So You Think You Can Dance: Summer 2012 Ratings

TV ratings for So You Think You Can Dance ratingsHere are the latest ratings for So You Think You Can Dance; the TV show that seeks to find the next dance sensation. The reality competition is hosted by Cat Deeley and judged by Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and various special guests. The ninth season of So You Think You Can Dance typically airs Wednesday nights on the FOX network. There are 15 episodes this time around.

These are the TV show’s ratings for the Summer 2012 season. The ratings are the best way to tell if So You Think You Can Dance will be cancelled or renewed for season 10.

Check out our FOX summer ratings report card to see how this show’s numbers compare with the others on the network.

These figures will be updated as the weeks progress so be sure to bookmark and return to this page:

Final season averages: 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.47 million total viewers.

Episode 09-15: Tuesday, 09/18/12
1.6 in the demo (+7% change) with 4.71 million (+7% change).
Season averages: 1.97 in the demo with 5.47 million.

Episode 09-14: Tuesday, 09/11/12
1.5 in the demo (0% episode-to-episode change) with 4.33 million.
Season averages: 1.99 in the demo with 5.53 million.

Episode 09-13: Wednesday, 09/05/12
1.5 in the demo (0% episode-to-episode change) with 4.21 million.
Season averages: 2.03 in the demo with 5.62 million.

Episode 09-12: Wednesday, 08/29/12
1.5 in the demo (0% episode-to-episode change) with 4.16 million.
Season averages: 2.08 in the demo with 5.74 million.

Episode 09-11: Wednesday, 08/22/12
1.5 in the demo (-17% episode-to-episode change) with 4.53 million.
Season averages: 2.13 in the demo with 5.88 million.

Episode 09-10: Wednesday, 08/15/12
1.8 in the demo (+6% episode-to-episode change) with 4.77 million.
Season averages: 2.19 in the demo with 6.01 million.

Episode 09-09: Wednesday, 07/25/12
1.7 in the demo (-6% episode-to-episode change) with 5.12 million.
Season averages: 2.23 in the demo with 6.15 million.

Episode 09-08: Wednesday, 07/18/12
1.8 in the demo (-10% episode-to-episode change) with 5.10 million.
Season averages: 2.30 in the demo with 6.28 million.

Episode 09-07: Wednesday, 07/11/12
2.0 in the demo (-5% episode-to-episode change) with 5.88 million.
Season averages: 2.37 in the demo with 6.45 million.

Episode 09-06: Wednesday, 06/27/12
2.1 in the demo (-13% episode-to-episode change) with 5.74 million.
Season averages: 2.43 in the demo with 6.55 million.

Episode 09-05: Wednesday, 06/20/12
2.4 in the demo (-4% episode-to-episode change) with 6.76 million.
Season average: 2.50 in the demo with 6.71 million.

Episode 09-04: Wednesday, 06/13/12
2.5 in the demo (0% episode-to-episode change) with 6.71 million.
Season average: 2.52 in the demo with 6.70 million.

Episode 09-03: Wednesday, 06/06/12
2.5 in the demo (-7% episode-to-episode change) with 6.66 million; first in the timeslot.
Season average: 2.53 in the demo with 6.69 million.

Episode 09-02: Wednesday, 05/30/12
2.7 in the demo (+13% episode-to-episode change) with 7.15 million; first in the timeslot.
Season average: 2.55 in the demo with 6.71 million.

Episode 09-01: Thursday, 5/24/12
2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.26 million total viewers.
Season average: 2.40 in the demo with 6.26 million.

While SYTYCD’s return won its timeslot (easily beating ABC’s Duets), FOX was likely not regretting the decision to cut the show down to once airing a week. Year-to-year, the dance competition was down by 27% in the all-important demo (vs a 3.3 rating) and down by 34% in overall viewers (vs 9.45 million). No doubt the decline in American Idol viewers didn’t help as FOX tries to lead Idol viewers into watching SYTYCD.

Reference point: The Summer 2011 season ran twice a week while the current season has been cut down to one airing. In 2011, the Wednesday shows averaged a 2.3 rating in the demo with 6.39 million. The Thursday editions averaged a 2.1 demo rating with 6.34 million.

Note: These ratings are collected by the Nielsen company and are the final national numbers. These are different from the fast affiliate numbers which are just estimates of the actual ratings and are reported on by most other outlets. The final nationals are typically released within 24 hours of the programming or, in the case of weekends and holidays, a couple days later.

