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Smash: Even NBC Execs Aren’t Really Watching

Smash NBC showThere just doesn’t seem to be much love for Smash, NBC’s soon-to-be-cancelled musical drama. Ratings were terrible on Tuesday nights and have been much worse on Saturdays. It turns out that regular viewers aren’t the only ones who aren’t watching.

A recent tidbit in The Hollywood Reporter quoted an email from NBC and Universal VP of Communications, Rich Licata. It seems his daughter is an actress named Shaun Licata and she had a small part on the April 13th installment of Smash.

He sent an email around to his network colleagues and associates, letting them know that Shaun would be playing a stage manager on the episode. His advice to watch his daughter however wasn’t exactly geared to help the show’s ratings, suggesting, “You can catch her in the second half-hour if you fast-forward your DVR.”

The final two episodes of Smash airs Sunday, May 26th.


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