Strike Back: Renewed for Final Season on Cinemax

Strike Back last seasonCinemax has announced that Strike Back has been renewed for a final season of 10 episodes. The installments will begin airing some time in 2014.

The cable channel began airing Strike Back in 2011. The show originates in the UK and Cinemax decided to begin their run with season two.

They recently decided to go back and start airing the first season as Strike Back: Origins, treating it as a prequel. Origins began airing this past Friday and will run through November 29th.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear that Strike Back will be back next year? Do you think it should be ending?

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  1. Anonymous says

    This is my favorite show on TV right now, and the series is just getting started leaving us enticed by the story. Bring back this show for a couple more seasons and if Cinemax isn’t smart enough to do it I’m sure someone else will. One of the best series in the last couple years.

  2. liz says

    I just found out that Cinemax had cancelled Strikeback when I went to renew my Cinemax subscription for another year. I cancelled it. Only reason I give my TV provider an extra $14/ mo is to watch one show–Strikeback. Well written, well, done. Great actors–soldiers with a heart, torn between duty & their moral compass. Hopefully, another [smarter] network can pick up the best action series to come around in years ….

  3. Stephen says

    I love this show and eagerly wait for its return. I was so upset to hear it is going to be its last season. there is **** on tv and this was a bright light for all of us Ex Military. the attention to detail and action was fun . but TV execs have their heads up their A**** but I will have to enjoy this last season.

  4. wozza says

    Come on its just getting warmed up !
    So far its gone from strength to strength , I don’t want to see a show diluted just for the sake of viewing figures , but surely Cinemax can go looking for some fresh ideas.

    Don’t do it !

  5. Ian says

    This show is in my top 5 shows of all time. It’s so good, addicting and action packed that if Cinemax wants too drop it, some other network or cable company should jump at pickling it up. The stories and writing are top notch, the characters are interesting and the stories in general makes you care about those characters and what they are fighting for. I don’t know the legalities of picking up a cancelled show, but if it’s doable, one of those other companies should jump at the chance to continue this remarkable and entertaining show going. There are many more seasons left in this concept.

  6. Don Smith says

    Great show! Above and beyond anything else. I look forward to seeing the return but am torn. The last episode was one of the best finales ever as I think they thought it was the end.

  7. Rudy says

    I kept looking for something to let me know when the series would be starting again. Disappointed to see this will be the last season. Perhaps if a little money was spent marketing the program, it would not be ending.

    • JOSH says

      As usual, the following season will be aired by August 2014. Cinemax made the always wrong decision, a million one times, of cancelling a great series. The series enjoyed a fan based of aprox. 500, 000 viewers, yet they are so dumb and go for cancellation. Hope that Sky 1 find a way and continue the series for a couple of more seasons.

  8. David says

    What in bloody blazes is wrong with Cinemax? They finally have a first class original series and they’re going to kill it off just when many “New” viewers have become aware of it? I know lots of people who added Cinemax to their cable lineup just to get this series. Strike Back is arguably the best action – drama series seen on TV in years. Why kill it off when it’s just getting the widespread recognition it deserves? As Leo Kamali would say: Don’t be fooolish!

    • Josh says

      YDamn, right! The only reason I have Cinemax is because of Strikeback. Kill the series, kill my subscription. That’s why Cinemax will always exist in the shadow of the fellow premium channels.

  9. josh says

    It would be a great mistake for Cinemax. A great series, great number of followers = a couple of more seasons. Isn’t it what Cinemax needed, a series like this? How dumb Cinemax, that’s why your ratings are so low and will be n the shadows of HBO.

  10. Vi Delight says

    I love this show, and am wondering why it is being cancelled? Does anyone know? It should be good for a couple more seasons, I should think.

  11. ellen says

    Great series. I saw the now-named prequel first. When I heard Richard Armitage was being replaced by two actors, I figured it could never live up to the first season. Wow. The second season was different, but still great.

    I love these guys and the writing and acting is excellent. Everyone who hasn’t yet seen this show should go and get the earlier seasons and enjoy. Fast paced and entertaining.

  12. Steve Smith says

    After reading that there will be only one more season, I thought, “**** me!” Love the show. Hate to see it end.

  13. Ash says

    One of the best action series of recent years. Definitely right to bring it back for another season. Shame it’ll be the last but lets hope it goes out with a bang.

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