What do you think? Do you like the So You Think You Can Dance TV series? Are you still interested? Are you hoping that it’s renewed for a 10th season or should it be cancelled instead?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Corinna says

    DO NOT CANCEL! This show highlights the culture of dance in America. It encourages our youth to get up from the couch and learn the various styles of dancing. Americans are too fat as it is. It also exposes the youth to a quality pasttime or even a career. Older ones (like myself) can enjoy this show since many of us still like to dance too. I personally love the choreographers. As for hip hop, Christopher Scott did a great job as well as others besides just NappyTab. What other show is like this one? Dancing With the Stars is all ballroom with opportunity for just those in the media. SYTYCD gives hope to all striving to get into dance or those who want to perfect their choreography skills by watching the show. FOX, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS WONDERFUL SHOW!
    Maybe a bit more advertising and marketing the show will help draw viewers who still don’t know much about it. PLEASE RENEW So You Think You Can Dance!!!

  2. Jeffrey says

    It would be great if Fox brings something tha is appealing to all kinds of audiences SYTYCD was great for one or two seasons but after season three or four it got boring .Bring a new show .Cancel SYTYCD !

  3. Whitney says

    KEEP!!!!!!! I am a dancer myself. I plan on auditioning, and season 10 will be the only chance I get! So You Think You Can Dance is a GREAT opportunity for dancers to get their names out there! Don’t ruin the generation’s chance to the top by canceling this show! KEEP SYTYCD!!!!!!!

  4. Whitney C. says

    PLEASE HAVE a 10th season of SYTYCD!!!!!!!! I am planning on auditioning. SYTYCD is a great way for dancers/performers to get their names out there!!!!! There are AMAZING dancers out there that are STILL wanting a shot at getting in the “Top 20″! PLEASE KEEP SYTYCD!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rosario says

    The show had a great run ,now we arevready for something new and fresh .I wish Fox would cancel tSYTYCD and bring a new exciting show to replace it.Definetely cancel.

  6. Allison says

    I think the show itself is fantastic ! Great talent .I do not like some of the choreographers . I feel Nigel is bias towards Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo ,because they are the worst hip-hop choreographers I have ever seen .Ihardly call their style hip-hop .it is pop something is not hip-hop.I can not stand that .Please consider bringing new choreographers for this genra .Thank-you .

  7. louhoc says

    I love this show and the opportunity it gives to dancers to be seen and showcased and for the viewers to enjoy such incredible choreography and performances! Hopefully it won’t be cancelled!!! I do believe, however, that the judges are not always honest in their comments about the dancers and their dances and are trying to sway the audience based on their desire to have dancers stay purely because of a “look” or desire to have a certain genre of dance to do well. It leaves me to wonder if the competition is fixed. It was very apparent this year with the “ballroom” girls who were obviously not the best dancers and did not have the strongest performances, but boy, did Nigel want those beautiful ballroom blondes to do well!! For the knowledgable dancer watching, it kind of makes me sick.

  8. Cyndy says

    Please keep it! In a day and age where so much reality TV is based on the negative, base and crude behavior of people, this is about bettering yourself, accepting criticism and hard work. These young dancers have had opportunities because of this show, that they would not have had otherwise. It is wonderful. .

  9. Jeremy says

    I hope they don’t cancel this show. Having said that, this season has soured me a bit as the constant encouragement of Cyrus, a one-trick pony at best, versus actual criticism was really irritating. He should never have been in the top f0ur. I believe a lot of viewers stopped watching the show because of the judges giving free passes to certain “dancers” while sending other better dancers packing. Seriously, he is only really good at one thing! I don’t think that Nigel should be judging dancers on his own show. He has way too much control of the outcome. I agree with the NappyTabs comments; they have become predictable and too cutesy.

  10. Luis says

    I wrote a post but it got deleted huh.? I think the show needs to bring younger better fresh choreographers specially for hip hop There are so many fantastic dancer choreographers who would do a much better job than nappytabs Their choreography is forced hence they make the dancers look contrived if sytycd brings a new group of choreographers I am sure the show will do better

  11. Natalie says

    I stoped watching the show because I was frustrated I don’t like when a bad choreography costs a dancers place .Some of the choreographers you have are not that good ,Bring completely new choreographers I will watch then, or cancel That is my opinion I agree with Luis about nappytabs I also think most of the time their choreography costs the dancers place they are by far my least favorite All be choreographers would be extremely exiting !

  12. Luis says

    I think the show has potential ,but you need to bring new choreographers .Specially in the hip hop genra There are so many young amazing hip hop dancers /slash choreographers who are much better than Napoleon and Tabitha I personally don’t like them I feel they (most of the time ) make the dancers look forced when they are moving , they recycled the same moves over and over .Bring a whole new set of fresh and new choreographers I am sure that will help the show a lot

  13. stephanie f. says

    I still love the show although I didn’t love the format this year as it didn’t seem like we had enough time to know the dancers. I hated the weeks where 4 were voted off- the season seemed so short with a break for July 4th and for the Olympics. It still is the best show of the summer season. Please renew it.

  14. debbie n says

    definitely don’t cancel the show. I think this new format works very well. Have enjoyed it a lot more than other years even though I loved every single season. Keep it coming.

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