Southland: Cancelled? Ben McKenzie Says…

Southland canceled?Benjamin McKenzie, one of the stars of TNT’s Southland series, has signed on as one of the leads in CBS’ The Advocates pilot. He’ll play a man who’s released after being imprisoned for 16 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He teams with a female attorney (Brit Morgan) to help fight for the underdogs.

Does this mean that Southland has been cancelled? No, but both Southland and The Advocates are produced by Warner Bros. so one would guess they know the status of the TNT series better than anyone.

McKenzie maintains that Southland’s fate hasn’t been decided yet. He tweeted, “To clarify: I am doing “Advocates” in second position to #SouthLAnd. If picked up for a sixth season, I am doing that. #SouthLAnd forever.”

He followed that up with, “I’m honored to be a part of the best cop show on TV (IMHO). I hope and pray it returns. Nothing would make me happier. #SouthLAnd forever.”

There may still be reason to worry about Southland’s fate however. The show’s ratings have been way down this season. The three episodes that have aired so far have averaged just 1.18 million viewers. The first three of last season averaged 2.01 million.

What do you think? Are you hoping that Southland is renewed for a sixth season? If it’s not, would you watch McKenzie in The Advocates?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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    • ron coleman says

      This is a great show because of great writing and a marvelous ensemble of actors. It is contemporary and doesn’t hold back. A shame to cancel…put it in another time slot.

  1. Kirsti says

    I LOVE Southland! If ratings are down, it is because with only 10 episodes per year it is hard to keep it in mind. When you watch and LOVE a show for 10 weeks and then have 42 long weeks to wait for the next season to begin, it makes it hard to remember. I find it worth the wait. Please TNT extend the season for Southland!!!

  2. Darcy Kuhlengel says

    This show is Great. Cast is wonderful and believeable. Keep it going one of the best shows on tv. I have total respect for our police officers and what they deal with on a daily basis. Come on TNT keep this show on.

  3. Katherine says

    Southland is by far THE BEST drama on tv! Please do not let this show be cancelled over the hundreds of other mindless programs currently on tv.

  4. Susan Hunt says

    SOUTHLAND is the best cop show since CRIME STORY and, to me, the best drama on TV — ever (although I haven’t seen THE WIRE). The use of surprise as a narrative device is downright Warholian — brilliant is too weak a word. Yes, the moments of ironic humor have diminished, but — so what? If this show goes off the air, I am finished looking at screens for “entertainment” (except for PSYCH … and MONK reruns). Hey, maybe I can actually start living my own life.

  5. Regina says

    Southland is the best show on TV; would hate to see it cancelled. Next week is the final episode of the season, and I feel it had barely started.

  6. Bill R. says

    Eric, I agree. The fact that Cooper is gay is one of the story lines that makes Southland the best “cop show” ever. It’s story lines are far from predictable. It’s not your typical show. Anybody that has been a fan would certianly agree. I am a police office and can honestly say that the show is about as real as it could possibly be. Keep it going, TNT!

  7. paul says

    Please give “Southland” a 6th season. It’s one of my wife’s favorite shows. And everybody knows…”happy wife, happy life”.

  8. Phill says

    If you get rid of this show I will never turn TNT on ever again. This is by far the best show on TV! Keep it going!!

  9. Mindy says

    TNT DO NOT CANCEL SouthLAnd!! It is one of the best shows ever and definatley one of the best on right now. Don’t leave us with all those boring glorified soap opera/game shows(The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, Americas Got Talent, etc)
    Please don’t take away one of the few remaining well written, acted, and directed shows.

  10. Jason Mathurin says

    Don’t let southland be cencelled along with dexter is the best show on tv
    Southland forever

  11. J M Pietz says

    Oh yeah, one more thing about Southland… soooo disappointed Cooper is gay. My god, does every show on TV now days have to have a gay character? For example, The Good Wife. PLEASE spare us the bedrooms scenes with he and his boyfriend. Disgusting. Hope Sammy finds out that Nate isn’t his and he gets to slap the you know what out of Tammy. Of course, he’s such a sap, he’ll probably continue to be a dad to the little boy. Hope Tammy and boyfriend go to jail for drugs.
    Don’t know if I’d watch Ben’s new show. Too disappointed in him for leaving Southland.

    • Eric says

      It’s obvious you didn’t even read the article. Otherwise you wouldn’t be saying that you are disappointed that Ben is leaving Southland. He isn’t leaving. He has been cast in a new pilot, but he clearly said that the new show is in 2nd position to Southland. If Southland gets picked up for a 6th season, he will be doing that. Southland is his first priority in his acting career right now.

      As for Cooper being gay, that has been established since the very first season of the show. I actually think a gay cop is interesting. They have handled Cooper’s storyline very well. So I don’t mind it. Also, calling those scenes “disgusting” isn’t is what is disgusting. What is truly disgusting is your attitude towards it. I don’t get your whole thing about why you don’t understand why they have to have a gay character on every show. You do realize that being gay is normal, correct? It is socially acceptable now to come out and not be blasted and criticized for it. Being gay is as normal as being straight. So why not feature it?

      • Phill says

        I have to agree with Eric . You need to be way more open minded. I know many cops who are gay and because of people like you they are scared to come out. Grow up dude and you go Eric let that dude know

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