Sons of Tucson: FOX Pulls Tyler Labine Sitcom, Is It Cancelled?

TucsonTo no surprise, FOX has pulled Sons of Tucson after just four episodes have aired. With a track record of terrible ratings, it’s most likely cancelled and leaving little hope for a second season. Interestingly, series star Tyler Labine seemed to have known the bad news was coming.

Sons of Tucson revolves around Ron Snuffkin (Labine), a sporting goods clerk who lives in his car and owes money to a loan shark. He’s hired by three boys (Benjamin Stockham, Frank Dolce, and Matthew Levy) to play their father for a school meeting after their real dad goes to jail for banking fraud. The series also features Sarayu Rao, Edwin Habacon, and Natalie Martinez .

The sitcom got off to a poor start in the ratings with just a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 4.47 million viewers. The second installment dropped even lower, to a 1.9 rating and 3.84 million viewers. Episode three bumped up a little to a 2.0 and 4.03 million but, on Sunday night, it fell to a new low of a 1.4 rating and 3.13 million viewers (per the overnights).

To no surprise, FOX has decided to cut their losses.

Though Labine had high hopes for the series, supposedly turning down the opportunity to keep Reaper going in first-run syndication, he seemed to be able to tell that Sons of Tucson wasn’t long for this world.

Back in January, Labine was offered a starring role in a CBS pilot called True Love. Though it would have been in second position (behind Sons of Tucson), Labine passed on the project. Then, two months later, after seeing a couple weeks of disappointing ratings for Tucson, Labine changed his mind and signed on to True Love.

Sons of Tucson has been pulled from the schedule effective immediately and will be replaced by episodes of American Dad for the immediate future. The remaining nine episodes of Tucson are expected to be burned off this summer, beginning June 6th. Though it has not been officially cancelled, it’s a big longshot to be renewed.

What do you think? Was Sons of Tucson worth watching? Are you sorry to see it go? Do you think there’s any chance it’ll be back?

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  1. Anonymous says

    yah i liked the show and dont know why they have to stop it due to poor ratings how do they really know who is watching what the government must have taps on the tv or something to know who is watching what

  2. Julie says

    I really enjoyed watching Sons with my 12 year old, which I can not do with the pretty filthy American Dad and Family Guy. I look forward to watching the remaining episodes this summer. Maybe if it was in a better time slot more people would have seen it and liked it.

  3. Adamus says

    I liked Sons of Tucson. I am sorry to see it in hiatus. However, I just started watching it last month. Though, I tend to turn the channel when kids swear. I am sure it would’ve made for a good TGIF like family show. And, I agree, all the good shows are pulled without a chance. The network people don’t know what people want. I also agree with the post that mentioned Neilson Ratings. They aren’t putting them in the average home. I write this because I was just trying to tune into Sons of Tucson.

  4. Eric says

    I LOVED this show….it was hilarious! Please bring it back and give it another chance. Justin Berfeld is one of the producers and Fred Savage directed. This show reminded me of Malcolm in the Middle. The characters were great and you were hust starting to develop bonds with each character when the show was pulled. Help! I need my Sons!

  5. Ian says

    SoT was better than watching 1 and a half hours of Seth MacFarlane’s junk. I though that it was at an akward time and I ended up watching the show mostly on Hulu. I feel it would have done much better in a 8-9 weekday time slot. Trash Glee instead. This show made you laugh at least.

  6. Danielle says

    Sons of Tuscon was so funny! They replaced it with American Dad? Now there is a show that should be canceled! how disappointing…

  7. says

    I’m a viewer in the Lower Mainland (the Lower main – land) area of Surrey, (soo-ree,) Bri-
    tish Columbia, Canada on the west coast in this province’s southwest corner. I like it better than American Dad – period because I (both) simply (and personally) find it a much less boring tv show tv series or whatever to actually be able to watch – period tv show-wise or tv-series-wise or whatever so whatever you do please keep it on FOX tv’s airwaves as SHAW Cable is also OUR cable tv provider.

  8. BL says

    I think Sons was an all right sitcom. It definitely had potential. It was put into a poor time slot. It is very hard for a show that is not animated to do well in the Sunday night line-up. It is called Animation Domination!!! Take ‘The War at Home’ with Michael Rappaport and Kelsey Grammar’s sketch comedy show. Both were great shows but would never do well in that kind of line-up. It is a shame that tv networks do not do their research and put awesome shows on bad nights in bad time slots. Many great shows have been cancelled because they are goons and monkies could sometimes do a better job than they. It’s ridiculous!! How many more great shows are we going to miss out on because they are just plain stupid?

    • Kev says

      i liked War At Home it had that updated Married with Children laugh out loud push the envelope over the edge appeal that i like ala Reno911 and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.those are my type of comedies Two and a half men is funny as well.I heard Tyler is in yet another show which i will the way Neilsen boxes suck because they dont represent me at all.we should just call a toll free number at the end of our shows and vote what show stays what show has to works on idol dancing with the stars and Americas got talent for contestants

  9. anonymous says

    Sons of Tucson was fantastic there is no reason to cancel a program which was placed in poor time slots to begin with. Fox should give it another chance by replaying all the episodes in the summer to give everyone a chance to see it.

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