Smash: Katharine McPhee on the NBC Cancellation

Cancelled SmashPrior to NBC’s official cancellation of Smash, we all knew the TV show was doomed — even star Katharine McPhee. She spoke to THR a couple weeks ago and said, “Sure, I wish that it could have five more seasons, but we had two great seasons and all I can say is I loved every moment of it… I loved getting to the set, I loved the people, I loved my crew. We did amazing things on the show in two years.”

She went on to say, “With this business, you can never predict what people are going to like or love or hate… All I know is that when the show started and people were so excited about the pilot, I was excited to finally be a part of something that could showcase me. Everyone has perceptions about what you’re capable of and what you can do and this show was a huge gift.”

Following the cancellation, McPhee tweeted, “Love you all! Your passion is so heartwarming! Life is about chapters and the relationships you make along the way. Next chapter! Exciting.”

A new episode of Smash airs tonight on NBC. Then, the two-hour series finale is slated to air next Sunday night, starting at 9pm.

What do you think? Do you plan on watching the final episodes of Smash? Did you like McPhee’s work on the show?

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  1. Kendall says

    This was a great show, and I do not think NBC did all they could do towards making it the success that it could have been, this was one of the best shows to come around in a while, and I feel like there some undermining going on, DirecTV canceled the showing and it was a new episode, it is too bad the network gave up on it, and once again NBC not trying hard enough.

  2. Bobby R says

    Smash is a great tv show that takes a behind the secenes look as to what goes into writing, composing, casting, rehearshing and bringing a musical to broadway from workshops, out of town tryouts, off broadway, the west end, the Tony campaign – the life, bonds, friendships, relationships of the theatre community & it’s ensemble.

    Like the tv show Glee, it is educational to those theatre kids in schools across America hoping & dreaming of someday coming to Broadway to be a thriple threat (singer, dancer & actor) like the show’s star and an actual real life broadway baby, Lea Michelle.

    Smash, like The Good Wife, is filmed in NYC, and is superb at casting one amazing broadway veteran actor after another. To many viewers, most of these actors might be unknown, but to NYC theatre goers, we are familiar and huge fans of their talents, and haven seen them graced the stages of many shows over the years.

    Katharine McPhee (of American Idol fame, who knew) is a standout SMASH and Megan Hilty steals every scene. The other better known actors, Debra Messing, Angela Houston are there for name recognition & to push the talent, McPhee & Hilty. The bond/support between the ensemble/dancers , all actual theatre dancers is authentic are screen.

    I’m sorry to see this one go. But McPhee and Hilty, have made their marks – go do a musical on broadway and watch the tickets sell out!

  3. stay says

    I am sad to see SMASH go…..I love Broadway and the songs were great. I agree, Angelica Houston was REALLY hard to look at every week, but I loved all the other characters. I never missed an episode :( With all the other crap on TV, this one was one I really enjoyed.

  4. Gina says

    Sorry to see this go but they made some mistakes that doomed them. Putting Uma Thurman in the play Marilyn Monroe (even now it makes me laugh) and expecting us to believe it, then bringing in Jennifer Hudson. These people who produce these shows are so out of touch with what the viewers want it’s crazy. The talent on the show was amazing…in most cases. It’s hard to look at some of the cast (Anjelica Houston, Debra Messing, the writer guy, the kid they brought in to be McPhee’s love interest) were all terrible casing choices. Houston needs a new hairdo so she doesn’t look so much like Prince Valiant, Messing needs to lose some weight, (and neither of them should ever sing in public, or anywhere again) the writer guy was talented and cute enough, but the young kid had no on screen chemistry with McPhee and looked like her little brother. It was salvageable if only someone knew what they were doing in the casting and story line departments.

  5. Barbara says

    I have enjoyed watching this show from the beginning. I am trying very hard to not to have to deal with reality shows as most of them are so bad. I enjoy the stage work and am sorry this didn’t work. McPhee may not be the best but I really enjoyed Megan Hilty and the guest appearances the past two years.

  6. suzi warren says

    I am truly upset they are canceling this great show….to replace it with what..more silly non funny teenage idiotic dribble…that neither I nor my family and friends will be watching…..Maybe these teenage programers at NBC need to take a test and medication for their attention deficit problems…They do not have a true idea of who is watching anymore because…most of us record the shows on our DVR’s…so we don’t have to watch the commercials….or we go back and watch them from our cable companys stored shows….They all rush in to put their best shows on at 8pm..9pm nd 10pm…so we HAVE to record some or most of them….but….we not only watch the shows, but look forward to the next show..we now watch alot on OBP ( public broadcasting) because they not only have great shows..but they also have adult intelligent people running the programming, people that dont have fire ants in their pants to change change change

  7. Mary says

    I thought the show was highly entertaining and very well cast. I looked forward to it each week. This is the most frustrating thing about television; you have no control over what you watch. It’s like losing friends.

  8. says

    My husband and I never missed a show and thoroughly enjoyed the singing and dancing. Occasionally it went astray when it veered from the original premise, but we love the backstage antics and glitzy performances. Then again, we enjoy theater, musicals, singing in general, and drama. Am not sure what planet Anonymous is from, but Broadway lights stay on because so many people do care.

  9. Anonymous says

    The problem is nobody gives a crap about Broadway, can anyone not in the industry name one person in a play. Broadway is the minor leagues of entertainment, who think they are major leaguers.

  10. Kelly says

    Ugh. “I was excited to finally be a part of something that could showcase me.” How obnoxious. I was so happy when she left Bombshell because I thought she was leaving the show only to have to suffer through more bland, doe-eyed lost lamb stumbling through her scenes crap on Hit List. She’s just the worst. Her singing is okay but her acting is terrible and she has the same sad confused look on her face in every scene. Everyone else on Smash is so talented and they give so much life to the show. I’ll miss it so much. But I won’t miss Mc Phee, hopefully she won’t end up on anymore shows I love to ruin them too. I take that back, I’d like to see her guest star on Hannibal as a victim. Her sad confused look would work there…

  11. SickNTired says

    I liked the show BUT the storyline and an unknown actress just about to debut on Broadway WOULD WALK AWAY FROM A SHOT AT BROADWAY FOR A COMMUNITY THEATER PRODUCTION??? PULEEZE.

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