Smith: Watch the Last Episode of the Ray Liotta Cancelled Drama

SmithPrimarily known for his work in movies, Ray Liotta got his start on the Another World soap opera. Several years later, in 1985, he landed the lead role on a short-lived TV series called Our Family Honor. It lasted just 12 episodes before being cancelled and Liotta didn’t accept another regular role on television until 20+ years later. Unfortunately, that show was Smith and it didn’t even last as long.

Though it was one of the most anticipated shows of the 2007-2008 season, Smith was cancelled after three episodes and weak ratings. It was the first cancellation of a television season that was chock full of serial dramas. Almost none of them made it to a second year.

Smith centers around Bobby Stevens (Liotta), the leader of a group of criminals. Bobby wants to give up crime after just a few more big jobs and wants to spend a quiet life with his unsuspecting wife Hope (Virgina Madsen) and their young children. The rest of his crew includes Tom (Jonny Lee Miller), Joe (Franky G), Jeff (Simon Baker), Annie (Amy Smart), Charlie (Shohreh Aghdashloo), Shawn (Mike Doyle), and, later, Marley (Elden Henson). Things don’t go as planned and FBI Agents Dodd (Chris Bauer) and Valez (Lisa Vidal) are soon hot on their tails.

Only seven episodes of Smith were produced and four didn’t make it to network television. Though it doesn’t properly conclude the series, here is the last episode of Smith. It’s called simply “Seven.” Take a look…

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jack A. Christian says

    that’s the saddest way of our life – the good shows like Smith, or SG Universe, or Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles etc are being canceled in their gloriest, and other crap stays like for ever…

    wtf, people, why have you canceled such a goodness?
    and I just saw it today morning. *facepalm*
    it’s the greatest action series I’ve ever seen (and I DO love Leverage)))

  2. Benson Maina Mwangi says

    very sad indeed.who decides wether to make it or break it-CBS or is it FOX TV wake up guys.watched the series S.M.I.T.H in Kenya during Easter holiday never went out clubbing was glued to TV Ray Liotta was great n also the rest of the very dissappointed with you CBS.

  3. Gabe60153 says

    My wife and I DVR it on Directv great show shame it’s over, maybe since 101 has this HBO /Showtime vibe it would do them well to put this back on the air.

  4. SMF says

    I feel the same way! Why would they ever cancel this show??? It is like a high speed sopranos. Very well written and the acting is fantastic. I agree with MCH. Who decides the crap that is on TV these days? Lame, washed up celebrities and no talent reality characters. There is no such thing as a reality TV star. They are just people living their lives who happen to be lucky enough or more importantly rich enough to have a TV camera following them around.
    The cancellation of this show before anyone had even given it a chance speaks volumes towards our society. A majority of people would rather watch people sing and get criticized by some snarky, british talent agent than watch a well written and acted action thriller series. It is a sad, sad state.

    Been following the episodes on DirecTV 101. Just watched #1, #2, and #3. Can’t wait to see the other 4 and I really wish there were more.

  5. mch says

    I can’t believe it is cancelled. I love this show. The acting is superb and Ray Liotta is the best and I love Simon Baker as a bad boy. I guess the average American prefers to watch stupid crap like More to Love or the Bachelorette, 18 kids and counting, Oh and don’t forget Jon and Kate plus 8. I am so sick of reality shows and the garbage they feed us. I have been watching it on the Direct TV 101. Who makes these decisions????????????? Think again people – bring it back.

  6. Dee says

    Love the show… I just started watching, several weeks back. I can’t get into the time slot … not sure when it is…so I pick it up when I can… maybe Netflix has the series. It’s really compelling. What a great cast! Oh well I guess we’ll all have to live it through re-runs. Ray, Virginia, Jonnie, Simon…. sorry can’t remember the rest… all a great job!!

  7. Coko says

    I agree, Its 2:50 AM Monday morning and I just finished watching an espisode and was blown. I was on my computer and wasn’t paying atention and looked up at the TV and that was all she wrote….Ray Liotta and Virgina Madeson are both great actors! I really enjoyed this movie and when was disappointed and upset when I goggled it and read that it had been canceled; after only 3 episodes! This doesn’t seen like enough time to give a show …and who is responsible for making the final decision? They should give a show a month (4 weeks), air at different times and ask people to rate it! I would have geven it five stars! Too many episodes of crappy movies and less of the good ones. I hope that Smith is reconsidered or since encores are aired that its picked up again , especially if they note that more people are watching; thus if its aired at a decent time. :=)

  8. chris says

    I just got done watching smith and I was hooked from the first 3 minutes of the show.
    I learned now there are no more episodes after “seven” and I think it’s the way of the future. Good show get the axe while other show like big brother keep on coming back season after season. Smith had a lot of more areas to explore and died far too early. I think I’m done Tv. I just gonna stick to books from now on!

  9. says

    They should not have cancelled Smith. Best show on TV. Why would they do such a thing? It was the only show that would make me sit down and stay there untill it was over and I am so busy all the time, that is an extreme compliment.

  10. S.M.I.T.H says

    Hell yeah man,this show was ******* awesome.Think I only saw the first 3 episodes myself.The series was the best in the world in my opinion.Any series that can give you the general feeling of the plot in the first 10 minutes or less and use little or close to no verbal,bullshit,unnecessary,or deadbeat giveaway statements like the always used and so obvious statements like,”OMG,He’s heading for that getaway vehicle/OMG he’s gonna kill himself!!!?? (REALLY??!!!No ******* duh when he’s the only ******* person with a gun,and is the only person in the damn building you ******* einstein ****-tards)I wasn’table to rate it because I was in basic training at that time heh but If it was the ratings that got it cancelled,(and they were unexpectingly higher than usual)What kind of a jackass nooblet publisher would cancel a tv series that would have upped their profit,fame,respect?******* losers,that’s who.But I am not sure if it was CBS that was in charge of the series.I thought I saw it on FOX,but to whomever had the rights to it….YOUR ******* LOSERS AND YOU LOST MY TOTAL RESPECT FOR YOUR BUISNESS.I can only hope this doesn’t happen to the next highly rated,wanted by the people but hated by the publishers show/series,because if so,I’d start packing my bags and head to Miami beach for a long,boring life with little sleep.(And also prepare to have things thrown at you in public everywhere you go hah)If it was CBS,you ******* ******’s better never’ cancel The Unit,or The Office.Those are your two main running shows that are currently eeping you open for buisness.Better chec yourselves retards or maybe hire some teenagers with bigger imaginations to do your storyboards eh?

  11. HIV U says

    ….i watched the 1st 2 episodes on tv, i think it aired on HBO. it was after 12am, idk the time when it started but… i watched it and i was blown away. the actors were gd, the cast was awesome. the god damm show was basically freakin cool. the next day i went online 2 find out more abt the show and guess wat… CANCELLED!!!
    …idk abt the ratings and all that bull but there are ppl in different countries who liked this show and u posers (CBS, whoever the ****) cancelled it becoz of the ratings… yeah…..very professional.

    well… screw them and ….also… screw ABC network for canceling PUSHING DAISIES.

    have a gre8 daY!

  12. Simon says

    oh man, yeah. still can’t ******* believe it. seen all the 7 episodes already.
    Smith… A ******* crime heist drama with Ray Liotta!!! And it gets cancelled after 3 episodes? Are you ******* kidding me?
    Whats wrong with the audience…
    This would have become one of my top favurite series. It’s a ******* crime heist series, with Ray Liotta!

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