Sons of Anarchy: FX Announces Seventh (Final) Season, Touts Season Six Finale Ratings

Sons of Anarchy season sevenLast night brought big ratings for FX and the sixth season finale of Sons of Anarchy. With 5.2 million total viewers and 3.5 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic, it was the second-highest rated episode in the show’s history as well as the best-rated season finale.

As part of the FX press release, the cable channel announced that season seven will premiere sometime next fall. While it’s been presumed that there would be a seventh season, I believe this is the first official announcement.

They also referred to season six as the “penultimate 6th season,” an official indication that season seven will be the end of the show.

While Sons of Anarchy is ending next year, there have been some rumblings that creater Kurt Sutter is developing a prequel series that would take place in the 1960s.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Sons of Anarchy? Do you think season seven should be the end? Would you be interested in a prequel?

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  1. Gunny says

    While I would be interested a prequel I hope FX & Kurt listens to the millions of fans and keeps SOA going for several more seasons.

  2. Youmelous says

    I enjoyed watching the sons, it would be such a stab if they prefer to end it…
    There are many other shows with less good events, and are still aired!!

  3. anita says

    “Always leave a party when you’re having a good time”.
    The show must end in order for it to live on.
    I am not opposed, however, to the idea of a prequel……

    • says

      You took away one of the best shows ever! What is wrong with you people?????? Everyone I know loved the show! The writer’s were great! What a let down of such talented actor’s & writer’s!

  4. Susan says

    This is by far my favorite show of all time!! I’m sooo disappointed that it will end with season 7. I don’t know what I’m going to do, it was hard enough to wait from season to season to see what happens!! DO NOT CANCEL, AND PLEASE EXTEND BEYOND SEASON 7!

  5. Tona Runkle says

    I love this show i grew up doing just the same envieorment in southern calif. it does bring back memories. an i do hope it continue.

  6. says

    the show never disappoints. I cannot think of 1 episode that wasn’t good. I would love the prequel but to be honest it wouldn’t be the same without Charlie H. I just wish shows didn’t after 7 seasons…I just feel like this show has at least 2 more seasons left in it. I wish it would keep going. It really is one of the best shows I’ve seen. Amazing acting by everyone, especially Charlie.

  7. Fredrik Lindqvist says

    I hope seventh season will not be the final season. ..I hope the show continues after seventh season. …Am a big fan of the show

  8. MJ says

    I applaud the screenwriting, dialogue and the recurring, unexpected plot changes. What I find difficult to endure though is abject implausibility of the compassion these bikers and their crowd manifest in relationships, with children and while doing their “normal” jobs. Even more-so, when their “home-life” is portrayed on the heels of, or during one more carnage scene after the next. Along these line, I remain aggravated at the continual portrayal of inept law enforcement. For me, the SOA’s apparent lack of suffering any realistic consequences for the degree of organized crime consisting of gang violence, drug/weapon sales dealing shreds nearly all degree of reality for the show. Moreover, the legal/criminal defense element of the show is so inherently laughable it makes me want to pull my hair out at times. For a show this good, I guess I expect more homework in this area. Even so, the solid dialogue, cinematography and overall production value do make it a compelling series on that level. I hold out hope season 7 is grounded in some degree of reality for a fantastic finish…

    • Kate Fredericks says

      I know, Rhonda! The best thing about the new year is getting another dose of Shameless and the Gallagher family. Why Emmy Rossum hasn’t been noticed for her role in this series is shameFUL. She is brilliant as Fiona! Now life is better, SOA for another whole season and Shameless through winter!

  9. Linda Hayes says

    I have been a fan since season one, sometimes to my own shock and awe….It is a extremely violent show…What holds you is extremely excellent writing, fantastic acting, and last but not least no matter how violent or sexually explicit….You love the main characters…and live to hate their foes…
    I would most definitely watch a prequel….and hope it endears me to the story as this has… The devoted fans of SOA are very protective of the men and women of Charming…It has to be done ” right…”

    • Kate Fredericks says

      Exactly right, Linda. This show is brilliantly created and often written by Kurt Sutter (real life husband of Katey Sagal – Gemma in the series, and played the horrible Otto until his demise early this season!). I think the true intelligence that draws me to into this often difficult to watch, but once these people of Charming in the MC somehow grab your heart, series, is that so much of these people’s lives are so brutally real and their fallibilities are at once hidden but suddenly, three episodes later you are hit with WHY they do what they do. And, for me, watching the totally brilliant Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller become the monster he hated in Clay, right there, is what keeps me glued to this show every season for six years. When Hunnam was up to play the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, I was thrilled when that ridiculous campaign to get rid of him worked!! Those women cannot imagine what a MAN he is, and I think it might have ruined his career. Pardon that aside, it’s something that bothered me a lot when it was going on. Yes, Tara was brutally killed, but having watched this show since the beginning, it was no surprise to me. I expected Gemma to off the cliff because of Tara and because of who Gemma is. The essence of SOA is a violent and somewhat evil world. The truth, so far, of SOA is that these characters are in different ways trapped in this world, and there literally is no way out but violence. The psychological aspects of this show will satisfy anyone who loves a fantastic thriller. And, in my opinion, nothing else in books, movies or TV can match Sons of Anarchy in the (brilliant) thriller category!

      • Kate Fredericks says

        P.S. – sorry I went off the rez in my joy of SOA. Yes, I do think it should end next year because Sutter had a seven year plan from the beginning. He’s the brilliant machine behind this amazing show, so, yes. I would LOVE to see a prequel written by Sutter! However, it might be a little difficult getting to know new actors after seven years of the ones we’ve lived with. But I will be there, for sure!!

  10. Jared says

    I love watching this show, but it really broke my heart to see poor Tara die the way she did. Her death was so brutal and horrifying. What’s more is that ***** Gemma had no remorse at all about what she was doing. She is just an evil, wretched, horrible and disgusting sorry excuse for a human being. She doesn’t give two ***** about her family. All she loves is power. She is the most evil person on the show

    • Linda Hayes says

      Jared, I admire your bravery in calling it how it is….Katy Sagal has given 100% + to the role of Gemma. All of the actors/actresses have. I will miss SOA when it is gone…I look forward to the prequel…and whatever else Kurt Sutter gifts us with in the future.

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