Southland: Cancelled? Ben McKenzie Says…

Southland canceled?Benjamin McKenzie, one of the stars of TNT’s Southland series, has signed on as one of the leads in CBS’ The Advocates pilot. He’ll play a man who’s released after being imprisoned for 16 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He teams with a female attorney (Brit Morgan) to help fight for the underdogs.

Does this mean that Southland has been cancelled? No, but both Southland and The Advocates are produced by Warner Bros. so one would guess they know the status of the TNT series better than anyone.

McKenzie maintains that Southland’s fate hasn’t been decided yet. He tweeted, “To clarify: I am doing “Advocates” in second position to #SouthLAnd. If picked up for a sixth season, I am doing that. #SouthLAnd forever.”

He followed that up with, “I’m honored to be a part of the best cop show on TV (IMHO). I hope and pray it returns. Nothing would make me happier. #SouthLAnd forever.”

There may still be reason to worry about Southland’s fate however. The show’s ratings have been way down this season. The three episodes that have aired so far have averaged just 1.18 million viewers. The first three of last season averaged 2.01 million.

What do you think? Are you hoping that Southland is renewed for a sixth season? If it’s not, would you watch McKenzie in The Advocates?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    can i say one more thing about southland…..i think its the best show on cable tv period…..i cant wait to see next weeks episode….please …please tnt….dont cancel this great cop show….your not promoting it enough.

    • J M Pietz says

      Bill B.,
      Totally agree with you. However, disappointed that they’ve cut some characters out. For instance the detective that was following around on his wife. Thought he was good.

  2. phil says

    Southland is spot on, well acted, with no sugar coating…..cancelling this show proves that television is controlled by no thinking easily amused morons who believe reality shows are real and snookie has talent

  3. Tim says

    As a retired police officer and vol. firefighter for 49 years the show is spot on, its truely depicts the daily struggle of a police officer and their family. Many viewers would find some show content hard to understand.

  4. Anonymous says

    I love Southlsnd have watched it since the first one and it never disappoints!!! please don’t cancel it

  5. ohteebee says

    We got hooked on Southland and kept watching for Ben, so we’d continue watching for him, although hopefully with better writing and character focus, or eagerly anticipate The Advocates or anything else he’d do. He’s far too good an actor not to have the chance to shine. 100% behind you, Ben. Best of luck and we hope the best role wins out.

  6. Eire says

    Ben’s terrific. He deserves whatever’s best for him. Whatever show he’s on, we’ll be watching, or at least the parts he’s in. If he could get people I know who don’t like cop shows to watch even some of Southland, that’s saying something.

  7. fam of five says

    We’re Ben fans first and foremost and watch all of his scenes on Southland. Not so sure about the show, but he’s the draw. No Ben, no show. We’d definitely watch any show that he’s on. No doubt there at all. Congratulations to him for being cast.

  8. Maureen says

    I hope that Southland is not canceled. It is one of the finest police shows. I would watch Ben McKenzie in whatever show he was in.

  9. Tom says

    I, like many others, love Southland. I was disappointed when it was cancelled from network TV and very happy to see TNT pick it up. I hope it keeps going!

  10. Terry says

    I love Southland and have never missed an episode. It’s one of the best television shows on the air but since I don’t watch many other shows on TNT, I have no idea if the network promotes it. People who complain that other cop shows are unrealistic, should watch Southland. It has compelling stories and some incredible acting.

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