Stargate Universe: Exec Producer Brad Wright Hasn’t “Given Up” on the Cancelled TV Show

Stargate UniverseThough Stargate Universe was cancelled midway through its second season (the last 10 episodes will air in the Spring), executive producer Brad Wright thinks there’s a chance that the story could continue. Wright contends that, “We haven’t given up on finishing the story we started.”

Wright was traveling when the cancellation news came down from Syfy and is now looking for a way to continue the series in some form. Wright tells Chicago Now’s Curt Wagner that he and MGM, the studio that owns the rights to the Stargate franchise, are discussing several possible options. He said, “It’s heartening to see so many people upset about Syfy’s cancellation of the show but it’s important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget.”

While this is positive news, its a long way from the show being saved. Based on what Wright has said, it would seem that a substantial portion of the SGU budget comes from other sources like DVD sales. A possible option could be to do direct-to-DVD movies but then, fans are still waiting for a Stargate Atlantis movie. The series could be sold to another channel but that’s always a tough sell.

What do you think? Would you like to see Stargate Universe continue in some form — as a DVD movie, online short videos, comics, or novels? Or, would you rather see one of the other shows in the franchise return in some way?

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  1. brett p says

    I never got into the previous stargates very much, but i was hooked on SGU from the first episode. At this point, Any sort of continuation of the series would be appreciated, as long as it was advertised so that we will know when, where and how to have access. I understand the concern for the ratings the show recieved, but at the same time, it was never on at a good time for its intended audience. I work second shift, so no matter what day it was on, I was always an hour late to watch it, so i didnt even have access to the show until it appeared on netflix. That, on top of the fact that the days/times that it aired changed, it was hard to even figure out when the show was playing if people missed out on a week or two of watching while on SyFy. This could have been a very productive show if more effort and organization were put into it’s broadcast schedule.

  2. Esoner says

    Very disheartening and sad for such a great show to end so so abruptly. You could see how the characters were evolving and how the story was getting really interesting. I am a fan of all the Stargate franchises but SG-U was in my opinion the cream of the crop. It was a different angle, as another poster stated, “artful and more realistic”. I will keep my fingers crossed for this shows well deserved return. “Its what Destiny intended from the beginning”.

  3. homiethaclown says

    Syfy doesn’t know a good show from a great show. The series. Was incredibly dark and this was its appeal. The series basically shows how crewmen combine with others to possibly reverse the other characters thoughts of ” We’re screwed ” attitude. The music was great. Sets incredible, and great writing and direction.

    I hope netflix on demand or mgm direct will kick start a new season.

  4. Rob says

    Well I recently got given up to Season 2 Episode 10 by a friend of mine.
    I’ll agree with some of the earlier posts that said the first part of the series was way too dark, but then I really started to like the show as many other people did. I haven’t even finished watching them all yet but I decided to look up the show on IMDB just out of curiosity, and I saw this article on the series being cancelled.
    Rather disheartening because this show seemed like it was going to get better (in a different way) to its predecessors (SG-1 and Atlantis). I really hope that they find a way to revive the series. I’d still like it on TV though.

  5. Tim says

    Very dissappointed in the cancellation of SGU! Miss SGA and SG1. Bring them back to the small screen or move them to the BIG screen. You are dumb as a bag of hammers to think that we fans do not want MORE!

  6. joe says

    Stargate universe shouldn’t have been cancelled, it was a great show and has much potential i would rather see more tv series straight to dvd rather then never see any stargate universe again. I would love to see it live on, season two was great

  7. Joe - Always a Stargate fan. says

    I like all of the Stargate tv shows and movies, as I have always been a fan and always will be.
    I thought that different type of story that Stargate Universe is/was a good change and I really liked it, but for it end and the way that it had ended is what disturbed me.
    I want more Stargate Universe as in another full/part season or atleast one made for tv movie to finish the story. Please I beg of you.

  8. Wayne Moore says

    Its heart breaking me and my 4 kids have loved watching Unverse I would be the first to admit the darker for gloomy Universe was a little hard to get use to but it did not take long. The last several episodes this season were great at least for me they left me hanging thinking I cant believe I have to wait till next week AGAIN!! Now it over I know everyone needs to make money maybe instead of canceling the show maybe they should fire the team in charge of promoting the series. I know why they ended it like they did so in case it does get picked up they can carry on I say Bull S*** even Atlantis brought our people home. Its no wonder I keep threatening to quit watching Tv this is how it always seams to work i all involved in the show and then some bald headed ass in A big chair decides to make up for his short comings by showing everyone who is boss.
    Universe will be missed I think I am going to quit watching the SYFI and recommend my friends do the same,

  9. says


    For starters, I’m from Finland. I would assume there are A HELL OF A LOT OF STARGATE FANS IN EUROPE TOO! And they cancel this great series cause ****** americans would not watch the show cause it’s gloomy or doomy! THAT’S LIKE ART! And it’s realistic! Should they have wrote the ****** so ninetys jokes in this show like SG-1 yet or better MAKE IT A ***KING SITCOM!!!

    This clings to watchers on a much deeper level than the previous shows, meaning if they have enough intellect to comprehend it! If people really want sci-fi, they want sci-fi.. Not wrestling and reality shows like syfy provides also. What’s the point even naming the channel Sci Fi channel!

  10. rolo says

    I just watched the last episode and I can not accept that this should be the end. I also agree that the second season was much better than the first and it would be stupid not to continue the show!

  11. says

    i like it as a tv show but it would be cool to see it come out strait on dvd to i be so happy if it came out on anything but comic or a novels

  12. says

    i like it as a tv show but it would be cool to see it come out strait on dvd to i be so happy if it came out on anything but comic

  13. Tyler says

    Man.. this stinks, I’m not a big TV show watcher. I think the only one I’ve regularly watched the last 4 years is NCIS. I happened across Stargate Universe about 5 months ago and WOW. I love the series and now it’s cancelled and boy do I have to say that was a great final episode but I wanna know what happens; this sucks I hope the writers can find somewhere else for this to air and get this show rolling again. it was an excellent series!!!!
    If you haven’t seen it I suggest you watch it, it is a tad slow in the beginning but it proves to be worth it.

  14. Anonymous says

    I agree this started off rather slow but it did have a good base story line to start with and with the new ideas during the second season then it started to have a good mind teaser to think about week to week and you wanted to come back and see what happend next. I think that canceling this one was a very bad idea. I just watched the last episode with them all going into stasis and that is a very bad way to end anything. Please bring it back next season.

  15. Airstreaming says

    Oh sure, just when I started to like SGU they cancel it! The first year was pretty bad. Way too dark, camera moving too much and there was SO much doom & gloom that the show was not something to relax to. I hope they don’t cancel this show now that they use a lot more lighting, the camera is pretty still and while there is doom & gloom it doesn’t take over the whole show.

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