Updates on Cancelled Stargate Universe TV Series and Stargate Atlantis Movie

StargateAs you probably know by now, Syfy recently cancelled Stargate Universe. While the remaining 10 episodes of season two will air in the spring, there won’t be a third season on the cable channel. Co-creator Brad Wright has said that there is a chance that Stargate Universe might continue in some form without Syfy. He mentioned that he’s currently in discussions with MGM, the studio and rights holder of the franchise.

In a recent blog post, writer and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi answered questions from fans and confirmed that Stargate Universe may not be dead just yet. He said that all options are still being considered — including a movie and a third season for another channel. He indicated that a third season would be the ideal scenario. Mallozzi also said that “positive progress” could be made as early as next week. The show’s sets are still standing and they won’t be dismantled until all possible avenues have been explored.

When asked if the cast and crew saw the cancellation news coming, Mallozzi replied, “Those early season two ratings were admittedly a downer. The move to Tuesday night was not good for us (and, speaking to the franchise as a whole, the move from summer to fall did us no favors either) and I firmly believe that time-shifted viewing and internet downloads have bled off a significant portion of our younger, tech-savvy audience. Still, we held out hope and, as production continued on season two, positive word from various places gave us hope that the show would come back for, at the very least, a third and final season (much the same way Battlestar did). Many of us were shocked by the abruptness of the cancellation decision.”

To that end, Mallozzi notes that most may be unsatisfied with how the last episode of the season, “Gauntlet,” leaves the series. He said, “Most would probably consider it a cliffhanger while I would consider it a touching, bittersweet end to the series (if it comes to it).” For fans who want to help keep Stargate Universe (SGU) going, Mallozzi suggests buying episodes from iTunes or purchasing the DVD sets.

Mallozzi also briefly touched on the impact of the SGU cancellation on the long-awaited Stargate Atlantis movie. While some believed that the SGU cancellation might be a good sign, Mallozzi noted that couldn’t be further from the truth. He said, “I’m sorry to say but the cancellation puts the brakes on whatever progress the SGA movie had made in the past month, shelving it indefinitely.”

He later added that “the prospect of a dedicated Atlantis movie has always been contingent on a number of things, among them a financially sound model for investment predicated on the strength of the franchise. The cancellation of Universe deals a blow to the strength. Furthermore, any focus that may have been aimed at making the SGA movies now that MGM is once again moving forward into production will now be redirected to SGU.”

Mallozzi noted that DVD sales have greatly diminished since Atlantis was released on DVD. With SGU’s second season having recently wrapped, with the sets still standing, and with the cast and crew still being available, SGU represents the most cost-effective way to keep the franchise going right now.

What do you think? Will Stargate Universe be saved? Will the Stargate Atlantis movie ever get made?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. matt baker says

    please keep the show alive stargate sgu is an awsome show an its really jus gettin started good stargate writers like big long shows an long story plots thats what make them great let the show go on

  2. Justin Heitzman says

    I love SGA. I just got done watching it again from beginning to end. I use to love the syfy channel but everytime I start to get into a show they take it off the air. Bring back SG1 and SGA.

  3. tony says

    stargate atlantas was absolutly the best show, from the lighting to the actors absolutly brilliant, why on earth would they stop making such a great show to make a stargate universe which was dark, boring, was not impressed with the actors selected nor with the storyline, honestly i was verry dissapointed, i watched it only because i bought the series just because i absolutly loved stargate atlantas and sgu was supposed to be the continuation. Please bring back s.g. atlantas PLEASEEEE

  4. Sam Mills says

    This reminds me of when they decided to put Conan on The Tonight Show. Even though that was planned years in advance, its still the same concept: Leno left to make way for a new host. A new host that no one watched and so they bit the bullet and put Leno back on.

    They should do the same here. Atlantis is Jay, Universe is Conan. Give us back our Jay, our Atlantis. We loved Atlantis. As much as Universe is a pretty good show, it just isn’t as much fun or watchable. Give us back the show we loved, the one that was replaced by a show no one really asked for.

