Step by Step: Patrick Duffy Recalls Last Episode; Reunion Idea

Patrick Duffy returns to DallasPatrick Duffy and I recently spoke at length about NBC’s Man from Atlantis (now being released via the Warner Bros. Archives collection) and both the classic and new versions of Dallas. We also talked a bit about Step by Step, the popular sitcom that ran for seven seasons, from 1991 until 1998.

Step by Step stars Duffy and Suzanne Somers as a pair of single parents who find love again. While they have a whirlwind courtship, it takes awhile for their respective children to get used to their new Brady Bunch-like family. The sitcom ran for six years on ABC before being cancelled and moving to CBS for one final season (along with Family Matters).

Step by Step ran for many years on ABC and then switched to CBS. Did it affect you guys at all on the set when you switched networks?
Patrick Duffy: No, it never impacted anything on the set. And the other thing is that [CBS President] Les Moonves had been a friend of mine since Man From Atlantis. It’s interesting. He had an option to pick up Step by Step, and also an option to produce a new series with me, and he said, “Either way, we’re gonna work together.” And it was just a situation where here’s a man you’ve known for 20 years, and it was just a matter of what logo was on at the head of our show.

The show didn’t really have a true series finale but, did you know when you were shooting the last episode that the series had been cancelled?
Duffy: Yes. One of my favorite outtake reels is the outtake reel from the final season. When we took our curtain call at the end, we had already been told that we were not coming back. So the curtain call was a real bittersweet, emotional thing and it’s on the outtake reel. Everybody’s final curtain call. So, we knew. And you know, it was seven years of great fun. We were hoping to get an eighth year but it just didn’t warrant it and it was over.

Step by StepHas there ever been any talk about doing a Step by Step reunion show of some sort?
Duffy: Well, there hasn’t been, but I don’t discount that, because I think those types of things are easy to do. Bring back the cast, you know, where are the characters now. We were in 1998 when we were cancelled so it’s been 13 years already. You know, you could do a TV movie version of Step by Step by Step, or whatever you wanted to call it. And then, here are all the children grown up. Here’s Suzanne and myself in our sixties, and do a cute, you know, a no harm kind of cute, comedy TV movie. And it would be fun. I would love to do it, and I think 90% of the cast would be happy to do it, and it would be a no-brainer.

Do you keep in touch with anybody in the cast? Anyone in particular?
Duffy: Ah, very much so. Suzanne and I have been dear friends since the table read. Christine Lakin is a daughter to me, and I see her all the time. I did the movie You Again because of her and her soon-to-be husband, [director/producer] Andy Fickman. Staci Keanan, who played Dana on the show, is like a daughter to me. I actually wrote letters of recommendation to get her into law school.

I get Father’s Day cards from them, graduate …. well, now they’re all graduated, they’re all adults.
You know, I got every graduation notice, every Father’s Day card, Christmas cards back and forth. We see each other when we can but they’re younger, so it’s not like we’re gonna hang out together, but there’s a great emotional respect that we have for each other, and they’re like daughters to me.

To read Duffy’s thoughts about Man from Atlantis, click here. To find out why he’s excited about the new Dallas, you can go here.

What do you think? Did you enjoy watching Step by Step? Would you like to see full season releases on DVD?

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  1. says

    Me and a bunch of my friends were talking about how good the shows use to be when we were growing up. I’ve got a nice collection of seasons of the TV sitcoms from the 90s. Me and a bunch of my friends that collect the DVD seasons have been hoping for a long time that they put Step by Step seasons out on DVD.

  2. grant says

    I want this show to come out on dvd more than any other. this is one of those shows that I can watch over and over. Unfortunately, they don’t make good, funny, family shows like Step by Step, Home Improvement, etc.. anymore. Would love for Step By Step to be released. Not sure why its not.


  3. Lauren says

    I love this show. I have been waiting for years for them to release full seasons. The five episode collection is such a teaser!!! What is the hold up????

  4. randy says

    I would love to see step-by-step released on DVD. I would buy every single season. Back in the 90s when this show was on. We used to sit and watch every Friday night. We look forward to it it was one of the greatest sitcoms. They don’t make sitcoms like this anymore. You know decent family shows. Nowadays instead of spending money on real actors they give some moron a camera and have them follow around some stupid family or such and film them. It’s almost like all the writers and actors have fallen off the end of the earth. And as far as a remake I would love for them to do it I’d would be the first one
    to see it.

  5. Nirav says

    Step by Step is one of my favorite shows. I remember sitting around with my family and watching it for Those 7 years. And now I have them set to record on DVR because they are airing the episodes on HUB network. I would love to own them on DVD or Bluray. I would buy every season and entire series if available. They don’t make shows like this anymore. Looking forward to hearing the news about the seasons of Step by Step being released!

  6. Brandy says

    I would LOVE for them to release the complete series. people like watching older stuff like this show. it makes me think about my childhood an a simpler time

  7. says

    as a big fan of john ritter and suzanne somers,i did see dallas a long time ago, and really enjoyed acting of patrick duffy,love him in step by step,especailly as a father figured,it was a great sitcom and i can not wait for them to release all the seasons and would love to see a reunion on the show.

  8. says

    I did not see the show when it was on, but I recently got the 6 episode compilation and it is hilarious. I firmly believe this one should be out on dvd. Every other show you can think of is available, so why not this one? Everything I have read about who watched this show absolutely loved it and I have to agree. Whoever holds the rights to this show should get off the stick and make it available. It would sell like hotcakes, me being right in line to scoop it up.

  9. Patrick McCarthy says

    I would really love to see this show get complete seasons or even a complete series dvd release sometime soon. Even though I only remember watching the show from 1995-1998, which was because I was very young, I did get to see the re-runs of the show when they were shown on abc family. I must say that it was one of the best family sit coms ever made, and it was very funny too. I would love to see the cast come back and do a reunion movie for tv too if they can. Thanks for making my childhood the greatest I could’ve ever had.

  10. James Davis says

    I would love to see this series released in its entirety it was an awesome show and the fact it was cancelled upset me greatly.. They dont make shows like this anymore to have it as part of my collection would be awesome the cast of characters was a well oiled machine and skilled at acting

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