Cancelled Spartacus TV seriesNetwork: Starz
Episodes: 33 (hour)
Seasons: Three

TV show dates: January 22, 2010 — April 12, 2013
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Andy Whitfield, Liam McIntyre, John Hannah, Manu Bennett, Jai Courtney, Peter Mensah, Nick E. Tarabay, Craig Parker, Viva Bianca, Katrina Law, Dustin Clare, Jaime Murray, Marisa Ramirez, Dan Feuerriegel, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Brett Tucker, and Lucy Lawless.

TV show description:      
This dramatic TV series is inspired by the historical figure known as Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic from 73 to 71 BC.

Spartacus (Andy Whitfield, then Liam McIntyre) is a soldier in the Roman Auxiliary who has been taken prisoner. As punishment for defying a Roman Legate, Spartacus has been sentenced to die in the gladiator arena. But, after surviving numerous fights, his sentence is commuted and he is been sold as a slave to be trained as a gladiator.

Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) and her husband Batiatus (John Hannah) own the Ludus (a gladiator camp) — as well as Spartacus. The couple has fallen on hard times financially and bought Spartacus in hopes that his fighting prowess would help them regain their status in the brutal world of gladiatorial contests.

Other characters include Spartacus’ Thracian wife, Sura (Erin Cummings); Doctore (Peter Mensah), Batiatus’ most loyal and trusted slave; Crixus (Manu Bennett), the top gladiator at Batiatus’ Ludus; Barca (Antonio Te Maioha), a hulking brute who is Batiatus’ bodyguard and hit man; Glaber (Craig Parker), a Roman Legate who blames Spartacus for his failed military campaign; and Ashur (Nick E. Tarabay), a former gladiator who is the Ludus’ resident bookie.

Series Finale:     
Episode #33 — “Victory”
Discipline and morale among his followers is breaking down and Spartacus turns his forces to face Crassus — in a final stand against the combined legions of Rome, climaxing the slave revolt at the Battle of the Siler River.

Prior to the battle, Spartacus meets privately with Crassus and the two come to a mutual understanding. Both agree to fight each other to the death on the battlefield. Spartacus also reveals to Crassus that Kore killed Tiberius.

Spartacus gives a final speech to his remaining rebels. Agron creates a sword that will allow him to fight, despite the critical wounds he’s sustained.

At the start of the battle, Spartacus and the rebels manage to kill several Romans, but Lugo is killed by a flaming projectile. A Roman rider wounds Castus who dies in the arms of Nasir and Agron. Saxa is fatally wounded by several Romans and dies in Gannicus’ arms after killing those Romans.

Naevia and Caesar battle. Caesar slits her throat and then stabs her. Caesar and Gannicus battle and Gannicus wounds Caesar, but is surrounded and defeated by Caesar’s soldiers.

Spartcus and Crassus engage in a bloody battle. Spartcus manages to defeat Crassus after the two exchange severe blows, but is mortally wounded by three Roman soldiers who appear behind him and impale him with spears.

Agron arrives and transports Spartacus away from the battleground. Pompey arrives and steals credit for defeating Spartacus’s army.

Gannicus is crucified and Crassus crucifies Kore next to him (due to her association with the rebels).

Spartacus dies in Agron’s arms and is buried — under a red serpent shield.
First aired: April 12, 2013


What do you think? Are you sorry to know that Spartacus is ending? Do you prefer Whitfield of McIntyre?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. persian says

    just sorry that the role of spartacus was given to this gay looking guy…he has no spartacus in him….the previous rip man was so appropriate…i loved doctory and the master..they were great for their roles….but spartacus,,,,wss a shame….—

  2. persian says

    im sorry that this great show was ended…..i oved it so much with spectacular scenes and very real gruesome acts…h those sexy unrated images…..toooo blessed to watch 3 seasons

  3. says

    Yes its ridiculous, unless a show is a crime drama or reality show they don’t stand a chance. Finally a great show that’s different and its canceled.

  4. TM says

    What, no more tsunamis of slow-motion blood interspersed by soft-core gay and straight porn? Would have been more appropriate for a mini-series, which it turned out to be!

  5. Melissa Granada says

    I wish this series could go on for a good 5 seasons(Very Excellent Show), either that or go back and finish up doing “Legend of the Seeker” that was dropped to do this one!

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