Star Trek: The Next Generation: Patrick Stewart Not Interested in New Trek Movies

Patrick StewartIf you saw the new Star Trek movie in theaters a few months back, you know that Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock character plays a pivotal role in the story. The last time that the character had appeared on screen was in a two-part episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1991.

The movie essentially picked up where we’d left the beloved character, as an ambassador. A comic book mini-series was released that bridged the gap between the television episode and the movie. Along with Spock, it features several characters from Next Generation.

It seems very unlikely that, given the success of the JJ Abrams movie, Paramount will consider making another Next Generation feature. Faithful viewers have wondered if there might be a chance that some other characters from the Next Generation might appear in the Star Trek sequel. The producers haven’t closed the door on the idea but it does seem unlikely to happen.

While Patrick Stewart has said that he really enjoyed the new movie, it was a strange experience. In the Yorkshire Post, he said of the recent movie, “I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It was a very, very odd experience to be in the cinema watching a new Star Trek movie that I wasn’t in. Not only that, but with the exception of Leonard Nimoy I didn’t know any of the cast… but, it’s Star Trek. They’ve taken some quite innovative decisions but it’s absolutely essential, right down the middle Star Trek. I got a great kick out of it.”

This weekend, the 69-year-old actor reiterated those positive feelings and said that he’s not interested in appearing in a sequel. He last played the Starfleet Captain in 2002 and, according to Daily Dragon, told the crowd at Dragon*Con, “I feel I have left behind a legacy as Jean-Luc Picard that doesn’t need adding to.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Picard one last time? In the Star Trek movie sequel or in some other project?

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  1. Ted Hackett says

    I don’t know about any1 else but I need a new fix of Star Trek:TNG. “Make it so number one”

  2. Emil R. says

    Ohhh Stewart is great in ST. And ive just watches some interviews with him fra 2010, he looks very fresh and young, i hope he will reapear. And to voyager, i think people had had to much star trek, in the late 90`s after apro. 40 years. Its a shame voyager was not that popular, and maybe still isnt for someone, who maybe should see the series again. Its my favorite series. Love the borg, love the caractor development, wich there was not as much as in tng. Though my favorite charactor is odo, in ds9. Love the aliens, the magnificent and exiting stories about much more different aliens in voyager, but also stories that a great, one of my favorites was the one about emilia erhardt, i a let a tier there hehe, when they said goodbey..

  3. Craig says

    @ Truth

    You are a ****. I hope you have 1/100 the accomplishments in life that PS has. Anyway, I appreciate his decision to not want to be in another ST movie. I do hope to see him again in another Professor X appearance though.

  4. Anonymous says

    id be awesome to see any of them in any star trek movie again but itd be retarded to have more guest cameos like spock had in the first one. their movin on. sucks that its over but it is. cant remake the past.

  5. Joseph says

    Well for me he should this time as an rank of admiral with action :) Jane came back as an admiral but not much action hope he sees’s this comment

  6. Me says

    @ TRUTH

    WOW!…what got stuck up your arse?…catch a grip. PS is a great actor…and could easily pull off a few more leading roles in the ST universe. Your venomous vitriol says more about you than anything you could ever type about PS.

  7. Abc says

    –truth— calm down! Are you jealouse because you know that when your almost seventy you won’t be nearly half as sexy as this man is?… I would LOVE to see this man in anything. Oh and Hollywood did not shun him, he shuned Hollywood. Which, looking at that botox filled ces pool, I’m glad he did. Have you ever seen his stage work? If you havent, i reccommed that you do…it’s very very good.

  8. TRUTH says

    I think the former star trek captain (who was basically shunned by Hollywood) has retreated back to England to “retire” to voice over acting, some theater and the odd convention or two. Despite being “sexy” in the 1990’s his current age shows poorly up close on camera. They had to render him in CGI for Wolverine so he could appear young enough. Saying he has moved on is just a way to acknowledge that the franchise already replaced him and won’t be looking back – it would be like Michael Keaton making a cameo in the current Bat Man movies …. sad.

    There’s just no way he can continue to be the leading man at 70 years old, all his roles as of late are as the grandfather type, despite his efforts to appear young and virile (see his latest relationship to Sunny Ozell who is 31 for the sad display) the man has to settle with his former glory, a waitress on his arm, a bottle of Viagra. .. and that ridiculous mustache.

  9. Michael says

    Forget a Voyager movie. Voyager was the weakest of all the Trek series and Janeway’s character was a raging bish who was too headstrong for her own good. They’ve had some good female captains on Trek over the years, she wasn’t one of them. I’d rather see a DS9 movie as that was a story angles that still needed to be played out. Voyager was ended in a way that left really no room for a movie anyway.

  10. says

    @ Truth: You might be right, but I doubt it. The weekend before the TNG episode “Allegiance” was filmed, I went to a Trek Convention where the star was to be Patrick Stewart. When I got to the Plano Convention Center, all I found was pre-autographed 8×10’s being sold in the dealer’s room. It was announced that there wouldn’t be an autograph session after he spoke at 7pm that Sunday night. When he got there, we found out why. Because when he left the set the previous Friday, he flew to Plano, did an early appearance on Saturday, flew to Phoenix for a second convention, did a late appearance in Phoenix on Saturday, then an early appearance on Sunday, then flew back to Plano for the appearance I saw on Sunday night. After that, he flew back to LA, where the next week, he was the only cast member scheduled to work! He told us that last part during his appearance, where someone during the Q&A asked him to recite some Shakespeare. Over a year later, on “The Tonight Show”, he called that his most memorable convention. I’m just glad I was there!

  11. Carlos says

    I think they need a Voyager Movie! Captain Janeway is Kirk with ovaries I’ve been wanting to see her in serious action on the Big Screen & Not as a Guest Appearance.
    The Show was Left off with her Utterly Decimating the Borg. Then winds up as an Admiral in Star Trek Nemesis Sounds Familiar? What Happens with Species 8472 & the Hirogen?

  12. TRUTH says

    This is just a PR move by Stewart – he’s well aware that he’d NEVER be asked to be in the new series and he’s heading off the issue at the pass by saying he wouldn’t be in it. The due has a *MAJOR* ego. This is the same guy that kicked off his play in England on the SAME NIGHT as the debut of the New Trek in theaters.

  13. mandrakeman46 says

    I respect his attitude towards making another S.T. movie, but I don’t know how true his statement is, so I am skeptical about it. Because, a few other actors have said they same thing, in that they would not make another movie that they were typcast in, but they did come back and make another movie! For instance, Sean Connery as 007 in “Never Say Never Again” and in fact Leonard Nemoy himself said that after Star Trek 5, The Final Frontier, he would never play Spock again!

  14. K-Man says

    I enjoyed TNG and Patrick Stewart was excellent as JLP and I for one would not mind seeing him again in a sequel, although I completely respect his decision to not want to be in the sequel.

  15. says

    I fully agree with Patrick Stewart. The Jean-Luc Picard legacy he left us, is wonderful in its depth and consistency. The following is not a certainty, but a significant probability: A sequel might spoil that image; there would be many gaps – too many perhaps – to fill at once by some writers that were not part of the Picard era.

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