  5. Eric Holt says

    I have to agree with the other posters that I love SGA and cant imagin why in the world you would try to sneak in SGU in not everyone likes that battlestar galactica. I think you messed with the chemistry trying to trap BG lovers over to Stargate and it failed miserably. Bring back SGU. The SYFY channel is starting to suck you would think a bunch of Brits were running the channel.
    is there a facebook fan page for SGU??

  6. BringBackSG1SGA says

    All people who had a hand in destroying SG1 and SGA suck……I do not and probably will never understand why they were cancelled…..characters come and go….they were doing a good job replacing retirees…..the economy tanked not the series…… it was killed because people’s disposable income was just that disposed of….the rich keep while the poor weep…..

  7. Tonyvball says

    Stargate Universe is great. It is a great concept and it takes us to a place where anything and everything is possible. I don’t understand why they have wrestling on the SyFy channel. I don’t watch it and never will.
    Just a tip to the networks out there. If you cancel all the good shows people will stop watching your network. It seems to me that there should be a way for the network to reach out to viewers to find out how many people are watching the shows. I know that they don’t know I watch them. Do they have a fan page on Facebook? I don’t like Facebook but if it helps to save my favorite shows I will go and become a fan of the shows. This could be a good way to find out how many people are really watching these TV shows. Chances are they are only asking a few people who are watching other shows and they are missing the boat.

  8. Jason says

    I would hope that if they don’t bring this series back that they would reconsider bringing back Atlantis. It has far better story line that could be taken in a variety of directions. If for some idiotic reason that doesn’t happen then perhaps do as the Star Trek:NG series did and become major motion pictures to continue its legacy. If the originally Startgate could spawn such series then bringing it back to the big screen could reignite the fire that so many of us feel for Stargate.

  9. mat says

    syfy is really startin to suck they cancel all the good shows aqn bring in stupid wrestling syfy is pose to be science fiction not guys on roids about to burst

  10. Don says

    KEEP THIS SHOW ALIVE!!!!!!!!!, the storyline just got interesting the cast has started to gel. it’s got me on the edge of my seat. What do you expect as far as ratings when you moved it from fridays at 10pm for of all things wrestling ( which I think NBC did for the mo0ney and screw the viewers), to tuesday to compete with NCIS, of all things. No show can compete with a show that has the loyal following as NCIS. Come on guys give Stargate Universe a chance.

  11. Jess says

    I know this is old news.

    I believe in the abilities of the producers of Stargate. If anyone can exploit a creative alternative to deliver their story, it will be these guys.

    I wasn’t keen to watch the first few years of SG1, but ended up loving it and think I have seen most of SG1. I have seen all of the SG1 movies and thoroughly enjoy SGU, although I must confess to have only seen parts of SGA. The team behind all these stories provide excellence in stories covering humourous, serious, and adventurous themes.

  12. matt says

    i love SGA bring it back theres alot you can do with it i even have ideas im sure there are many people out there that have some ideas too.

  13. dan says

    SGU and SGA are both good and may not of had the fan base SG1 but the story is better.

    There is alot more they can do in both series.

    SGA they can bring on some races they mentioned on SG1 but never aired like the ferlings.

    The SGA series plays alot into the wraith being in control of the whole galaxy.

    They can play alot more into that by having be just a small section they had been dealing with in the Galaxy.

    Could have the JAFFA or Go’auld be brought into the story some how also. The Ori can be jumped in in some way. There is alot they can do with it and still not have it be repeated for it self. Can focus the story on a devalist class ship also.

  14. Michael says

    The different angle on the show may have put people off a little, but the further you get into it the better it gets! There is a better connection with the viewer and the characters in SGU than in the other series of SG. You get to understand more of what its like for them on the ship and why they make the decisions they make. Aswell as the emotions and pressure the voyage put them through.
    I absolutely LOVED the first two series, but this series is bringing out a more serious/belivable side to the SG network. This show is somthing the franchise needs to have in their collection. And somthing I want in mine.

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