Smash: Even NBC Execs Aren’t Really Watching

Smash NBC showThere just doesn’t seem to be much love for Smash, NBC’s soon-to-be-cancelled musical drama. Ratings were terrible on Tuesday nights and have been much worse on Saturdays. It turns out that regular viewers aren’t the only ones who aren’t watching.

A recent tidbit in The Hollywood Reporter quoted an email from NBC and Universal VP of Communications, Rich Licata. It seems his daughter is an actress named Shaun Licata and she had a small part on the April 13th installment of Smash.

He sent an email around to his network colleagues and associates, letting them know that Shaun would be playing a stage manager on the episode. His advice to watch his daughter however wasn’t exactly geared to help the show’s ratings, suggesting, “You can catch her in the second half-hour if you fast-forward your DVR.”

The final two episodes of Smash airs Sunday, May 26th.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carol And Bill Henry says

    Our son is editor of the show but I would have watched it regardless of this fact. The show was finally something for people with an education and a love of true talent and, yes, Broadway to enjoy. NBC didn’t help promote the show much after the opening date. I am really tired of cop shows and reality TV. I am hoping a cable network, where it would have had more success, might pick it up or maybe a producer will take the great original music and choreographing and put “Bombshell” on Broadway. I would be first in line even with the high price of tickets.

  2. Wendy says

    Please reconsider canceling this awesome show. It has gotton so much better in recent episodes. Continuing on the same forward movement and better PR for it might just make it popular with the younger generation and many more of the rest of us. Big mistake to cancel such an excellent show.

  3. CJ says

    Really a shame. NBC absolutely moved it to Saturday to die…I heard the rumors of cancellation long before that move. It’s a wonderful show with amazing talent and an engaging, emotional story line. Glee is child’s play compared to Smash. I’m glad it was one of the few television shows I got into, because I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly no fault of the production, the well maintained website (complete with backstage Broadway gossip), the writers or the performers that Smash didn’t score in ratings…it’s the network’s fault. The PR machine at the very top was busy promoting more mainstream shows and let this kind of quality die. I’ll bet it will do well on actual Broadway one day!

  4. says

    Noooooooooo! Don’t cancel Smash! I love this show! Was so happy to have an upbeat, contemporary musical with such great talent! This is wrong!

  5. Taye'zionaye says

    I love this show, the music, the acting, the writing. Although there was an uneasy start to this season, i feel it has evolved. We have grown to love the new characters, and their story. And the relationship between Ivy and Karen keep me watching. most musical’s don’t do well on TV (Glee being the exception) but this show is really what the young adult artists need. its a beautiful story. and it will be sorely sorely missed if it is canceled.

  6. fedup says

    WHY do i ever watch a show on the NothingButCanceled network? remember what happened to “harry’s law?” first season, great. second year, totally different, nearly unrecognizable from the first. then the idiots at the peacock shuffled it ALL over the week—finally to saturday, where networks surely move shows they want to kill. result: canceled. now the DUMMIES at nbc are repeating the pattern with “smash,” one of the freshest, most entertaining works in an era when all we really have are reality shows ad nauseum bookending one good program out of fifty. it is akin to rodgers and hammerstein meets 2013. all i can say is thank god “nashville” is on abc or it would be gone….one last thing: so the nbc “execs” aren’t watching? who CARES??? all they should care about is if WE are watching….which we were.

    • George says

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Its like the management at NBC are TRYING to destroy their own network or they have no clue how to run one!

  7. Ryan Healey says

    Funny another commenter would mention “Harry’s Law”. What a great example of ANOTHER show NBC distroyed in Season 2!

    I loved Harry’s Law, then suddenly for no reason in the opener of Season 2 Kathy Bates enters her law firm/shoe store, walks over to a previously non-existant elevator that takes her to a FULL ON stafed law firm above the shoe store that never existed in Season 1 with little if any explanation! I actually thought it was a dream sequence until horror set in. They took a show that was actually doing well, turned in into a copy of “Boston Legal” (a show by the same creator) and DISTROYED IT for no known reason and it was later cancelled.

    Now we have SMASH. I loved Season 1. Sure, it has some odd moments but I loved Debra Messing (who is SO underrated as a dramatic actress!), Angela Houston, etc. Then, they fire the show runner/creator instead of just tweaking a few areas, totally delete Messings husband and son from the show, throw in Jeremy Jordan and another musical named “Hit List” (which, I have to admit is growing on me) and now just kill off Kyle, one of the most beloved new characters. On top of this mess they give it little promotion and move it around so viewers keep missing it (two friends of mine who were AVID fans didn’t know when it was on and have missed two episodes!)

    NBC is self-distructing and it seems to be it’s own fault. It really is one of the best shows the network has (as was Season 1 of Harrys’ Law) and here we go again, they will distroy it, cancel it and then replace it with something that will do even worse or will start well when then get moved all over the place until it’s dead. Y0u have Bernadette Peters as a recurring guest start and “Bombshell” a musical so good it belongs on Broadway and you kill the show…. because you mishandled it’s time slot and promotion?

    Enough said. Comcast might as well shut down NBC primetime. This slow death is painful.

  8. says

    I am very upset Smash is going to be canceled. It was my favoite show on TV. Because of this I will never watch NBC again they really set it up to fail. Last night show was so good. Oh well if American Idol, The Voice, Honey Booboo and the Kardashians can be hits in this country then america is fucked. I never miss Smash I hate its going away. Thanks alot NBC DICKS!

  9. nixxnutz says

    I love musicals, and I thought the original music on this show was really good. Loved seeing guest stars like Bernadette Peters and Julian Ovenden. Sorry this series didn’t make it, but I’ll be a Smash fan to the end!

  10. chuckey says

    all i can say is “figures, it’s nbc.” can you say “harry’s law?”

    season one was great; this one, just like harry’s law, SUCKS. hung in there just to see what would happen. i knew it would crash and burn – why i ever watch anything on nbc is beyond me!!!!

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