Street Hawk: Rex Smith Wants Your Help on Street Hawk Resurrection

Street HawkBack in 1985, ABC aired an action series called Street Hawk. The TV show revolves around public relations cop Jesse Mach (Rex Smith) who gets recruited for a top secret government project — piloting a high-tech and incredibly fast motorcycle. Norman Tuttle (Joe Regalbuto) is the cycle’s inventor and the only one who knows that Mach is actually the mysterious Street Hawk. Other recurring characters are played by Richard Venture, Jeannie Wilson, Raymond Singer, and R.J. Adams

Despite running for just one short season, Street Hawk has attracted a cult following. Smith says he still gets stopped by “men of a certain age” and thinks it’s time for a new version.

He recently told the Daily Record, “I am currently developing a script for a new re-envisioned Street Hawk along with my oldest son Brandon, called Street Hawk Resurrection.”

The actor/singer continued, “Universal Studios has shown interest in the project and I would like to ask all the fans of Street Hawk to e-mail me so that I may show the executives at Universal just what kind of support I have for a new series.”

What do you think? Is the time right for a new, updated version of Street Hawk?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. 'Doc' Duncan says

    Originally defined as “a Western on wheels” any new TV Movie, limited series or series should also include a high-tech thriller element to make it current – creating a blend of urban crime-fighting and contemporary city defence. The Street Hawk Program might consist of a ‘stealth bike with teeth’. mobile repair station vehicle and the command centre. Norman Tuttle would be overall project director with a trio of scientist-engineers and see the recruitment of a new rider (female?). Jesse Mach could be called out of retirement – he’s running a custom bike / auto-shop business – because some criminal from a past mission returns to plague LA. Universal could employ a cost-effective CG Street Hawk for action scenes (designed by original creator Andrew Probert). Potentially a nice idea that would allow Universal to refresh the back catalogue of episodes and/or a Blu-Ray release. What does everyone else think?

  2. K D Pradhan says

    I belong to a non-English speaking country, and more so to a state where people are so scared of their poor English speaking powers. Yet I myself am a huge fan of Hollywood movies. When I look back at how I became so different from my surroundings, I realized that it all started on a lazy Sunday noon when I first heard the Tanderin Dream music on our TV set and came into the living room to find out what was on show. There, on the screen, was something that changed my life forever. It was STREET HAWK. I was 11 then, I’m 36 now. But the fever won’t just go! As I grew up, I realized that there are many guys like me in India, who are die-hard fans of Street Hawk. Mr Smith, If you really plan on a revival, make sure that this time the show lasts for at least 50 episodes. And don’t worry, with today’s technologies and advanced bikes, this time the production costs would be a lot less than the 80’s. Just make sure you create a bike that is way ahead of our times, like the original Street Hawk. Something that all bike manufacturers would try to replicate. You have the support of all Street Hawk lovers across the world.

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