Smash: NBC Drama Officially Cancelled Now

Smash canceled by NBCNBC has confirmed that their musical drama Smash has been officially cancelled. There won’t be a third season.

The news certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. Everyone but the most optimistic viewers assumed that the series was already done.

Smash premiered very well last season when it followed The Voice. Despite the strong lead-in, the ratings declined as the first season wore on.

NBC renewed it anyway with an order for 18 installments. They no doubt regretted that move when season two debuted to poor numbers. The ratings got worse and they chose to burn off the remaining episodes on Saturday nights, rather than simply pull the show off the air.

The last two episodes of Smash are scheduled to air on Sunday, May 26th. Hopefully the producers saw the writing on the wall soon enough and wrapped up the ongoing storylines.

What do you think? Did you like Smash? Are you sorry that the series was cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. gg says

    why would they cancel this show? i like this show. the should cancel all those crappy reality show which is even faked. it’s all just fake reality acting.

  2. kimm says

    Of course the idiots at the network would cancel this show. They have to pay the stars money to be on it. But don’t worry, it will be replaced by another “STUPID” reality show where they only pay the people 1/3 of what they pay the stars.

  3. kimm says

    Of course the idiots at the network would canceled this show. They actually had to pay the stars to be on it. But don’t worry, I’m sure it will be replaced with another “STUPID” reality show where they only pay the people a 1/3 of what they have to pay the stars?

  4. Patricia Anderson says

    SMASH was a total SMASHing Bombshell. I am very very upset and would definitely have gone to Broadway to see Bombshell if they ever decided to produce it. The music was fantastic and Ivy WAS Marilyn. I thought Karen was at the beginning but then Ivy morphed into her. Don’t Forget Me was amazing and has gone to the top of my favorite Broadway tunes and I’ve been a Broadway Baby since moving to the US in 1967, the first time I set foot in Manhattan. All the theaters should dip their lights in honor of a fantastic show. Season 1 WAS better than Season 2, but we need a Season 3 to make sure!!

    I agree with all the other comments on this site.

    If Smash is leaving us then that means several more of MY shows will end up axed.

    Come on NBC, let the show go on! Please, please, please. Come on all you Smash fans, I don’t have a Twitter account (too old!!) but to those of you that do, please tweet Smash back where it belongs.


    Patricia Anderson

  5. Disgusted with NBC says

    What a shame that such an enjoyable show with so many talented people is canned while all the junk keeps on getting renewed.
    What do we get now NBC? Another reality show or some talking head morons rehashing the news?

  6. Eric says

    Such a talented cast and consitently entertaining show. If NBC won’t bring it back maybe one of the good basic cable networks like FX or AMC or Bravo might give it another season. Despite the alleged ratings for this great show the devoted audience for SMASH would definitely tune in for another season or more!

  7. says

    Awwwwe!!!….I loved the show especially the musical numbers!!!…..Some of the other crap that needs to be cancelled like a lot of those unnecessary REALITY shows that I have NEVER watched will still be taking up space on T.V……

  8. Jeannine Chiles says

    The three networks are making fatal decisions with these cancelled shows. SMASH had so much talent. Why do they keep saying the ratings were low? What do these networks want? Please don’t tell me another reality show. Those have to be the stupidest crap on television. I guess we will just read books!!! Send them all to USA and TNT. They seem to be the top-rated networks. I watch them more than ABC,CBS, and NBC!!!

  9. Debbie says

    I really thought SMASH was a fantastic show. It was “outside the box” and had a great cast. When all we ever get is “reality” and “dumb hick reality” shows, this was a welcomed change.

  10. Norm says

    Of course it was cancelled – it was too good for regula television. I hope one of the cable channels picks it up!

  11. Amy says

    This news as totally upset my weekend. I look SO forward to watching Smash from week to week and like all other really GOOD shows… This one has been cancelled too!! It HAS to be due to time slot and lack of advertising because te cast could not get ant better. Every single actor plays their parts to perfection. This breaks my heart, truly!

  12. Stagedoor says

    First Studio 60 and now SMASH. NBC always cancels the shows I like best, especially if they’re about entertainment and not a goofy sitcom. So now it’s back to more detectives and doctors and crime lawyers and crime scenes and medical examiners and more of the same old crap…

  13. Irene says

    So sorry that SMASH has been cancelled. Such a fantastic show. I wish there were some way for Season 3 to be filmed and then released on DVD. I’d pay for that.

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