drama Sent to Saturdays

Smash canceledSmash has been sent packing. The musical drama will finish its season on Saturday nights. While the peacock network hasn’t said that the show’s been cancelled, there’s no way they’re bringing it back for a third season.

Smash follows a cast and production team in New York as they try to mount a new Broadway musical. This season, the ensemble cast includes Debra Messing, Christian Borle, Katharine McPhee, Jack Davenport, Megan Hilty, Anjelica Huston, Leslie Odom Jr., Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez, and Andy Mientus.

Last season, Smash was a moderate success for NBC, thanks in part to the strong lead-in support from The Voice. It averaged a 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.74 million total viewers.

This season, Smash has really suffered without the reality competition’s support. The six episodes that have aired thus far have averaged a mere 1.0 in the demo with 3.48 million.

Other than Fashion Star on Friday nights, Smash is currently NBC’s lowest-rated series.

While there’s no way NBC will be making a third season, there is positivenews. NBC appears to be commited to letting the remaining 11 episodes air. Smash will start running on Saturday nights on April 6th, at 9pm.

What do you think? Are you sad about Smash’s fate? Do you like the show this season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Don’t let them cancel this one…A non-reality(?) show with no car chases, autopsies, court room dramas, unfuny comedy. Very talented cast, great music, a delight for sore eyes. I can’t believe they’re moving to Saturday…just to lose more audience. What’s wrong with this station? I’ll have to record it. McPhee’s haircut announced its doom!

  2. says

    agreed with others.first season was way from bomshell .great cast mcphee is gorgeous best voice ever especially closing season one with her singing.writers,directors whoever else destroyed season this show hope it comes back or picked by others networks.other shows on nbc are no better than smash.please renew or give a second chance.

  3. Romaine markel says

    I personally loved the show and am a faithful viewer I think some of the plots are weak but so is a lot of other crap on tv loved Kathryn McPhee and the blond who played Marilyn buy the way she should have been Marilyn sad to see its leaving television what we need is one more cop show or one more reality tv we don’t have enough of them

  4. Loved Season One says

    Although I hate to see it go, there’s nothing worse than going out in flames and people forgetting how good the show was when it started out. I loved the first season, even bought the DVD set, and both CDs. If you’re a Broadway fan, the music from Bombshell is fantastic. Megan Hilty is so very talented, it’s too bad they wasted her talent this year in that terrible story line with Sean Hayes (no reflection on him, but that story line, the worst). For me, I will watch it till the end (and yes probably buy season 2’s DVD set should it be released), but will always love season one and the great music. Maybe someday Bombshell will actually appear on Broadway. I’m first in line for tickets!

  5. S Patriaco says

    They should not cancel this show .. it’s one of the best newer shows on tv. They need to stop with the reality shows .. and stick with shows that actually make us look forward to the next episode.

    I hope the network rethinks their decision and bring this show back!!!

  6. says

    I’m SERIOUSLY hoping another network picks this show up if NBC drops it. I think it’s an awesome and very unique show and I always look forward to seeing it every week!!!

  7. Dave J says

    Having worked in “the industry” I love this show as it brings many memories of the “good ole days”!! I sure hope if NBC is dumb enough to drop it that another network or maybe Logo picks it up.

    • Mike says

      Oh Please, Put this trivial cliche in its proper place, It started as a unique musical adventure of two strong and multitalented women challenging each other to ever more higher levels of talent, then it introrduced the the male bad boy who is the summit in talent in creating the music, the lyrics, the singing, the dancing and even showing up the 20 year carreer director. OMG gag me with a spoon, Spare us the super bad boy once again,

  8. john says

    I really like this show and hate to hear that it may be cancelled. It is unique and something I watch each week. I do think they strayed too much from Bombshell this year , but I love the musical numbers and the whole concept of the show. The long layoff between sesaons probably hurt. I am sick of crime show, given time this show will develop a loyal audience.

  9. Smash Fan says

    I am praying they do a third season, or at the very least another network picks it up. I fell in love with Smash the first season, and though season two is very different, I love it even more then the first. Hit List’s songs are increadible, and I play them multiple times a day. The acting, from everyone, is beyond amazing. Mcphee, Davenport and Jordan are stellar, and if it goes off the air it will be crushing!

  10. smash fan says

    When I get into a New show they always cancel it. How disappointing since we all know they will put on another boring reality tv show. I am so sick of reality tv. If I wanted reality I would not watch tv I watch tv to get away from.reality. and I don’t care about celebrities and what they do they live.their lives. If I wanted to know o would pick up a magazine……

  11. Anonymous says

    I am a fan of musical theater, however, it’s move to the small and big screens is not a popular one. Season 1 captured me and never let go even in the final moments prior to the curtains close (literally). Season 2 seems to be trying to hard, sadly. It has turned from a show based on a musical to a musical show, with random dance and singing numbers that often miss their mark (ie the one with Derek and his ladies in Palmer outfits at the bar). Season 1 was set around Bombshell and most musical numbers tied in to that theme if not were part of the show. This season, there are many subplots to keep up with and musical numbers not tied to any of the 3 shows presented.

    Alas, even though I am disappointed in the short comings compared to last season, I still watch every episode, love the characters, and am saddened that it is to end. To echo others, Jeremy Jordan was a fabulous addition (I saw him in Newsies and crushed on his talent and sex appeal in suspenders even then) but even his character is very predictable. I will still hold out hope that it will be picked up for another season … I’d love to see what kind of douchery is in Derek’s future :)

  12. anonymous says

    I agree…Smash was great first season….why did they deter from the story line? Too chaotic…not even focused on the “making of the show” So different from the first season….now the cast split and are going to work on two shows? Rediculous… Guest actors not needed. Its as if they need to use filler ie Jerry stealing the show for a lack of script.

  13. Freddie says

    Hate to see “Smash” go. Guess it needed car chases and a weekly murder. Now I am down to only watching “Grimm” on NBC.
    Yeah, season two focused less on family life, like Julia’s disfunctional family, and more on just the theatrical stuff, but it was still good. Maybe spinning Ivy off on her own storylines didn’t help things, and Jimmy is rather jarring, it’s still a very good show.
    I read Smash actually had a ratings increase this past week. Guess that doesn’t matter. The die has been cast. “Smash” probably was an expensive series to make, but it was worth it.

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